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The Dan Harms Machine Set To Release New Book

Greetings! I know many of our readers are familiar with the name Dan Harms, co-author of the Necronomicon Files. While Harms and myself conducted a few debates over the Simon Book. we are happy to announce that Harms recently finished editing a book that will be available late this spring. We would like to send a warm congratulations to Dan Harms for such a wonderful accomplishment. Feel free to send your congrats by commenting on the following post that announced the release of yet another classic work from Harms, found in the link below:

“Llewellyn is pleased to present the most complete, accurate, and accessible version of this hard-to-find classic book of magic. Edited and annotated by magic scholar Daniel Harms, it features approximately one hundred recipes not available in any version of the text available now. It includes both the German text from 1820 and the English translation of 1856, with notes on variations with Hohman’s translations in 1846 and 1863. In addition, the text includes an introduction providing the book’s background and position in history, additional charms taken from the pirated 1837 Skippacksville edition, and a set of indices for general purposes, ingredients, and purposes of particular recipes.”

The book will be available on June 8th, 2012.
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  1. Hi,

    Can i practice magic even if i have NO ability of third eye or six sense? If so, what is the first book you would recommend for me?


  2. Edwin, you can indeed practice magick even when you do not yet possess these abilities. Through magickal practice you will awake such abilities and through steady practice you will finely hone them till you are properly skilled.

    As far as book recommendations go there are so many good works out there… Personally I benefitted a lot from the works of Konstantinos. In his books he describes practices and rituals in full detail! Especially “Summoning Spirits” from “Konstantinos” contains various practices that will awaken the abilities you mention.

    Good luck!


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