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Warlock Asylum’s Review of Liber Quantum by T.C. Eisele

T.C. Eisele's Masterpiece

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon Practitioner’s Journal. If this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles in our menu, appearing on the right of this page.

It has been a great blessing indeed to learn and share insights with people from all over the world. Interestingly, I have noticed that there are a few Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition in the tri-state area. If you live in New York City, or plan to come out for a visit, I would suggest visiting Enchantments, a magical shop, located at 424 East 9th Street in Manhattan. this legendary magical shop caters to a large audience of occult practitioners from various tradition on a worldwide level. i usually visit the shop on Friday evenings and enjoy conversation and insights with the experienced staff on board. One of the prominent personas of the shop is T.C. Eisele.

T.C. Eisele is a Professional Astrologer and Psychic Counselor practicing in New York City at both A.R,E of New York Holistic Center and Enchantments Occult Store. I met Mr. Eisele a couple of years ago while visiting Enchantments, but I got to understand his occult perspectives and philosophy when the subject of Fourth Way Studies came up. Later, while visiting the store, I was more than happy to buy his book Liber Quantum.

Liber Quantum is Eisele’s masterpiece to say the least, and it is a work that every serious occultist should read. Eisele is able to successfully use the Enneagram, and show its consistency in comparison to other systems of esoteric and mystical science like the I Ching, Ars Magna, as well as presenting some valuable lessons in Astrology, Gematria, and the Qabalah.

While other books may cover similar subjects, what makes Liber Quantum a priceless find, is how Eisele is able to translate some of the well-known occult fields of study into scientific language. In some ways, Eisele’s Liber Quantum crosses the boundaries of magick and science and thus proving them to be different aspects of the same coin in a practical and easy to understand language. If you are familiar with Eisele as a person, or have read some of his other works, then you know that he is not a gentleman that spares his words, but values honesty, even if it is in critique of his own obeservations.Eisele presents the information in a very down to earth manner without telling you what to believe. In certain parts of the book he reveals his personal experiences with all flaws and glory, but during these ordeals he shows you how he was able to gain a deeper understanding of certain occult principle and how they translated and formulate correspondences in other field of science and magick. In my opinion, this was a brilliant way to present this writing, as it shows us that magick is not in the chamber, but in life. The following is an excerpt from Liber Quantum’s Introduction:

“Once the methods of Occultism are understood for their essential “scientific” nature they can then be consciously applied to the most important experiment any of us will probably ever engage in, which is to understand the meaning of our individual existence as it relates to the greater collective.”

I highly recommend this valuable work as a tool in your own personal research and development. Stay Blessed!

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