This article is a practical experience – an experiment with notes.
Errors are possible as alchemical terms often have more then one explanations in the different types of alchemy. As long as the reader doesn’t take my every word for 100% truth, it doesn’t matter – In time, everything will be known.
And now, let me show you that alchemy is not only about the philosopher’s stone but is in fact Chemistry of the Gods, containing many recipes and possibilities.
It is shame that modern science, biology and chemistry is half blind, not taking the energies we don’t see into calculation. But without loosing any more time…

I found a writing on how to “producing essential salts and first matter vitrol”.
It makes me happy that there are still people doing research and experiments on alchemy and i hope me writing about this doesn’t hurt him.
I suspect that this is an important finding on how to produce one of the ingredients for the philosopher’s stone. Now time for some facts:

Frater Albertus in his alchemy handbook writes how every mineral(ore), plant and animal have their own “Essence”(Mercury) and Salts.
Mercury; Sulphur; Salt; Vitriol; Azoth; Sol; Luna – Words that have different meanings in the different types of Alchemy, and most of them being synonyms of one another.
Thanks to Frater Albertus we can shed some light on this.

“The Essence (Quintessence) or active force in the vegetable kingdom is the same in all plant life.
The salt or ashes to which any plant can be reduced differs from one plant to another”

Problem being that salt is some times called sulphur and it doesn’t make sense.
It would be best to keep onto well-known facts and logic to avoid mistakes.
If we can extract Mercury and Salt from everything, in this experiment we will be extracting
Salt from wine.

The exact recipe in the writing is:
– Rub a sacred chalice with a little abramelin oil (inside and out)
– Place an ordinary cup full of wine in the chalice (oh, oh! i though i need to fill it with wine)
– Invoke Dionysus on full moon.
– Cover the chalice with a cloth.
– Wait one lunar cycle and the wine will be evaporated leaving “thick port-like syrup”.

As the text says the gooey syrup will be vitriol containing salt residues.
It says the vitriol syrup has the power to transmute fresh wine into more vitriol syrup.
Notice anything? Just like the philosopher’s stone, this thing has the power to penetrate other elements and make them the same.
Further reading – If you leave the syrup for a few months in will harden into a solid salt wafer (salts of the second earth) “that is one aspect of the secret stone.”

As quoted below, the effects of these vitriol salts:
“Astrally these salts cleanse the entire somatic & psychic body. Intensifying highs, and manifestation of phenomena. This in effect is the true port that builds the body of the eucharist.” And also:
“These salts may be used for other purposes as well…chaning water into wine for instance…”

Great, isn’t it? Every time you multiply the philosopher’s stone it becomes more powerful.
And the claim here is that a strong gooey piece of vitriol salt can turn water into wine.

It would be awesome if a chemist can explain what the gooey substance really is and how does it react with a small amount of water.
Because believe it or not this is not the only mention of the wine vitriol.
Sadly I lost the book but in an alchemical monthly writing was a mention of old wine makers reaching in the wine keg to get the vitriol salt on the bottom.

As for my experiment i just wanted to try it and see if vitriol salt will appear.
I didn’t use abramelin oil and i didn’t disturb Dionysus as i though it was merely an experiment and not a proper doing.
I used an old metal cup for caramel cream filled with half a cup of wine.
Fine cloth-covered the cup held by a rubber band.
Naturally i didn’t bother to wait one moon cycle so i just used the flame of a candle to speed the process daily.
Heating and warming resulted in tiny sparkles appearing on the cloth trying to escape. Also resulted in my room stinking of vinegar all day to the point of getting high (:
That would be the essence’s fumes? Even with my horrible incorrect experiment i still
produced half a peanut size of goo. It quickly dried into red dust.
Dissolved in a small amount of water it was beautifull….but just a slight red coloring and a sweet sour taste. I don’t want to sound crazy as i don’t really understand the chemical reactions going on but if the writing is right… i think 50% / 50% wine vitriol and water left for a few days may result in wine. Don’t know about using the goo or fine dried red dust.

I hope i had your interest and this is only the start. We have much to talk about natural cures, making herbal extract more tense and much more.
As always experimenting on me as a fool.

5 thoughts on “Producing Vitriol Salt from Wine

  1. I found this an enjoyable article. The work of the alchemist seems to be rather interesting. It is great to see that each individual has his own field of expertise. Keep experimenting my friend! 😉

  2. thank you nightcaller, glad you liked it. and i do apologise for my lack of comments on the articles these days. even though i have time to read them i still prolong it.
    But good news about immortality nonetheless, a book of max heindel just though me wonders about rejuvenation.
    and next article should be these days.

  3. this is a really interesting piece…keep the works coming. this is fascinating stuff! Cheers!

  4. Nice Post!
    You should also look at the Philosophical or Perceptual and Theoretical or Conceptual, part before commencing the Practical Operations.

  5. Let me correct an error of my young ways. Vitriol salt is actually tartatic acid (tartar). Found in wine barrels and bottles, keeping the wine’s sharp taste and forming crystals.
    pretty shady why someone will think a concentrated solidified tartaric crystal will have the power to turn water into wine. Don’t get me wrong, it sure infects and gives it a red color.
    But the problem is they say this stuff heals the body, while articles say tartaric acid is highly toxic and will kill your kidneys at best.
    But if taken like the philosopher’s stone – one drop in a glass of water or wine (perhaps let to say for a day) it may have only a good effect.
    Another scientific article seems to think tartar doesn’t get burned/assimilated in the body but only dissolved a bit by some stomach germs.

    Now why would alchemists say it will heal you? Because tartar seems to alkalinize your body and drop the PH.
    Something you would have to use ionized water for. If your body is alkalined, germs cant survive, meaning you can’t catch any flu or sickness.

    further reading is required.

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