A Gate-Walker takes the needed time to pray and send healing energies to those in need, while sending the Eye of Death to those deserving as well


We have written much about the Necronomicon Tradition over the past few months. The focus of are articles have been mainly for those who are already engaged in the initiatory rites of the Necronomicon Tradition. Some from outer circles have wondered what anyone would gain from this grimoire that is laced with dark imagery? 

Amazingly, many people who have entered the initiatory practices of this tradition have stated that they were given the extra energy to help make changes in their lives. I recently attended the “walking” of a new person learning about the system. He recalled to me that soon after Walking the Nanna Gate, he quit smoking. He has also noticed an increase in self-confidence and this has drawn him into some healthy business relationships as well. 

Although many people stumble across the Simon Necronomicon, very few people are aware that practitioners of the tome spend an incredible amount of time in prayer in an effort to avert natural catastrophe. Everyday a Gate-Walker spends some part of his/her day sending thoughts of love and healing to those less unfortunate. 

If you are a newcomer to the world of Necronomics, please not that if you approach the work looking to gain a whole bunch of power to solve your personal problems-then you are not of this Tradition. Our focus is self-evolution and coming into our true nature as progeny of the Jinn. yet i must also state that what you experience and the intensity of the interactions with the energies of the Necronomicon Current, serves mainly as a means of transformation. If you pursue the work in this perspective, you will have so many blessings to share. Basically, we should love the DinGir regardless of whether our lives are going well or not. 

Another benefit that seems to be experienced by all Gate-Walker is an increased since of awareness in all aspects of life and in relation to nature. Much of what is searched for is experienced in the Necronomicon Tradition. I have seen people walk through the same stages of the initiation rites, though not knowing each other, but experience the same result, the dawn of clairvoyant abilities. What i find unique about this tradition is that such “abilities” are not the point of focus, but a result of ones’ work as they strive forward to the waters of immortality. This system is amazing and emphasizes a great practicality and virtue in everyday life. 

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