Occult Bad-Boy, Venger Satanis has been the topic of discussion as of late in Lovecraftian and Necronomicon circles. I recently received a few emails about the current state of affairs regarding the Cult of Cthulhu from the New Age Lex Luthor himself, Venger Satanis. It seems that Venger has grown from his early days. In regards to the Cult of Cthulhu shakeup, Venger sent me the following  in an email:

“The former Priests of R’lyeh Ego Diabolus and Beast Xeno are no longer affiliated with the Cult of Cthulhu.  A combination of creative differences and incongruent beliefs made the split inevitable. As founder and leader of the Cthulhu Cult, I wish both of them much success in their future endeavors…Those wishing to read the detailed account of Ego and Beast’s departure should read through the 7 page thread on our forum titled “A Decree of Heresy”.”

Over the next few days we received about a dozen emails concerning the CoC, and whether or not the recent events surrounding the “shake up” were due to the curse of the Necronomicon. Basically, many readers were curious as to why the same elements that were involved in orchestrating the debate between Jason King and Warlock Asylum were now the same two CoC members that Venger Satanis had a conflict with.  Basically, for those who are not Gate-Walkers, when the Watcher is sent out on a mission of destruction, it assumes the forms and elements of the enemy’s gods, so that the recipient thinks its judgment from his own deities.

“Watch well, however, all that they do and all that they say, and write it down in a book that no one will see, as I have done, for it will serve thee well at some future time when thou wilt recognize them by their words or by their actions. And thou mayest procure amulets against them, by which their spells are rendered useless and dull, by burning the Name of their Gods upon parchment or silk in a cauldron of thine own devising. And thy Watcher will carry the burnt spell to their altar and deposit it thereupon, and they will be much afraid and cease their workings for awhile, and their stones will crack and their Gods be sorely angry with their servants”

Due to all the emails we received Warlock Asylum made the following public statement:

“The Gate-Walking community has nothing against the CoC, or Venger Satanis. There are times when Venger and I go head to head, but I sincerely wish Venger the best! He is a growing occultist with a growing occult community, and despite all the “controversial” stuff that has occurred over the years. Venger has already made history to some extent. He made the Cult of Cthulhu a legal entity.”

In response to the accusations of Plagiarism, Venger Satanis sent Warlock Asylum the following email:

“For the first week the PDF was out, I neglected to cite my source for something I clearly stated was NOT MY OWN MYTHOS RESEARCH!!! Therefore, it could in no way, shape, or form be considered plagiarism.  ..Since the second week of Cthulhu Cult’s release, the frontmatter of the physical book and PDF has always cited Wikipedia as a source.”

I can imagine that Venger has experienced quite a bit of stress over the last few weeks for trying to “do the right thing,”  and in the same manner that Venger Satanis sent his letter to Church of Satan Officials, Warlock Asylum has written his open letter to Venger Satanis:

Dear Venger Satanis:

I thought that you might find the following information useful as we move forward in this new century. I know personally it is not easy establishing a new tradition, or resurrecting an ancient one in a new world.

 1-H.P. Lovecraft wrote in The Cult of Cthulhu that the cult was centered in Arabia and had members who were immortal living in China. This is a reference to both Sufism and Taoism. On the Cult of Cthulhu website, or to be exact, at this link: http://www.cultofcthulhu.net/i-am-the-way-2/ it mentions the following: “This religion should be considered a “Fourth Way school.., but the system which Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and Nicoll taught cannot be separated from the Cult without mutilating our entire doctrine..” Gurdjieff received his knowledge, as well as other popular occult personalities from the Sufis. The following links discuss this in more detail; http://www.victoria-lepage.org/G.I.%20Gurdjieff%20Hidden%20Sufi.html  also, http://www.alpheus.org/html/articles/esoteric_history/secret_islam.html Gurdjieff does present some nice ideas in his writings, and having learned several things from Fourth Way Schools myself, it is first taught in Fourth Way Schools while engaging in the “work” one should actually avoid reading the material and focus on the work given to them by the teacher. This is a part of Fourth Way Teachings as Gurdjeiff put forth. Taoism is probably one of the oldest schools of thought that pursued physical immortality. Go to the source of the material that influenced many western occultists. Additionally, Egyptian spirituality should be pursued, since Nyarlathotep, was mentioned in Lovecraftian lore as a messenger of the gods. Get familiar with these things and you will see the unity behind what appears to various fields of occult science. The hodge-podge of different systems that have heavily impressed people over the years is good for satisfying philosophical insecurities, but it entraps the novice who seeks true initiation into the Greater Mysteries.

