Last week we proposed a contest to see if any of our readers were aware of some of the Kemetic (Egyptian) that exist within the Simon Necronomicon. Reader can review the original posting here:

The question that was proposed follows:

Question: What ritual in the Simon Necronoicon is symbolic of the Three Great Pyramids and the Sphinx?

I was happy to see that brother Ben made an attempt in answering the question. Thank you. We will know reveal the answer. The ritual in the Simon Necronomicon that is symbolic of the Three Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx is the Conjuration of the Watcher. I would like the reader to observe the picture of the pyramids and the Sphinx below, and then read the following passage from the Simon Necronomicon:

In the Simon Necronomicon, concerning the Conjuration of the Watcher we read:

“Wherefore it is wise to conjure It in the Names of the Three Great Watchers Who existed before the Confrontation from whose borne the Watcher and His Race ultimately derive, and those Three are ANU, ENLIL, and Master ENKI of the Magick Waters. And for this reason They are sometimes called the Three Watchers, MASS SSARATI and the Watcher MASS SSARATU, or KIA MASS SSARATU.”

Later in the writing we find the following:

“And this special Conjuration may be made at any time the Priest feels he is in danger, whether his life or his spirit, and the Three Watchers and the One Watcher will rush to his aid.”

It is no coincidence that the Sphinx and the Three Great Pyramids of Giza fit this description perfectly. This would also indicate that Nergal is a much older deity than many would like to believe, and is thought to be an agent of the ancient ones. Nergal is the Shinx. The lion is one of the many symbols of Nergal and he rules the Underworld where the Watcher is called from.. Many belive that the Sphinx originally had a lion face and it was later reshaped to fit the ego of a alter Kemetic king.

Another attrigute of Nergal is the Scorpion Man. The scorpion Man and his wife, guarded the entrance to the Mt. Mashu, the place where the Sun traveled to when it was no loger visible in the sky, the Underworld. Many believe that there is a second Sphinx towards the West. This article has more information concerning this theory:

This would also indicate that the Three Great Wathcer represent the energies of Orion’s belt The same Three Great Pyramids aligned perfectly at one time with these three stars. This would mean that the Three Great Pyramids are symbols of Anu, Enlil, and Enki.

This discovery indicates that the Conjuration of the Watcher is just one act in forming a cosmic ritual pyramid during our working:

We can see how all four star systems were interlocked into the metaphysics of the Great Pyramid. Thus, these steps for contacting the same stellar energies are done throughout the steps given in the Book of Calling. The mechanis of the pyramids are discussed at this website:

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