Dan Harms and Warlock Asylum meet at Tsampa


I am sure that some of our regular Readership are more than familiar with the name Dan Harms. Several years ago, Dan and I engaged in a few debates concerning the Simon Necronomicon legacy, some of these are captured in my “open letters” to Dan that appear in our menu section. Since that time Dan and I have become good friends.

A little before the Thanksgiving holiday Dan came into New York to visit. We met at one of my favorite, but haven’t visited in a while, restaurant, Tsampa. The meal was good and we had a great time. I must thank Dan for taking the time to present some useful information about the Maqlu Tablets.

Dan also tagged me with a link n my Facebook page about a criminal case, where to accused had a Necronomicon in his possession. Here is the link Dan sent me:


All in all, I must say it was a good meeting. On another note, The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep, a book authored by myself, has seen its 3rd edition. I am very grateful for the job done by our editing team, and the cover fits the book:

The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep (New cover, edited)

Also I would like to welcome our new writer Jyotishmoy. He has been a regular reader and commenter on the blog page almost from its start. I look forward to reading some of his observations.

Stay blessed

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  1. It is a great thing when two living legends meet like this!

    Welcome Jyotishmoy! I always greatly enjoy our correspondence, and I am certainly looking forward to read your work. 🙂

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