Month of Nanna. Year: 18,000
January 23rd = Humwawa in Ninhursag: Vibrant Earth currents. May experience unusual warm weather and storm in some areas, which are a result of conflicting emotions.

January 24th = Marduk in Enki; Generally bright mood and stable weather conditions. Some emotional shifts lead to positive resolve in certain aspects of life.

January 25th = Marukka in Enlil: shifting thoughts and new ideas will encompass our experience. Sexual desires for the obscene may also be aroused. It is a good time to renew aspects of virtue.

January 26th = Marutukku in Enlil: It is a good time to prepare for new projects and to plant the seed of desired plans. The light from the divine world is different from the fire of the heavenly abode. Water is needed for all things to grow. Maintaining virtue in relationships we have with others also allows other aspects of living to evolve. Do not allow pride to become the catalyst for self-deceit.

January 27th = Barashakushu in Tiamat: Messages from the spiritual world should be test like the word of a stranger.

January 28th = Luggaldimmerankia in Ninhursag: Clear thinking is something that must be cultivated. Life is the place where virtue is tested. It is better to listen to the advice of a deceased person than some guru who can’t see things clearly from the outside in.

January 29th = Nariluggaldimerankia in Enki: the lessons we learn from fighting our own inner demons is better than the company of friends.

January 30th = Asaruudu in Enlil: Anger is an emotion that very few people can cultivate properly. It is kundalini.

January 31st = Namtillaku in Anu: a good person knows how to use the evil side of himself for beneficial purposes.

February 1st = If the world was perfect, there would be no need for technology. There is nothing new under the Sun.

February 2nd = Asaru in Ninhursag: if a man cannot nurture a plant. He does not have the patience to start a family.

February 3rd = Asarualim in Enki: Remembering what we forgot is why we were created.

February 4th = Asarualimnunna in Enlil: Demons make better warriors and protectors than angels do.

February 5th =  Tutu in Anu: Distance is peace in a brief moment, but if it lasts too long there is suffering.

February 6th = Ziukkinna in Tiamat: The Sun is an ancient star too.

February 7th = Ziku in Ninhursag: There are two worlds in the same space. In order to understand them we must be able to feel our heart beat. We must also be able to feel the Earth’s heart beating as well. This is when blessings come.

February 8th = Agaku in Enki: Our neighborhood is where our emotions reside.

February 9th = Lakhamu in Enlil: Every mother is a warrior.

February 10th = Tuku in Anu: A great magician will not perform ritual out of necessity.

February 11th = Shazu in Tiamat: Dreams have no meaning in life if you cannot wake up in them.

February 12th = Zisi in Ninhursag: War is the result of lost admiration between two lovers.

February 13th = Suhrim in Enki: A father knows how to prevent a storm from coming during spring.

February 14th = Suhgurim in Enlil: Praying for your enemies is better than praying for a friend in need.

February 15th = Zahrim in Anu: Survival is the only law of the universe. Virtue is its reward.

February 16th = Zahgurim in Tiamat; The soldier that dies in unaware that he is in war.

February 17th = Enbilulu in Ninhursag: If you can trace a wind back to its origin, you will discover what has power of you.

February 18th = Epadun in Enki: If there is too much water in the land, no house can be built.

February 19th = Enbilulugugal in Enlil: Success cannot be experienced without love.

February 20th = Hegal in Anu: Sexuality and clairvoyance are one in the same.

February 21st = SirSir in Tiamat: We were born, we have died before.

Month of Nanna. Year: 18,000 Part 2

February 22nd = Malah in Ninhursag: If you want to gain courage in life, clean off a mirror before you look into it.

February 23rd = Pazuzu in Enki: Dancing is always the best medicine.

February 24th = Gil in Enlil: Air is the soil for imagination.

February 25th = Gilma in Anu: Prophets receive messages and scriptures. Scientists receive ideas and inventions.

February 26th = Agilma in Tiamat: Storms cry too.

February 27th = Zulum in Ninhursag: Plant early in life, so that you can harvest in your youth.

February 28th = Mummu in Enki: There is joy in living and achieving what you are planning.

February 29th = Zulummar in Enlil: Martial arts is a way of thinking.

March 1st = Lugalabdubur in Anu: Every day is a moment to remember

March 2nd = Pagalguenna in Tiamat: People represent the gods they work for. Do not judge a nation or its people, judge how well their god provides for them.

March 3rd = Lugaldurmah in Ninhursag: The goddess moves through the race of the unseen, but upon her heel sprouts a fertile land.

March 4th = Aranunna in Enki: There is no wisdom without action.

March 5th = DumuDuku in Enlil: What is god in the mind of a human being is a slave in the eyes of the universe.

March 6th = Lugalanna in Anu: Fire has four forms. It can only be seen when there is a fire in the other three forms.

March 7th = Lugalugga in Tiamat: Heaven is in life. This is why the rain falls

March 8th = Irkingu in Ninhursag: The gods created money. Use it wisely.

March 9th = Kinma in Enki: our mind hangs above us and tells us what to do without knowing what it is.

March 10th = Zibanitum in Enlil: Seeking to know the future is the first step in being dysfunctional.

March 11th = Esizkur in Anu: A rich man will do whatever he wants without thinking about how he appears. A poor man will think about how he appears in front of other people, which is why he will never be able to do what is necessary to become rich.

March 12th = Gibil in Tiamat: Time is the fate of a soul.

March 13th = Addu in Ninhursag: Learning how to communicate with the gods will allow them to communicate to us.

March 14th = Asharru in Enki: Our life is a testimony, not an excuse.

March 15th = Nebiru in Enlil: Without order there could never be chaos.

March 16th Ninnuam in Anu: Gods work during  the time of transition.

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