I would like to thank all the readers and supporters of this page who have followed the debate between Dan Harms and me. I would also like to extend my hand to Mister Dan Harms for his research and allowing this debate forum to continue. I encourage all who work with the Simon Necronomicon, or those who believe it’s a hoax to obtain a copy of the Necronomicon Files by Dan Harms and John Gonce III. It has certainly been a pleasure and a learning experience. I also salute the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Peter Levenda.


Over the course of the debates between Harms and me, we have indeed covered a lot of information and shed light on new material concerning the progression of the Necronomicon current.


However, after thinking things over and reviewing our recent post that both Harms and myself have made in this debate, it seems like the initial jewels and advantages of this debate would be lost if we were to continue at this time. There are quite a few notes that I could offer in view of Harms most recent post which is found here:


However, I think it will deter from our informative discussions. I have noted the short replies from Harms’ recent posts. This indicates that we are both busy in work that is just as important, if not more, than the issues we have both brought to the table. So I would like to extend my hand to Mister Dan Harms to say thanks for being a part of an informative discussion that I would like to resume at a future date. I am interested to see what Mister Harms would like to add to the discussion in our closing statements, and for those readers who may have questions about my previous posts can email me directly at:


Thank you for supporting the Necronomicon GateWalker’s Information Page!


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