Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified

Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified

With a relentless spirit and commitment to his long-cherished vision of articulating the dreams of the vast majority of small businesses, Robert Nikic’s vision meets with Why Unified.

Small businesses and start-ups who enter a saturated marketplace end up getting lost in the mix without knowing how to push out of obscurity nor have access to the tools that allow them too. Why Unified plays the crucial role here. With Why Unified, he built his business empire for the budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMB’s in helping them create their own niche and establish authority and brand trust in their marketplace using a superior marketing approach combined with a unique idea of having all of the applications a business needs to cut costs, increase revenue and unify their business in one place.

Why Unified empowers your team to generate your audience, nurture potentially lost sales opportunities, convert prospects, boost sales and manage everyday business operations with 100+ business apps through two products, Unified Marketing and Unified Workplace.

Why Unified Overview:

Unified was established in 2011 as a sales and marketing platform which knew it could change the way business’ around the globe get work done every day; enables start-ups and SMB’s to have the same marketing process that’s utilized by corporations such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple and McDonalds with their Unified Marketing program; by executing this process on a localized or niche level – it gives start-ups and SMB’s the fuel that corporations use on a global scale.

The business applications and marketing intelligence utilized by corporations like Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft and McDonald’s can be used now by SMB’s and start-ups too, without shedding millions of dollars by using Unified Workplace, which enables a SMB to manage their business and team in one place with hundreds of business applications.

Interview with Robert Nikic, CEO of Why Unified:


How do you explain Unified Marketing?

Unified Marketing: Unified Marketing is the new way of marketing how it naturally designed to function – in sync with all elements which generates, nurtures and converts your target audience while building brand trust and authority.

Audience Generation: Unified Marketing utilizes three core audience generating factors which deliver short-term and long-term marketing performance; which naturally support and require one another to function – search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing.

Audience Nurturing: Unified Marketing nurtures your audience through four touch points, tailored to the sales-cycle they are in your sales pipeline in order to ensure every prospect understands the differentiation and value after they have been generated; by nature, each nurture element supports and reinforces one another – email marketing, retargeting prospects, product/service value and a/b testing.

Audience Conversion: Unified Marketing drives conversions through demonstrating product/service value with website design, content and context which is a core element that drives conversions – not simply by design.

What is Unified Workplace?

Unified Workplace is the new way to get work done – it’s where you manage your sales, day to day operations, marketing and every vital part of your organization through one unified platform.

So, running your entire business from one platform! How?

Your appointments, online orders, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. Manage your employees, view real-time reports on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue on overlooked sales opportunities.

You can easily swift through day-to-day operations with chat, email and a cloud phone system apps on any device and take your business with you, wherever you might be.

Unified’s most satisfying moment in business?

Unified in a short time crossed more than 2M+ users by partnering with the cPanel App Marketplace, enabling any web hosting company to allow their users to use Unified Workplace for free.

How do you differentiate yourself from other SaaS companies?

Other SaaS (Software as a Service) companies introduced applications which became the cornerstone of businesses, but as technology grew and adapted, so did the requirement for applications which other SaaS companies failed to adapt too but which Unified consolidated into one platform, where a small business can use to make their next sale with intelligence and predictive analytics.

Give us an insight of the business apps listed on Unified Workplace?

You can find apps on Unified Marketplace that run your business with our extensive list of free business applications that you can enable within moments’ notice. Your online ordering, email marketing, phone system, support system and live chat can easily be added to your website; wherever it may be.

Easily set up, monitor and see sales boost by having customers use the web apps on your site. You’ll improve your customer experience and reduce costs all while using one unified system.

Start accepting payments through the applications instantly with a flat 3% per transaction across the board without any additional fees. The small business “apps” are 100% free; we earn from the 3% transaction fees. 

What does the future hold for Unified? Any big plans?

The Unified Marketplace has around 70 applications as of now and will increase to 150 applications by next year quarter. That is almost 80 applications that Unified is all set to add. Also, an app will be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play store for each of its individual applications that it offers in Q1 of 2019.

We’re thrilled to integrate more applications which enable businesses to do more under one platform, while consistently improving predictive analytics and artificial intelligence so that SMB’s can have the same tools which improve workflows and predict bottlenecks.

What advice do you have for the upcoming generations of entrepreneurs?

Sales is integrated into every part of life; every waking moment is a sales pitch. You’re consistently selling blindly without knowing it – from your first handshake to your first date – if you’ve sold yourself – it means you believed in yourself. Establish that value and belief for your product and repeat. If you would like to learn more about the leadership team behind Why Unified, please visit


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  1. Don’t trust this guy or his company Why Unified. He ran a company called Herolocity just a few months ago with the same marketing. Him Josie Suarez, Erickson Lopez, Haseeb Hassan are all from the previous company. Great at overpromising underdelivering, and having a fake money back guarantee. The WILL NOT honor their money back guarantee. In fact it seems that once they have scammed enough people and money they just shut down, and start a new company. Check out Herolocity on BBB it’s shut down, and basically they started a new company. DO NOT do business with them. They will take your money not deliver and waste your time. You are at your own loss or peril in this, don’t say you have been warned.

  2. I 100% agree with Frank in the above reply. We have experienced the exact same results with all the people mentioned. It is a 100% complete SCAM. We are opening a case withe FBI against them.

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