I am sure that many of our regular readers have noted that noted that a lot of the references used in some of our articles are from an older period and many from the turn of the century. We find that works during this time were written with more honesty and many of the writers were reporting from first hand experience.. While it is good to keep abreast with current updates and findings regarding history and the like, the occultist is well aware that the true occult science has never changed. The same laws that govern the universe were and are affecting the seen world whether mankind’s technology has evolved or not. The same scientific laws are still affecting the universe, and some of the earlier occult writers of the past century wrote knowing these basic laws that are absent from the minds of the new age generation, who have so much faith in the “it’s all in your mind theory” without realizing that it is this same “mind” that is deceiving them.

The other day while visiting a used bookstore in New York City, i came across a book written by Walter Ernest Butler entitled The Magician: His Training and Work. Fortunately, I was able to buy the book used for about $10, which is a good deal since this book is being sold on some sites for over $200.00.  However, i am happy to report that one can find this valued work for around $20 on Amazon.

The Magician: His Training and Work is one of those books that every Gate-Walker should read during their self-initiation into the Necronomicon Current. Although, it is not a book that talks about Lovecraft, Simon, or Sumeria, it gives a clear explanation of the principles that have existed within the Greater Mysteries since times of antiquity. When the Initiate has knowledge such as this, they can see how some of the expressions in the Greater Mysteries are also the same principles found in the Simon Necronomicon. I would have to say that The Magician: His Training and Work is probably the most influential work upon the editors of the Simon Necronomicon.

Butler gives an in-depth explanation of the term “egregore” that is completely aligned with the Simon Necronomicon’s description of the Watcher. He also speaks about the Lords of Light, which resembles the Elder Gods. The amazing thing about all of this, is that Butler’s definition of these terms is very scientific and helps the Initiate understands what is exactly happening during ritual. I would suggest that every Gate-Walker obtain a copy of this work immediately.

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