We always find it a pleasure to present rare information concerning qliphotic initiation. However, we do not want to overlook the questions, or interests of many of our subscribers. If you have any ideas on how we can improve our blog page, or have questions concerning the Necronomicon Tradition, please post a comment underneath this posting and we will be more than happy to address the issue and concern. Some may find the video below quite funny:

stay blessed

2 thoughts on “The Necronomicon Tradition’s Suggestion Box

  1. Will Lovelaw says:

    You cover a great deal ov interesting topics and I appreciate your diligent studies and what you share with the Necronomic community… So I don’t have a question based on the “lack” ov anything here for there are more than enough springboards here to keep one busy… What I am interested in is the nuts and bolts/ practical applications ov ceremonial magick using the Necronomicon. Maybe things which you have found or even created which may have the likeness ov ritual chamber magick. One who is a Thelemite has daily rituals which one performs in order to immerse oneself into the Current… are there equivalent rituals which one works in a solitary manner based on the N. Trad?

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