1.0LAMMASHTA(Lamashtu/Ninhursag) = Gate to the Unknown. Entrance into the world of the Jinn, or Astral Gods
2.0NANNA = Dream communication with the world of the Jinn.. Introduction into Astral Magic. Alignment of lunar cycles with emotional states.
3.0NEBO = Scientific understanding of the Dark Mysteries. Qliphotic side of the Chakra System and entry into the Cthonic Mind. Knowledge of Immortality and hidden wisdom. Treasures.
4.0INANNA/ISHTAR = Sexual Alchemy. The path of the warrior
5.0SHAMMASH = Te Black Sun. Illumination of the subconscious mind.
6.0NERGAL = Understanding the use of Lust, as the magician’s will. Psychic self-defense
7.0 MARDUK = Virtue. Understanding sexual alchemy and shamanism
8.0ADAR = Initiation into the Qliphotic World of the Jinn. Clairvoyance. (Assimilation with the Watcher)
9.0 ENKI = unification of Heaven and Earth, divine wisdom. Manifestations of spirits entering the physical plane. Guardian of Pathways
10.0ENLIL = Divinity. Transhuman state of consciousness. Control and mastery of both demons and angels
11.0ANU = Possession of superhuman powers. Alien Visitation and projection into other worlds. Immortality and Anti-aging

“The method of the NECRONOMICON concerns deep, primeval forces that seem to pre-exist the normal archetypal images of the tarot trumps and the Golden Dawn telesmatic figures. These are forces that developed outside the Judeo-Christian mainstream, and were worshipped and summoned long before the creation of the Qabala as we know it today. Hence, the ineffectiveness of the Golden Dawn banishing procedures against them. They are not necessarily demonic or qliphotic in the sense that these terms are commonly understood in the West, they just simply represent power sources largely untapped and thus far ignored by twentieth-century, mainstream consciousness.” (The Simon Necronomicon)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Brother. It gives some clarification of the outer gates. I wanted to ask, is LAMASHTA actually what the Nec refers to as ERESHKIGAL? It would makes sense in that you have LAMASHTA in the position of the Gate of KI or GANZIR as it were.


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