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Kristian Leth’s Interview With Warlock Asylum Captured on Danish Radio

New York magician Misha’el Bey says in this final broadcast how he and tradition of Necronomicon moves away from Lovecraft-references and back to the Sumerian Asaru tradition. He takes Kristian Leth on a trip to the last magic shop in New York, where TC Eisele provides one of the best definitions of magic throughout the program series. Then they encounter another “gate-walker” from the Necronomicon environment in Kim’s Video store. This and much more in this last program in this series by Kristian Leth’s Magical Circle. Kristian Leth.


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  1. My brother blees be,i came across the full text of the unholy bible and i want to use it but they is no provision for a circle of protection,i need your advice as a master of the arct should i go on and practice it or not,i am not a novice to magickal arcts of kabbalah and some other but a novice to this one please avice.



  2. I have gone through and through the necronomicon i realy want to walk the gates but i do not understand everything and can not find the supplies. theres alot of thing that i need basicaly every thin and i cant even find them. I don’t even know what some of the thing are. Ther is also a few things that I dont get like how or what im supposed to sacrafic or any basic occult knowlede. im the only occultist with in a 1,000 mile radius of were i live and im sick of buying books and searching the internet for the info i need with no success. I have been doing this for two years now please help.


  3. Thank you for sharing this, I’ve been looking forward to listen to this since I read about it in the forum a while back 😀


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