Cult of Cthulhu

Warlock Asylum’s Summary Of The Great Debate

Warlock Asylum and Jason 666 King



Well the debate between Mister Jason 666 King and myself  is part of the past as of today. I had a good time and the Beast, High Priest Venger Satanis, and Jason King were all very hospitable. This was an event that will definitely go down in the pages of Necronomicon history.

The call in vote was 6 to 4 in favor of Mister King.  His was very organized in his presentation which carried him a lot throughout the debate. I just got up out of bed about an hour before the debate and didn’t really review too much. I wish we had a little more time, but the exchange of ideas in this sort of medium is always good and a blessing. Hopefully, there will be more dialogue of this nature in the future.

Stay Blessed

Warlock Asylum the Dark Knight


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  1. I enjoyed the debate immensely! I hope to comment more on it here and on the CoC Forum when I get a chance. I thought both ov you brought some good material to the table. I would like to see this continued, maybe without all the buzzers and time limits. I think both ov you are civil enough and handled it professionally enough to be able to have a normal conversation and debate about it in the future… though it was a cool format as an introduction. My 2 cents… -Will


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