What Makes Humans Prone to Imitating Negative Behavior?
What Makes Humans Prone to Imitating Negative Behavior?

One of the most beautiful things about the Art of Ninzuwu is that it is a mystical path without the requirement of imitation. Imitation is quite useful in life. It is by imitation that we learn speech and other behaviors that are very beneficial. Yet, there is another side of imitation that can limit our spiritual evolution.

In society today, we see the imitation of negative behavior practiced by many people. Unfortunately, this form of imitation has even crept into mainstream religion. It is not uncommon for a person to join some spiritual group and begin adjusting their appearance to fit into being viewed as one of the “holy people” discussed in some “sacred” scripture from ancient times.

They then go out and study everything about these ancient civilizations that they so badly feel the need to align themselves with. Around their friends they will begin discussing the beauty  of this “divine” civilization, as if this culture personified was “god’s” chosen prophet to the entire world. They will eventually confine themselves and limit their association only to those in the group. In private circles they boast of being one of “god’s chosen people,” and how it is important for you to attend their church or religious center.

Other people will follow the teachings of one person, a prophet of sorts. They will now begin using their “prophet” as a point of reference for everything they say.  “Oh so-and-so said this, and so-and-so said that.” They live out the mind of a person that they never met, who often lived centuries before their time. Their ego remains satisfied.

This sort of negative behavioral pattern is very widespread in the modern-day online occult community. It is not uncommon to see someone who calls himself a pagan, vampire, or witch, walking around dressed like they were a cast member in The Lord of the Rings, or some other magical movie.

Similar to the religious buffs, many in the online occult community quote the words of very famous magicians in the same manner that those of the religious world quote their prophets. What is even worse is that many in the occult community imitate behavior that is fueled with negative emotions, displaying a barbaric persona.

Interestingly, we find the following in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Know that every civilization comes into this world in the manner of the Unborn. Each city exists in a place not known to time and then descends upon the realm of man as a kingdom, through some act of war, or a great migration. Do not worship these things like men do, for it is a forbidden art which keeps the soul bound to useless things.

It was so that upon the journey of dreams one may approach old civilizations, some in the earth and others that have vanished. Know that their gods and spirits may try to tempt thee in dreams, but thou must remain pure. And this world is full of Wanderers, those without spirit, for they know not true joy.”

Imitation of negative behavior will block us spiritually. In the Art of Ninzuwu there is no room for such things. Instead focus is placed on the development of our inner soul (The Crow), which is the true the enlightened one and prophet when functioning in true awareness.

Each candidate for initiation is required to put certain things into practice in order to understand the depths of the path. There are no prophets to quote or gods to follow, for such engagement can only result in impurity.

Imitation of negative behavioral patterns is very closely connected with the desire to impress others. Once we fall into this need of trying to impress others, we lose any sense of awareness we once held.

This sort of imitating behavior is very interesting as many people who display such proclaim a strong devotion to God. Yet, at the same time, they want to be viewed as “being right.” Instead of directing the credit to the “god” they serve, their experience turn into opportunities to validate their limited point of view.

Another aspect of imitating negative behavior patterns can be seen by those who are looking to save the world. Originally, this desire was used in mysticism as an esoteric practice of bringing to surface up a certain quality in a person, but if taken literally one will fall into the trap of using such a perspective to avoid working on themselves. We can find this desire expressed by the masses and it is the penetrating force behind the misuse of many magical traditions and religious practice. It is best to stay away from such imitating behaviors, but this is not easy today, due to the widespread consumption of the media circus that has medicated so many people.

In the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we are told the following:

Take what is not useful and plant it in a good place. Waste nothing.”

The above quote illustrates a useful method of how to avoid the trap of “imitating negative behavior.” Usually such imitation is fueled by the improper use of the imagination, and thoughts of impressing others. The Ivory Tablets advises us to; “take what is not useful and plant it in a good place.” This refers to developing a positive thinking pattern that is useful in accomplishing our aims. It means we are to first take what is not useful, or negative emotions and thinking, and replace such with what is good.

A lot of times people fall into the habit of trying to fit certain exercises into their busy schedules. However, the idea of taking what is not useful and planting it in a good place, means using the time that we spend on negative thinking and replace it with meditative habits, or some other sort of practice that can uplift our spirits. For example, replace the time we spend on worrying with a certain meditative practice, The Soul of Fire prayer, or use this time for exercise. This is just one way of breaking the habit of negative thinking.

Stay blessed!

3 thoughts on “What Makes Humans Prone to Imitate Negative Behavior?

  1. Necronomicus says:

    Problem is that habit of imitation starts from childhood and in almost human beings (and not only human) is without end. Most of the beings have not possibility to see them and most important to feel them in their every day live and every day behavior. It is hard to work with something which is not real for them. For magicians it could be even worse because their gods are alive and they choose to be in communion with them. Their radiance may be so powerful that a person can go blind. People should be more careful about who they give their power and inner radiance.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      This is a very good point. its interesting that the brain of the human grows the most before it enters school. i believe this is where it is taught how to imitate life in both a negative and positive aspects.

  2. In the country I went to school ; they used a teaching system which made the children become analphabetic afterwards. No joke, reality,

    Just wanted to say that it was more important that the children all had the same thinking pattern.

    I like that post, I understand more now. thank you

    Stay blessed

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