An Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition After Summoning Her Watcher In Tibet


Recently, we have noticed an increase in the population of the Gate-Walking Community. Many of our experienced practitioners have reported an increase in the number of their students. Adept Ashnook  during an interview mentioned that he has revealed the system to about 40 people. Other Gate-Walkers have as many as 20-30 people.

An Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition After Summoning Her Watcher In Tibet

It seems that this increase in numbers is one reason why we see parodies covered in the media concerning Lovecraft  idea of a Necronomicon. This is probably due to a confusion based on the word “necronomicon.” In one aspect you have a group of people who immediately associate the “necronomicon” with Lovecraft’s Mythos, on the other hand there are many out there who use this term to describe the ancient rites and practices of Mesopotamia and initiatory rituals in the Simon Necronomicon. Let us take a look at an example of this.

I have a friend named Miss “L” whose life has been transformed tremendously by applying the Gate-Walking rites via the Simon Necronomicon. Miss “L” has a friend who notices how her life has changed. Miss “L” tells her experience in using the “Necronomicon” has really helped her. The woman then goes online and starts asking about the “necronomicon.” Many people respond to her questions by citing information showing that Lovecraft’s “necronomicon” was a fictional book preventing the woman from accessing the ancient rites of Mesopotamia via the Simon Necronomicon. It is for this reasons such as these that we find it necessary to replace the term “necronomicon” with qliphotic when referring to the Necronomicon Tradition. I look forward to hearing your input in such matters.

ZStay Blessed

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  1. I was bemused and slightly amused after reading this “It is for this reasons such as these that we find it necessary to replace the term “necronomicon” with qliphotic when referring to the Necronomicon Tradition”

    I wanted to say the same thing to someone else just yestderday; that despite working well with the Sephiroth, some people are not quite ready to work with the Qlipoth side of the tree. I don’t know why I came to this conclusion, it just came naturally.

    Is there a Gate-walking community in the UK?

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Yes there are quite a few practitioners in the UK. I will list a contact for you shortly. thanks

  2. I think that would just extra confusion for the uneducated seekers, while you and some others may view the Necronomicon’s lore (and the associated ANE traditions) as “Qliphotic, I and some others may not.

    So now the eager new seeker will then start there search with another term that has very little to do with the intended subject matter, and will probably find the WikiPedia article: which will lead them to the Kabbalah and a perhaps false impression that her dear friend is actually in bed with SATAN (LOL) and run straight to her sheep herding pastor for help.

    As the opening description from the above url reads:
    “Qliphoth/Qelippot, alternatively Klippot/Kellipot etc. (Transliteration of the Heb. קליפות meaning “peels”, “shells”, “husks”.[1] Singular: קליפה Qelippah/Kelipah) refers to the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism.[2]”

    So instead of introducing a potentially useful new direction to the seeker (who can then branch out to the Qliphoth on her own) she is now horrified and turned against the Necronomicon, Kabbalah, and her friend.

    I think a more unloaded phrase would be better suited, like ‘Ancient Mesopotamian Spirituality’.

    I do not find anything particularly Qliphotic about the Necronomicon or Ancient Mesopotamian Spirituality, this depends on the individuals understanding of the lore and how they relate to the world, Perception is everything (especially to newbies) and everyones Perspective is different (it’s one of those things that makes us unique).

    Perhaps my perception of what should be called Qliphotic is a bit biased, but as I walk (or crawl..) the serpentine path, through the dark and the light, in the balance of the two united as one, this is where my perspective comes from.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Point well taken..thank yo very much for the advice. I think that is a better approach. I will email you shortly 🙂 stay blessed

  3. Satan's Avenger says:

    I would be interested in knowing of any gate walkers who live in Australia, but more so what real experiences these individuals have had in bettering their lives by walking such a path. Maybe a separate post on one’s own experiences could be listed on this site.

    I have found numerous titbits of info pertaining to the Old Ones in many older UFO books. Such would be a good source of detail for serious researchers.

