“Beyond the stars, beyond the darkness of the night they dwell. Into the realm of light they reside in stillness. Without need of the elements, for what is it? It is consciousness. The mere reflection of this statement caused that which is self-aware to stare at itself in darkness. Yet, it remains whole.” -(The Ivory Tablets of the Crow)

One of the beautiful things about the Art of Ninzuwu, is the ability to learn useful things about our being from the divine mind (the Crow) that dwells within and without.

The Soul of Fire prayer and the Opening of the Sea ceremony are two practices that nurture awareness of our divine being. These mystical exercises, when performed regularly, give the practitioner insight into the workings of useless tendencies of their emotional and mental makeup. This is a very important aspect in our work.

We must first recognize the how our souls have become stagnant due to improper use of our thoughts and feelings. Usually when a potential initiate begins the Art of Ninzuwu, they gain a deeper appreciate as to what the work really is. There is a period where they can see the flaws in various religious and magical practices. Many, who pursue these paths with sincere intent, often lose such sincerity by “over-identification” with the religious and magical tools they use. Based on such, what is often “theorized as a unifying science of humanity becomes the very same thing that has driven mankind to enact some of the most horrendous crimes against his own species. The Soul of Fire meditation and the Opening of the Sea ceremony as found in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, require purity of the heart and mind before any other work can be performed in the Art of Ninzuwu. These two preliminary operations cannot be properly executed by the profane. They act as a cleansing method in themselves.

Recently, I gained a tremendous insight about The Opening of the Sea ceremony and its cleansing ability. After performing the ceremony for three consecutive days, I began to purge certain hostile emotions, specifically those of resentment and anger.  Normally while working from the Ivory tablets of the Crow, one feels as if their astral body has been washed and much lighter mentally. It was with this in mind that I knew that a deeper part of the purging process was beginning to occur.

Later that night, I performed the Soul of Fire meditation, thereby tuning into a small part of my divine being. During the night I venture into the realms of the emotions during a dream and forgave many people who I had resentment against. Resentment and anger are qualities that can often block way as we reach to achieve unity with the divine self.

Just before awakening in the morning, the Crow (divine self) spoke to me as the dream was ending. The message was very clear, though it was twofold. First, I learned that falling into the tendency of anger and resentment is often due to the lack of exercise in the art of forgiveness. While it may seem like a simple phrase, it has a very deep meaning. The inability to forgive has a lot to do with a lack of awareness.

Of course, it is unfortunate when we are victimized by others, or have been taken for advantage in some way or another. It is proper that we may have to defend ourselves to the fullest extent possible. This is not at question. It is our day-to-day interactions with people and our miscalculation of their character that we are addressing.

When we are fully aware and in tune with our divine self, we can see the laws, the emotional and mental influences that a person is under. Yet, we can only see these things when we have explored these laws within ourselves.

When our divine eyes are closed, we are closed from recognizing these laws within ourselves and cannot perceive them in others. When we first venture down the road of self-awareness, we begin to see some of the emotional influences that we are under, and due to such, see how these things can influence others. It is from this state of being that we can function on a clear level and what and what not to extend to those around us. Many fall victims of the need to impress others and during the fulfillment of this desire, their attention is pushed outward. Their attention can be focused in this area for years, which leaves them in ignorance as to the internal processes of change and transformation that are just as impactful as those of the outer world.

The second thing that came to me about forgiveness that the wrong we feel that has been done to us, teaches us about an aspect of ourselves that our machine is also carrying. One day after the dream, I was upset with my wife. When I did the Soul of Fire meditation, I saw my wife’s actions as similar to my own. It was a light matter, but seemed to annoy me all day. Once I was able to see that this is the same behavior I had at one time displayed. The blockage had ended. People carry anger and resentment in their hearts because they fail to practice forgiveness.

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