The Land of Magan

The Land of Magan

Greetings! I am happy to announce that Necronomicon Initiate NightCaller has been approved as an “administrator” for Papers In The Attic. Initiate NightCaller’s efforts can easily be seen by a mere glance at the list of articles he has written since his involvement. Amazingly, NightCaller has written more online about the Necronomicon Tradition, with the exception of Ashnook and Warlock Asylum, than any other Gate-Walker to date. This is quite an amazing accomplishment since NightCaller, at the time of this writing has not completed the total process of the seven-gate initiation, but is well on his way. Please be sure to send your congratulations to NightCaller in the “comment” section below.

Many of our viewers enjoy Optimystic’s articles as well. it seems that Optimystic (David Stolowitz) provides a rich plate of material that is geared towards the evolution of all man. Stolowitz focuses on what is real, not what is controversial. Interestingly, Optimystic’s material can be appreciated not only by Gate-Walker’s of the Necronomicon Tradition, but people from various backgrounds. We thank you for your dedication and would like to announce Adept Optimystic’s placement as administrator. Congratulations!

We would also like to congratulate Necronomicon Adept, Azath Kaido on his new blog page entitled; The Unspoken Word. This blog page will feature some views on a variety of subjects, anything from politics to the occult, and of course The Necronomicon Tradition. It would be nice to see more Gate-Walkers contribute through written word. We will be adding this page to our links section.

Feel free to add your thoughts and don’t forget to review some of the many articles posted on this blog page. Stay blessed!

7 thoughts on “Recent Updates: NightCaller, David Stolowitz, and Azath-Kaido Taking the Necronomicon Tradition To New Heights

  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Congratulations Brethren!

  2. Thank you very much! I’m honored!
    I am not only driven by the calling of the Book, but I am also greatly inspired by the important work you perform in honor of the ancient Tradition.

    Optimystic and Azath Kaido, my congratulations! I enjoy your work! Keep it going!

    May the DinGir smile on you all, my brothers!

  3. Congratulations on your success nightcaller. Your contributions are amazing. This blog has been a great read for me even since i first saw it.

  4. Azath Kaido says:

    Thanks for the plug, Brother! Congrats to you, Nightcaller; you’ve been putting out some amazing work & you more than deserve your place among us!

    Optimystic, many of your posts have been truly inspirational & have gotten me to think in different angles than I had previously. Your contribution to the Tradition & to the blog page have been invaluable! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Night Caller ! May the DinGir Bless you with Success and Happiness !

  6. All of you, thank you very much! It is an incredible experience to be a part of the Necronomicon Tradition. I can vividly remember the start of my search for the book called Necronomicon. I was still a child when I first heard the name being mentioned by my father. The seed had been planted. From then on I kept experiencing unexplainable emotions that made me search for the Book for many years. To discover that the Book did exist after all those years was such an incredible experience that I have trouble putting it into words. The very moment that I held the Book in my hands can be described as the moment that I became awake. It was like I had been asleep for all those years. I had finally obtained what I had lacked all my life. A purpose that was worth dedicating my life to. It was obvious that the Path I was to walk, the Journey I was about to embark on, was a dangerous one, yet it felt right and I knew that I had to do it, or else die trying. Having answered the calling of the Book I know that I have made the right decision. The Journey is wonderful! The things I am learning, the Workings I perform, and the great individuals that I am meeting are all parts of the incredible experiences I’m having because of working with the Necronomicon. My childhood dream has manifested and is slowly taking shape, guiding me to my life’s purpose.

    I am very grateful for the support of all you readers. You make this blog important! It is great to see that my work is not only enjoyed by the casual reader, but also by some of the individuals that are Adepts.

    Last of all I want to thank you, Warlock Asylum. You did me the honor of inviting me into your team, and I thank you for it! It is a real pleasure, and I enjoy my work for your great blog!

    Thank you all!

  7. Conrats to both of you! in the two or three months since i discovered this site, i have learned so much from all of you. thanks for all your efforts, and your lack of selfishness, because laymen such as myself have to learn from somewhere. and you folks are great. i bow to you in reverence.

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