    The Necronomicon in my own opinion is far from Qliphothic, though I can see why many would see it that way. The Necronomicon is about the application of the Covenant and its rites and procedures – such being the basis for the old archane predeluvian faith of the fire priests of Magan. It’s about the originators of life – the Great Old Ones; beings who are far removed from astral shells and shadows linked to the Qabbalistic Qliphothic side of the tree and its rootstock in the earth.

    The Old Ones exist outside and beyond the tree, outside the Zodiac circle of time and outside the gates; not under the world Yggdrasil tree as so many Occultists believe.

    The gate walking process is an older and more simplified version of the 22 paths of the kabbalah; a ladder which has long been broken and cannot be so easily walked unless you include the missing gate of – Malona / Maldek / Lucifer / Phaeton / Tiamat/ Nibiru / ( or whatever other name you wish to call it ), or what is more commonly known as “the ring pass not” or ‘asteroid belt’. Such makes an eighth step in the ladder of lights.

    On this point – In the UFO book titled – “The Saucers Speak!” – the being Zo said: “Your so-called Hydrogen Bomb could make an asteroid belt out of you. This happened many years ago to the planet of what you would call the fifth orbit. We knew what they were doing but we didn’t interfere ( Due to the laws of the covenant ). We cannot stand by and see another waste. After their destruction there were terrible disasters on Masar (Mars). Great volcanic eruptions took place. Many of our people perished. We would have been thrown out of this Solar System and lost if we had not quickly constructed two artificial satellites. Some of your scientists have noticed that our so-called moons Phobos and Deimos reflect too much light to be made of earthy substance. They are right. They are metallic in nature. They readjusted our unstable condition and saved a planet.”

    It is true that the ancient poets knew of the satellites of Mars before their discovery and ancient astrological works mention them. Jonathon Swift in “Gulliver’s Travels”, 1726, wrote that Mars had two satellites and his complete description of them was most accurate. They were actually discovered as late as 1877 by Asaph Hall of the Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C. How did Swift and all these other individuals know that Mars had two moons way back in 1726 some 150 years before their discovery? Similarly the star Sirius was known by the African Dogon tribe as a trineary three star system, long before modern day Astronomers discovered such.

    In the same way, the Necronomicon being categorized by many as being “fictitious” only because H.P.Lovecraft classified his imaginative writings as “fiction”( or not of our reality). Most things which are “fictitious” fall into the category of being ‘channelled’ and maybe even ‘prophetic’ – coming from beyond the veil of our material reality.

    Such is illustrated in the above example of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ or Jules Verne’s 19th century novel – ‘Trip to the Moon’ and later with George Orwell’s 1948 novel about the New World Order called – ‘1984’!

    Correct me if I am wrong, but nowhere, in the testimony of the “Mad” Arab is the word “Necronomicon” used, but rather the Arab refers to it as ‘the book of The Black Earth’. The word Necronomicon was born from the minds of H.P.Lovecraft and John Dee.

    So what really is ‘The Black Earth’? A place where nothing grows a place where the earth will be burn’t to a crisp and only the Old Ones, man’s original parent will be able to inherit the planet. Man as a species will be naught ! The covenant will have ended and we as a species, according to the “Simon Necronomicon Text” will be no more. “Kuthulu will rise up to meet the stars and the world will be as one, for the ( current ) world is unnatural.” Man’s days are the days of sadness and suffering and his days are the days of war and troubles.

    Such a destiny for man is far worse that any hell or afterlife that religion teaches.

  4. Satan’s avenger

    I can only answer the question about the Dogon. The Dogon trace their origins to Ancient Egypt, and before that to Atlantis and before that to the Sirius star system. They and other African tribes who have chosen not to make their mysteries available to the public have been around for millions of years, if not more. I hope this helps.

  5. Satan's Avenger says:

    As for the gate walking – How many go to the trouble of making their own robes and crown of ANU etc as per the Book’s instructions ? Very few I would think!

    The Gate walker picture shown above is of a Naked woman, who is not useing a suitable sword for summoning the Watcher, nor even the right ritual garb and symbolism.

    As a result, I don’t believe the picture is of a genuine gate walker who knows what they are doing. It’s more in line with a skyclad wiccan, using a totally different system of magick. The correct garb has to be made in the finest silk. WHY- because such is an astral insulator and holds a charge around the body like an electrical capacitor. The crown of Anu has to be made in Copper to show Authority, as does the dagger of Inanna give protection and allow one to cast the circle.