2-Stop trying to align the Cult of Cthulhu with other magical organizations. It’s not a big mystery that Venger has been working to get the Cult of Cthulhu accepted by others. In order to do this, you will need to write not about new customs and traditions, as you have done, but illustrate how these new customs and traditions relate directly to the process of initiation as found in the Greater Mysteries. Focus more on those who are a part of your organization, and based on how they are applying  the principles and magic that you teach. In this manner people will be drawn to the Cult of Cthulhu based on how the “power” has transformed people’s lives.  I make this statement for several reasons, Start pattering the Cult of Cthulhu after the ancient indigenous faiths like Ifa, and etc. You will notice how no one will question the power behind the African , Asian, or Indian, traditions. So then why would you then focus on an okidoki, “it’s all in your mind” western view of the occult. Go where the power is.

3-Stop running around trying to control what people are saying about you online and the internet. Your credibility shouldn’t be affected by what other people do and say about you or the Cult of Cthulhu, once you have a direct relationship with your deities.  Although Anton Lavey is well respected today, I can only imagine what people thought of him during his early years of trying start the Church of Satan.  When you believe in what your doing, it doesn’t matter what other people are saying whether they are occultists or not.  I know this personally. When I first started the  Blog Page , I was getting ridiculed from all sides, and to be honest with you I learned from the many people I debated with more than anything else. For any spiritual warrior it’s part of training..

4-Stop threatening those who do not agree with you. You don’t really know what other people are capable of, or what spirit possesses them. They may be trying to teach you something in their “negative” statements about you. They are sometimes doing so in an action to protect the Greater Mysteries. Regardless, of where you are online or in some organization, it is almost like a “taboo” to mention the Simon Necronomicon without using the word hoax or fiction. I decided to do my own research and uncovered a true grimoire. This showed me how many “occultists” don’t do their own homework. They even fall victim to other people’s rumors. Every rebuttal about the Simon Necronomicon is not based on personal research but popular opinions. This is what you have to do with the Cult of Cthulhu. You have to show and prove how does the teachings of the CoC relate to the Greater Mysteries. There is no difference in the religions of the uninitiated. Christianity is the same thing as Chaos magic. However, for those who are initiated into the Greater Mysteries, we know that occultism is an exact science that is not chaotic. A chicken is a chicken and not a pig. As above so below.

5-Realize that the Left-Hand Path is unified! The LHP is unified. Most LHPers work behind the scenes as most true occultists do, unless they are searching for others of like mind, or to make material gain. People who are truly in the work are not trying to get their names out there as an occultist. They are secure in their work and are absolute in ability to manipulate reality. They follow a silent code. People like Crowley, Lavey, and etc, were thought  by other occultists that their public displays would only cause complications in their lives, but the philosophy that these people advocated was being practiced for centuries before any founding of “satanic thought” was credited to anybody. Today the real movers and shakers of the LHP are working behind the scenes. I can understand that it is easier to communicate with people, now that the intrnet is widely available , then use it for that and not as an opportunity to put your picture all over the internet. Learn to work in the secure area of the shadows

6-Support the Necronomicon Tradition. Some may laugh at this point, but you going around calling the Simon Necronomicon a hoax, or they did it for the money, doesn’t say too much about your own organization that uses a Lovecraftian idea as its title. Is the Simon Necronomicon the Necronomicon that Lovecraft spoke about? Answer: Is the Cult of Cthulhu the same Cult that Lovecraft spoke about? So how can one be a hoax and not the other? If your intentions are real in forming the Cult of Cthulhu, then you are in no position to accuse others of the very same actions that you have taken. It would be nice if Venger Satanis was a Gate-Walker, in this way the full umbrella of the Lovecraft Tradition would be complete, we will see.

7-Reconstruct the Cult of Cthulhu webpage. If you want your organization to be respected by those  who visit your website, then make it look like something that a mature person would be proud to be involved with. Not something that looks like an online advertisement for Great Adventure.  For example, look at the O.T.O’s webpage:  http://oto-usa.org/  This looks like something that a full-grown man and his family would be involved in. Here is a link to an actual Fourth Way School: http://www.sojourner-institute.com/ Now look at the Cult of Cthulhu website: http://www.cultofcthulhu.net/ Give the spiritual adept something that is not embarrassing Vemger. The site is nice, but it has a teenage look. If you want people serious about these fields of study, present a serious look that will probably be  less expensive than what it takes to throw green slime all over the place.

I wish you the best in your endeavors Venger Satanis and I hope you are able to gleem some wisdom from the above statements and not to take everything that is said about you as a personal attack, so that you can go on and catch a tantrum. It is not easy establishing a new religion. Accept the fact that you are going to be criticized. Accept that you have made mistakes in the past and that others may continually remind you of these. Accept that your work is never done  and it is a constant fight in preserving the fight for what is old and what is new, but this battle will be fought by the deities that possessed you to start the order in the first place. Therefore, travel in peace and in the love that you are already making a difference

Stay Blessed

Warlock Asylum (Nyarlathotep the Dark Knight)




This Article was Written by Simon Magus



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  1. Though I do not agree with your position on many points in this statement, they are still well-founded and worthy of consideration by your target audience. I am afraid, however, that you may just be casting pearls before swine.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks Brother Ego…point well taken 🙂

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