Magick La Croix: Life of a Sumerian-Necro Shaman
Magick La Croix: Life of a Sumerian-Necro Shaman

This interview has been in the works for quite some time. I must say that this brother’s wisdom has been very useful in my experience, as it transcends dogma. I am sure that you will enjoy his words as well. Ironically, we spoke about doing an interview over 8 months ago. Today the wait is over. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: I am so happy that we finally get a chance to hear some of your insights and experiences. It is truly an honor. Your zeal has been a source of inspiration for many of us on the path. For some of our subscribers who may not be familiar with your person, can you tell us a little bit about who Magick La Croix really is?

Magick La Croix: I am honored for the sentiments. I actually grew up Catholic and outgrew it at the age of thirteen, as things started to make less and less sense to me. I have explored the teachings of the Baptist Church, Apostolic, and Islam. They all seemed pretty much the same to me so simply put, I am an occultist who has traveled many magickal paths over the span of eighteen years. I didn’t really have any teachers while learning about the African Traditional Religions so it’s been a long, arduous self- taught path for me. During my first years in the occult, there was always the wish that I had teachers but I had come to realize that while traveling the paths in this manner, many things had been taught to me by the spirits themselves so at this point, I am very glad walking the paths this way. I am still striving to become a master mage by way of ascension.

Warlock Asylum: People who know you personally can certainly attest to your love the shamanic arts and occult lore. What inspired you to pursue such a path that is not commonly followed?

Magick La Croix: This is a story that always have people saying to me “really?!!” When I first saw the movie, “The Craft,” it just resonated deeply how you could choose your own destiny and not have to be bound by “fate,” withstanding any boundaries by means of the occult. I started buying as many books as I could on witchcraft and just started practicing and experimenting. I absolutely loved the results I achieved and was not discouraged by any seemingly “failures.” I just kept right on going even if something didn’t work by either tweaking a technique, or finding another system to get my desired results.

Warlock Asylum: It is unfortunate that the ancient indigenous faiths are looked upon with resentment by many monotheists and modern-day society overall. What are some of the magical practices you have explored in pursuit of the occult arts?

Magick La Croix: Yes, I agree with that statement! The absolute hatred that people have for indigenous paths and faiths, yet many people are practicing these sciences in secret. At first, I TRIED finding a teacher, but was met with a lot of cryptic answers to my questions. No one was willing to help. It was then that I realized that I would have to do this on my own. Literally, I had to “step out on faith.” I was told many times that I would need to pay for initiation into the African Traditional Religions, which range in the thousands of dollars and that never made any sense to me. Melaninated people are in desperate need and truly need to know their heritage and ancestors! I brought many books on the subjects. In addition to witchcraft/wicca I have learned Voudon, Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, Santeria, QlippothQabalah, Goetia, Satanism, Luciferianism, Shamanism, and Egyptian Magick.

Warlock Asylum: Initiation into the Gate-Walking system, as described in the Simon Necronomicon, is truly a rare path indeed. How was your initiation into the Gates? What are some of the things that you learned during the course of initiation? What obstacles did you have to overcome during this time?

Magick La Croix: My initiation into the Gates was truly one of self-mastery. I have learned how to control situations I might not have ordinarily done without it. For instance, the Gate of Nergal was so warlike and overpowering it was almost unbelievable. I was always in confrontations with my wife, my boss, people in general and so instead of letting that consume and control ME, I did the exact opposite by controlling it by mastering my emotions and not letting anything get the better of me. While it was just the nature of that gate, I also realized that this gate could be useful SHOULD I ever need it. I have learned that using these gates would be to my advantage if I ever needed any of them. And I also learned the art of protection because there are many obstacles and agents of chaos that can get in your way. The system truly does protect itself. I now see, if it were to fall in the wrong hands, it can be extremely dangerous.

Warlock Asylum: Can share with us one of your experiences in working with the Simon Necronomicon that you were fascinated by?

Magick La Croix: Absolutely! Any deity that you work with you will absorb its energy and will teach you its nature. I have used a black mirror when calling upon various deities and they show up there and in the astral. The system WILL teach you what you need to know without any help from an outside source. This showed me the power behind the Sumerian system of magick and why this system is designed to scare people of an unbalanced nature away from it. I understand the reason for that now.

Warlock Asylum: Recently, it has been announced that the Papers in the Attic blog page will reopen and that the Sumero-Necro Tradition will be merged into the Art of Ninzuwu’s teachings, making a full complete system. This is definitely historical news! What are your thoughts about this celebrated event? Historical news indeed!!

Magick La Croix: I am truly pleased to hear of this and cannot wait for that to happen as I have been studying Ninzuwu at the same time still working with the Necronomicon. They are both powerful systems and that would be one powerful source of initiation.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in initiation into the Simon Necronomicon Current?

Magick La Croix: My advice would be to find someone who is already initiated into the system to guide them through it. Be prepared to undergo MAJOR changes within the self before traveling this journey. It is totally worth it in the end.

Warlock Asylum: How has your life changed since undergoing initiation?

Magick La Croix: As I stated before, I am even in more control of my life than I was at any given time in any given magickal practice. The other systems do not stress self-mastery like the Necronomicon does and I believe this is a great thing. I have found that I do not need any other system. This system amplifies any other practice. Although it does not work with every single system, it operates like a battery for most. And the protection it provides is literally out of this world.

Warlock Asylum: The Simon Necronomicon is a very controversial book. After having been initiated into its workings, what are your feelings on why such a tome exists? What place does the Simon Necronomicon have in the modern world?

Magick La Croix: I believe our ancestors left us a system to protect us because they knew what was coming for us and foresaw the condition we would be in as melaninated people. I believe it has existed for thousands of years and has always been with us to use and to master the self and become gods. Every system I have seen leads right back to the Necronomicon and its practices. This tells me it is very ancient, very chthonic, very powerful and a means to help us as a whole, which is why people steer us away from it. There is absolutely nothing evil about it, if people would just take the time to learn it and become acquainted with the energies within. With all that happens to us in the modern world, this system can help free us from the madness which exists. It is a direct connection to our ancient Sumerian ancestors. Some of the astral experiences I have had would literally frighten most people but it just serves to make me a lot stronger in my practice, my aura and my astral body. I have had people visibly shake in my presence without me having to do anything but just be there. And that is not me intending for such a thing to happen, it just does. The Sumerians knew what they were doing when they passed this down to us.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. Hopefully, we will find you in the brotherhood of Ninzuwu soon, even if it is only in the Sumerian aspect. What can we expect to hear from you in the future? Any final thoughts?

Magick La Croix: Thanks for thinking enough of me to include me in your interviews brother. Your Papers in the Attic blog page has helped me in more ways than you can imagine. I have learned a lot by reading the articles and the books you have put out. My thoughts and opinions on magick in general can be located on my YouTube channel under “Magick La Croix.” I have chosen that name because it means Magick of the crossroads and although I have traveled far, I still believe I have a long way to go, hence being at a crossroads. Yes, I plan to join the brotherhood very soon. Peace and many blessings and thanks again.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your experiences with us. It was an encouraging experience. Many blessings to you and your family. We wish you all the best!

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