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Recognizing A True Fourth Way School

The Fourth Way

Over the past decade there has been a growing interest in the paranormal, and due to such, we have also witnessed a resurgence in Fourth Way literature. Long before I was introduced to the Necronomicon, or divination in general, I was introduced to the teachings of Gurdjieff by a Fourth Way initiate over a decade ago. I thought it would be good to gloss over some of the Fourth Way principles that I learned during my studies. I would also like to add that one reason why I feel this is necessary at this time is due to a growing amount of misinformation that I see circulating across the internet about the Fourth Way. Some people who have never even been initiated into Fourth Way studies are now claiming to be a “master” of a Fourth Way school. here are a few points to consider when searching for Fourth Way Teachings.

1) It is Not Easy Finding and Authentic Fourth Way School.

Authentic Fourth Way Schools do not put a lot into advertising and very rarely will you see the subject discussed by Initiates of the system all across the internet. However, you will see readers of Fourth Way material all over the internet, but we should know that there is a big difference between the Initiate and a reader of Gurdjieff material. Fourth Way Initiate Anthony Blake mentions the following in this online article

 The Fourth Way is not an expression of any particular tradition – e.g. it is not just a part of Naqshbandi Sufism – nor is it some eclectic amalgamation from several traditions. There is a directness of connection with the Source which bypasses the established chains of transmission while, at the same time, being able to tap into these. …The transition is made possible by a teacher operating on a certain level. Without the teacher, the situation could not be sustained. The Fourth Way is predominantly a co-operative effort, but the reality of the co-operation or synergy has to be entrusted to the teacher.”

2) Focusing on Reading More that the Work.

Another unique feature of an authentic Fourth Way School is that it focusses on the work, not what is read in books. In all actuality when one is first introduced into an authentic Fourth Way School it is not uncommon for the student to be told to stop reading material written about Gurdjieff and others, as it may deter one’s growth. This how one can identify an authentic Fourth Way Initiate. you will find little information in this regard. It is almost like an oral tradition, but I was able to catch a slight reference to this on the following link

“However, it was often the Movements that attracted Westerners to the Work and many of these gained understanding, and often had profound experiences from working with Movements long before they learned of the “Ideas” through verbal expositions. Notably my mother, Jessmin Howarth, and her friend and colleague, Jeanne de Salzmann, both of whom abandoned successful dance and teaching careers after being exposed to Movements, to devote their lives to Gurdjieff’s “System”— before reading any books, hearing any lectures or group discussions. They continued actively instructing and preserving the Work, especially the Movements, until their respective deaths at the ages of ninety-two and one hundred and one.”

The principal about all of this is that the Gurdjieff material is sometimes written in wherein the terms may mean one thing to the layman, but something entirely different to those in the work. Nothing can be gained by the study of conclusions, and this is why workers of the Fourth Way do not really discuss “book information” to those beginning on the path because it is not useful.

3) No Fourth Way Teacher Will Ever Call Himself  A “Master”

It is important we are taught Fourth Way methods by a capable teacher. This teacher must  be an initiate of the Fourth Way, not someone who just read a few books and can toss ideas around.Gurdjieff indicated that there are fake schools where the teacher either:
  • May be genuinely mistaken and think that he knows something, when in reality he knows nothing.
  • May believe another man, who in his turn may be mistaken.
  • May deceive consciously.
Ouspensky quotes Gurdjieff saying that these teachers lead nowhere, except making the students believe that they are going somewhere. He also added that “It is impossible to recognize a wrong way without knowing the right way. This means that it is no use troubling oneself how to recognize a wrong way. One must think of how to find the right way.”


Fourth Way Teacher Denounces The Cult of Cthulhu Philosophy

Many who are familiar with the Cult of Cthulhu’s philosophy of addressing the beloved leader of the cult as “master” or the “I am the way,” will notice that these practices has nothing at all to do with Fourth Way teachings. When we compare the two videos see below this is clearly evident. Although, High Priest Venger Santanis promotes the CoC as if it is a Fourth Way School while demanding that all members of the CoC address him as “master.” The first video that appears below is conducted by James J. Traitz, someone who is highly educated in Fourth Way philosophy. The next video is “Master” Venger Satanis. Notice the differences of approach and how the CoC’s teachings are not Fourth Way Teachings

Now we will take a look at how “Master” Venger completely contradicts all of this:

Notice how all of what is said in Venger’s video still contradicts the heart of the Fourth Way teachings, though it is a noble approach:

After gleeming from these insights, let us look at another description given to us by Vemger Satanis himself who claims that the CoC is a Fourth Way School:

In the video below we get a little bit more insight into the foundation of Fourth Way thought. Notice how it differas from what Venger presents as a Fourth Way school: