I would like to welcome everyone here to the Simon Necronomicon Journal. I am sure that  many of our avid readers are curious to the theme about Necronomicon Spirituality/ Aside from my debates with Dan Harms, which concur many of the logical ideologies about the Necronomicon Tradition, it seems as if there is a growing resentment towards Necronomicon Spirituality. I make this observation due to a number of recent events. I am sure that many of you may have observed the comical skit about the Necronomicon on Youtube. I thought it was funny, however, I was waiting to see if there would be anymore  parodies making Necronomicon Spirituality to be the joke of the day. I enjoyed the skit, but I have noticed that sense the numbers of the Gate-Walking community is starting to increase, there is also a number of people becoming more outspoken against it. I have received a ew offensive emails just recently. Yet what I cannot understand is why the attack on the gate-Walking community.

It is not necessary for me to believe in what you believe in even if it works for you. There are many people in the world who speak languages other than English, so of course how they interpret the divine gnosis is more than likely going to be expressed in a different way. The Gaie-Walking path is a solitaire path for the most part, a sort of warrior-spirituality where only the few are given the honor of holding the Sword of the Watcher. There are some Gate-Walkers who may differ from some of the perspectives that I present here on this Page, and this is likely since we are all in different Gates at any given time, so our view of the Earth will be from a different perspective at times. This is very understandable. some may have different understandings since the DinGir’s interaction is not the same in every personal experience, though there are some similar perceptions. It’s like having a shared friend. This is a unique aspect of Necronomicon Spirituality.

It seems that since Necronomicon Spirituality can empower and transform the life of the Initiate without their applied membership to a particular occult organization, or what have you, many so-called “non-religious” occult groups denounce the tome since it could affect their membership numbers, yet many members of these “so-called occult groups” have used the book in the privacy of their own homes. The Atlantean Necronomicon discusses this in great detail.

There also exists a group of outspoken people who denounce the Simon Necronomicon as a fiction and that is fine. Most religious doctrine is based on fictional works or mythologies that mean something to the laymen, but also something very scientific to the Initiate. There are many fictional stories in the Christian Bible, and the Abrahamic religions in general. Pagan science has always used mythology to convey a scientific idea. So why wouldn’t the Necronomicon Tradition also follow the same custom. However, to make insulting remarks about ones form of spirituality actually show a lot of insecurity on those NOT believing in the tome. Is it important fro a Buddhist, or a Taoist, to make a public announcement attacking  a group, or an individual because of their spiritual beliefs. When you start looking at the bigger picture it becomes clear that those feel the need to constantly brow-beat the Necronomicon controversy are the real ones to be scared f, since the feel it to be correct to attack and individual’s sense of freedom. There is certain things that i may not like about other people’s religious beliefs, but I am not an authority on who should be doing what, and for  the most part, decisions about an individual’s spiritual preference. I look forward to hearing your opinion on the matter.

Be Well

Warlock Asylum

2 thoughts on “Is Necronomicon Spirituality A Threat To Society?

  1. Ben McInnis says:

    I feel this stems from one basic observation that I’ve noticed with the human race for some time.
    Whenever a person expresses beliefs different from another’s, unless the other person is very secure in their own beliefs, they immediately feel threatened.
    They seem to ask themselves, “What is wrong with what I believe that this other person doesn’t believe the same…” This insecurity many times leads to the person trying to cover it up with bravado or with an attempt to make the person making them insecure, feel insecure to justify their own position. If this doesn’t work, many will leave in a huff, but sometimes a person is so threatened they become obsessed & this obsession can turn destructive.

    This statement is a generalization, but it happens more times than not. That is why we observe so many debates in the realms of politics & religion. Both subjects encourage one to form an opinion that works for them & for whatever reason attacking that opinion has been in fashion for thousands of years.

    I have to agree with you about the Necronomicon current being the subject of fear, brother. Simply given the fact that its not supposed to exist is a big thumb in the eye of many who adhere to more “traditional” systems, especially given the fact that there are so many out there who keep it in the collective consciousness through use, following the program contained therein, discussion, fantasy, & even denouncement. With so much energy put behind it, even by its detractors, I’m not surprised that its become a force to be reckoned with in the modern age. Even its enemies are doing its PR work! I also feel the number of gatewalkers has increased due to infamy, which its always held, but also the fact that as a whole, the human race’s consciousness is beginning to changed. The tried & true methods aren’t working as well as they used to, or at least not for as many people, so more people are looking for different ways to expand their consciousness. That & the fact for many of us, the Nec is in our blood & the call is ever present.

    I found the book at 11 years old, dabbled in it, got burned, & spent about 25 years staying away from it, but it always called to me. I, for one, am glad I finally answered the call.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      I agree. I am about to delve into this topic a little more thoroughly. Thank you for your insights 🙂

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