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The Song “Differently Abled Man” Set To Expand Autism Awareness

Band Together Pittsburgh has put together a tremendous effort to raise autism awareness by releasing the single Differently Abled Man. The song was written by Lisa Satira Brozek for her Christopher who lives with autism. Amazingly, music veteran John Vento and Ron “Moondog” Esser took it upon themselves to make this an opportunity for a worldwide release. Esser Ron is a founder of Band Together Pittsburgh, a non-profit that raises awareness for those with autism.

Songstress Caitlin Nicole was added to the recording lineup that was spearheaded by Esser and Vento. The track is accompanied by a music video, which features those who live with autism. The melody is beautiful and falls into the realms of country rock. Caitlin Nicole puts the cherry atop of a truly wonderful project.