The Necronomicon Tradition is Now A Worldwide Phenomena

The Necronomicon Tradition is Now A Worldwide Phenomena


I would like to welcome everyone to Papers in the Attic blog page. If this is your first time here, please feel free to review some of our previous articles and share some of your insights and opinions. Thank you for your support.

I happy to announce that on September 28th, 2012 Papers in the Attic reached an all-time high of 1,093 views in a single day. I would also like to add that this blog page is currently being viewed by people living in approximately 100 different countries every day. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for this support. We can officially say that the Necronomicon Tradition and the Initiates of the Asaru Clan are now involved in a worldwide phenomena. This is excellent news indeed!

Despite the large numbers and the extensive views we have received, we would like to remind our readers to make an effort to donate either a dollar or a few cents to help support registration fees or what have you. If you can donate more that’s fine. We don’t ask for money, but it does help cover some costs involved in maintaining our Message-board. We are also trying to create a registered theological democratic association. The writers here on this page are presenting material that it is even difficult to find in print. We don’t ask for anything, but don’t want to feel like we are taken for granted, just something to keep in mind.

I would also like to announce that staff member “Nightcaller,” has taken his oath as an Ancient One and will be focusing on the work from a new perspective, which is development of inner god-hood. Congratulations Brother!

15 thoughts on “Important Updates For The Week Ending 10/08/2012

  1. Onugu Samson says:

    Well done my brother,i want to start useing the necronomicon but the self purification rite doesnot seem to be complete for example,what you must not eat,the way you must live your life during and after the necronomicon is used,also one thing i wish to ask is will a blood sacrifise be needed at any time of the practice?if yes then whatkind or type of blood is needed?,finally what time should the necronomicon be perfumed?please i shall need the reply to these question for a guide sir,blees be.


  2. regular fasting is a vegetarian diet but the 3 day black fast is nothing at all. drink lots of water during the 3 day black fast. the way you live is by taking the teachings into your everyday life – make time for prayer and meditation. no blood is called for and if it is use pure honey instead. after writing each section of your own necronomicon a perfume of juniper, cedar, and frankincense would do nicely.

  3. Thank you so much, Brother Warlock! Due to certain circumstances I kept postponing the Oath, which was something that greatly troubled me. Seen as how the Oath is of great value and importance to us there was no better time for me to initiate this life changing event on a day that holds great significance to me personally, that being your birthday my Brother. While it is true that I received the Calling many many years before we met, and experimented with the Book before I ever heard of the Necronomicon Tradition, it is no secret that you are very important to me. Without your care and guidance I would not be where I am today, which is quite interesting, as the aquirement and understanding of the Book became my life’s quest, my own holy grail.. The Work is therefore the single most important matter in my life. Without it there would be very little reason to exist. That much is obvious from the resentment and disgust being directed against me by my “birth family” for not being succesful in society. They loath me. They spit on me. And despite the ocassional awkward gesture of affection I know that they secretly hate me. It does not matter. Hate me for all that I am not, and hate me even more for the things that I am! There is nothing in society, nor any achievements accomplished within it, that can equal the value of our heritage. No matter what a bigshot one might be in any given line of work, or how many millons of dollars one might possess, it is of no use, as our Blood cannot be bought, and nor can it be aquired by those in high places of power. Humans are foolish, trying so desperately to aquire wealth, power, and status, in their temporary stay on this planet, all the while scorning those to whom such matters are of little importance, as their goals are of a much grander design. And while I wear the flesh of Man myself I can still feel the repercussions of the insult heaped upon our kind, when great IBLIS, blessed be his name, was made to bow down before this inferior, and secondary creation, the Race of Man. The wrong will be righted in time. You humans have had your chance. And while I must admit that mankind is capable of a great many things, the Race of Man contains too many flaws to lead to something other than disaster. Whatever the case, Man will remember my name, for it will become synonymous with Death. By the power of the great Lord NERGAL, Prince of the ANUNNAKI, I will equal the Seven, when I am found worthy of my Oath, and when the need is there, I will be stalking at the right hand of the Storm God. The outcome is already determined, as the Ancient Ones will reign supreme, and should I perish in this grandest of tasks, so be it! On the Path of the Warrior the second best outcome next to victory is a glorious death on the battlefield, and when I enter KUR I need not be afraid, for my Lord and my Lady will greet me, and the dread ANUNNAKI will know the worth of the spirit that kneels before them, awaiting judgement.