    Amidst other things, I see none of such used in the above gate walker picture. Sorry – I’m not convinced she’s the real deal !

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Actually, she is performing the rites exactly as is mentioned by the Mad Arab. note what is says in the Book of Calling:

      “As for the worship of the Gods, it is after the fashion of your country, but the Priests of Old were naked in their rites.”

      The garb used in the Gate-Walking rituals are symbolic of certain mental and emotional states that the Priest, or Priestess, should possess before entering the ritual. In all shamanistic religions, once the fire is conjured the Calling of a particular energy is done in the heart the words give the heart’s emotions its shape. These emotions of the heart are symbolized by certain attire appearing in the Necronomicon. However, those who approach the working with a pure heart need NOT the attire mentioned in the tome, or as the Mad Arab mentioned:

      “…but the Priests of Old were naked in their rites.”

      Stay Blessed

  6. Satan's Avenger says:

    “As for the worship of the Gods, it is after the fashion of your country, but the Priests of Old were naked in their rites.”

    The garb used in the Gate-Walking rituals are symbolic of certain mental and emotional states that the Priest, or Priestess, should possess before entering the ritual. In all shamanistic religions, once the fire is conjured the Calling of a particular energy is done in the heart the words give the heart’s emotions its shape. These emotions of the heart are symbolized by certain attire appearing in the Necronomicon.

    I understand your point – but how do you come to the conclusion from the Necronomicon the ritual garb is symbolic and the words are said in ones heart? – much like a silent prayer.

    Many of the ritual spells and phrases have parts written in capitals indicating they would have to be said out aloud in strong voice.

    Assuming your correct on your understanding – why not go the extra step and make everything symbolic and not even use a real sacrifice, fire bowl, cleansing salt on the floor, etc!

    Takeing it to that extreme one could walk the gates using meditation visionary only in the comfort of their living room arm chair.

    Am I missing something ???

    Best regards !

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Many of the Initiates in the beginning may not have the monies for such things but would like to begin and start. When I first started I used a large kitchen knife for the Sword of the watcher, for example and it worked out just fine. The same goes for the Gate Seals, the Mad Arab states:

      “They have Seven Seals, each of which may be used in their turn. They are approached by Seven Gates, each of which may be opened in their turn. They have Seven Colours, Seven Essences, and each a separate Step on the Ladder of Lights.”

      The above cited passage reveals that the gods can be access through their essences, which can be found in incense, a clored candle, and etc. I have never made the Gate seal for Shammash out of gold, but I use a corresponding incense and just copy the his Seal. I do understand your point though. I can imagine if one were to use all the materials described in the text what energy could be raised. Now I should clarify that the Gate-walking community does use a fire bowl, cleansing salt, and etc. and they recite the incantation in a loud voice, or softly, sometimes meditatively, depending on a person’s living conditions. However, if some materials are lacking their is room in the Necronomicon for improvising. I should also state that the majority of Gate-Walkers are mentored by Elder members of the tradition. So there is a lot of information that is not written out completely. Simon (L.K. Barnes) said it best in tome’s introduction:

      “These were the sorcerer’s handbooks, and generally not meant as textbooks or encyclopedias of ceremonial magick. In other words, the sorcerer or magician is supposed to be in possession of the requisite knowledge and training with which to carry out a complex magickal ritual, just as a cook is expected to be able to master the scrambling of eggs before he conjures an “eggs Benedict”; the grimoires, or Black Books, were simply variations on a theme, like cookbooks, different records of what previous magicians had done, the spirits they had contacted, and the successes they had. The magicians who now read these works are expected to be able to select the wheat from the chaff, in much the same fashion as an alchemist discerning the deliberate errors in a treatise on his subject.”

      This doesn’t mean that a Gate-Walker can do what they like either. Every gate-walker knoes that the basic foundation of the rituals given incessary steps the tome are not to be comprimised. I have read and seen enough of what happens when a person ignores certain necessary steps as instructed. Remember, ritual is a form of communication. So how well the ritual is performed translates to how well we are communicaing?

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