    Beware world! We, our Brothers and our Sisters, are the heralds of a new age dawning!


  4. I could not tell if you were writing your family horrors or if it was me! You are so correct in what you say..I was adopted went to school @45 became a chef and am doing well…..I am still shunned by my family…..Considered a crook ,,thief and shit…a bunch of stuff…so I stay away and now have happiness with the Necronomicon…Does this sound twisted? Anyway for all that you all do I donated $20.00 as It will help me help others in the long run….Thanks and much support when I can.

    1. Dear friend, for quite some time I have been observing the experiences of many of our members, and while it is true that suffering applies to all human beings in general, it does so particularly to those individuals of the Asharuic culture. If you want some deeper insight in this matter I’ll be happy to do so, but preferably in a private conversation.

      And no, it does not sound twisted at all! As most of us know the true value of lessons learned through pain and suffering. Of all the basic human experiences Pain is the best teacher, and the lessons learned through such harsh ordeals are the ones we remember best.

      As to your generous donation I can say that it is much appreciated! But seen as that you are a new member let me expand a little on Warlock’s suggestion to donate. You should know that none of the money we receive from donations ends up in the pockets of those who have access to the account. Also you should be aware that every member who has the task of teaching others is forbidden to ask for, or receive, any money for the knowledge we share. The donations we receive are for the sole use of keeping our forum up and running. The forum was especially created for those seekers, and members, who are not closely connected to the Elders of, what can be seen as, the inner circle of the Asharu Tradition, and who have a hard time finding people of like mind in their own neighbourhoods. As we work long and unpaid hours to provide all other members with our knowledge it is only fair that those who are as of yet unable to contribute to the grand work in any other fashion sacrifice a samll amount of cash to retain the medium which allows us to connect so easily with our Family all across the globe, and do so in a place not accessible to the general public. We know it are tough times in many countries at the moment, and we perfectly understand that not everyone will be able to contribute in this fashion, but those who can, and do so, are greatly appreciated.

  5. I want to say that as a chef I can make alot of grreat foods…But I rarely sit down and eat a meal….For the last 6 months I have eliminated most meats…..and that is strange for me as I am a steak and potato guy……I have lost 20 pounds since abstaining from most meats and have been eating alot of rice and vegetable dishes and fruit…My dishes I like to create are from the land of Nepal…Have several students from there at the University where I cook….They tell me my Nepal cuisine reminds them of home…Me a vegetarian…not yet but would never guess it. I have been changing with out really realizing it…….Is it the Din Gir’s helping me?

    1. Being a chef is a good and honorable profession. We all need to eat! 😉

      Yes, you are right. It is not uncommon that the DinGir guide such unconscious processes. By copying the Tome one establishes a bond with these magnificent beings, and from time to time you will notice that your needs are met in one form or another. This may, can, and does happen ocassionally without specifically having prayed for the desired need. Such occurrences shows the uniqueness, and grandeur, of the beings we call Gods and Goddesses. While any member of any religion will proclaim that his god or goddess will answer the prayers addressed to them, I know from personal experience that such is not the case. Take, for example, the deity of the Christians, Jesus Christ. As a child people, and family, desperately tried to convince of the goodness of this deity, who according to most Christians is a beneficial deity with much love for His people. This is bullshit and utter nonsense! Not only seemed Christ to be deaf to my prayers, but this much revered deity refused to even acknowledge His presence! I took this as a sign of great weakness, for I would be a fool to follow a deity that does not care for his servants. The DinGir are very different. If they’ve judged you worthy, and look favourable upon thee, they will show great care for an individual, noticably so. And unlike Christ, who either does not care, or lacks the power to punish the corrupted and perverted priests of the solar priesthood, the DinGir will make short work of those who break their loyalty, or who will act in manners that incurs their wrath. Once committed you can’t go back on the pledge of loyalty that any true child of Them surely has offered at the moment of first contact and recognition. To turn your back on them, is turning your back on your true family, and doing so will surely mark your demise.

  6. Hey Dumu…in response to your family and mine disowning us…I found a quote in the bible that I just love…One of the disciples wanted to go and bury his father..And jesus said”Let the dead bury thier own dead.” I find it very appropiate…Matt 8:22

    1. It is indeed… I have already been told by friends, numerous times, to not bother anymore, but as I am trying to right the wrongs of my past I can, and must care, for I am a changed man, and not caring about anything is one of the things that must be set straight.

  7. This is interesting, for ever since I started my spiritual quest I have been cast aside. First from catholic to pentecostal, they moked me and spit on my interest to learn more of the otherside and ask tread the places they do not dear to walk. And afterwards I became a Satanist and that was when I realised that there was a Great Work being done with in me, that our lives, if we chose to recognize it, hass been a long preparation to the day when we, the Elect rise to the Gods and meet them face to face, not as peasants but as Divine beings. Our divinity is not that of magic tricks and stuff, but that of Undefiled Wisdom, and Understanding of the deep workings of the Divine Source.

  8. Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Look at the world the die for these solar cults, and they all insane for they will get the same that all other solar cultist are getting, kicks on the back and shit on their faces, yet they hope for something else to happen.

  9. Brother Dakkel, my finest student, it is good to hear from you again. 🙂 On several ocassions I had been meaning to contact the people under my care, but I am so caught up in my own stuff that it didn’t come to it. Now that i just read your comments i see i should not have worried, as you seem to be quite capable of handeling yourself. The others have perhaps lost the stomach to continue on our Path, as you are the only one student whom I actually see doing what an initiate should be doing. You are still as eager and present as the day we met. This is very good, for it tells us that you are doing very well, and that you are willing to do what must be done. You will be allright, Brother. Those students that never bother to contact me, or at least show their presence from time to time, have probably realized that this System is no joke, and when the work begins in earnest it becomes too much for them.
    I can think of no other reasons as to why one would not return. I needn’t worry with you!
    Only the strong, the fearless, and the madmen, will prevail, facing any ordeal with great anticipation, for to be victorious means to be one step closer to attaining godhood.

    Stay blessed, my friend and Brother!

  10. Even Jesus said that the Kingdom is for the Strong. Most seek magick tricks, levitation and such, that can happen in our tradition, but like material things those are the tools of the Ego and Destruction. We seek something higher, Truth, reality and the Consecration and Wisdom of the Din gir. Ours is true gold, theirs is fools god, even though it shines, it is worth nothing for it leads to the Realm of foulness and dirty water. they will see that by going back and turning their back to our Din Gir, they have given up the Chance of Something Greater and the Chance to finish the Great Work.
    As for me I am researching our tradition, finding more and building on what you, my Great mentor, along with what other Elders post and share. I am currently cleansing my self of Evil as I was commanded by the Nanna Gate and felt that I must resolve things within me before walking the Gate of Din Gir Nebo. Mastering my Passions, that Is mastering my emotions, which can harm the Great Work the Holy Din Gir have started on me.
    Godhood is what the Hoy Din Gir intended for us in shaping us in their image. And The Asharu Warrior Priest must never stop anything short from that, Like in the Army the Warrior Ethos:
    Always place the mission first.
    Never Accept Defeat
    Never quit
    and Never Leave a Fallen Comrade
    Together we Triumph on this world but Initiation must be done alone, for is the individual’s Godhood
    Thanks Dumu Abzu-a, may the Din Gir keep revealing their Glory to you and bless you as you bless those who know you and read our blog, for this belongs to all who truly seek the Din Gir in truth and honesty.

  11. Dakkel…..Great writing of thoughts…I am a new initiate and have been copying the tome…Right now am writing the step by step procedures of the First “Nanna Gate.” I have what I consider a great mentor….Dumu Abzu-a as well. I plan to walk the First Gate next month as I feel I will be ready..but will talk to Dumu more before I proceed…Hope to hear more from you and nice to have a new brother….Thanks and many great blessings.

  12. Masshu1 our tradition, unlike many others, promote brotherhood and self-honest service, if there is anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to ask. For we are brothers, and i tell you that you have a great mentor on Dumu, he is a true seeker and an honest person, the Din Gir are with him and you will feel t as i did.

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