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Does Religion Hinder Human Evolution?

Does religion hinder human evolution?
Does religion hinder human evolution?

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One of the principles found in the Art of Ninzuwu is that “no god is the true god.” While this principle is often misunderstood by those outside the practice of this sacred art, many initiated into this path appreciate its spiritual value. The principle “no god is the true god” is meant to imply that the term “god,” while describing a beneficent force, is not a title befitting the creator.

In the Art of Ninzuwu, the term “god” is applied to avatars of the creative force, but not the force itself. We also find that this term can also describe a force of influence, either upon nature or one’s experience. However, in the Art of Ninzuwu “a god” is never equated with the creator. Additionally, we find that “religion,” as it is understood in today’s context, is another form of slavery and a tool used to divide people.  Religion, over the centuries, has been an instrumental force in shaping human history. We can safely say that religion has been around as long as human beings have been alive. So the question has arisen in the minds of many human beings, as evident in the growth of atheistic ideologies during the past century, does religion deter human evolution?

Human history dictates that religion does not necessarily support the evolution of man spiritually. Unfortunately, in many cases, religion may not have anything to do with scientific or spiritual progress. This can be seen by the fact that many adherents of modern religion are have been involved in some of the most hideous acts known to man, many of which were the cause of the deaths of many people. Wikipedia defines religion in the following words:

“Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality.”

The term religion implies belief; belief that one’s culture or perspective is divine. For example, if one is dedicated to a Middle Eastern religion, they will advocate that the culture, the society, where this religion derives from is divine. So now we find people of the perspective that the language Arabic or Hebrew is divine. Names given to children in these cultures are divine. This sort of thinking can be found among the Christian nations also imply, where we find European names, like Mary, Peter, and Paul are divine names. This sort of thinking, in the light of the Art of Ninzuwu, is dysfunctional. We say this as people are misled into “believing” that they are in contact with some aspect of the divine by associating themselves with a particular aesthetic of a religious system. Misconceptions like these occur when people are presented with a spiritual system without an esoteric or magical means of initiation that was once a part of these same systems. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow discusses this in the Sword of Ninzuwu Tablet:

“Know that every civilization comes into this world in the manner of the Unborn. Each city exists in a place not known to time and then descends upon the realm of man as a kingdom, through some act of war, or a great migration. Do not worship these things like men do, for it is a forbidden art which keeps the soul bound to useless things…It was so that upon the journey of dreams one may approach old civilizations, some in the earth and others that have vanished. Know that their gods and spirits may try to tempt thee in dreams, but thou must remain pure.”

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow discourages the deification of one’s culture as a form of spiritual technology for these things are a cycle in themselves, which is hard to break away from once a person begins to engage in such practices. Often times, the “gods” of these civilizations past or present, were ancestors and ancestral shamans who may have ruled a particular tribe. After these kingly shamans died they were still beseeched by sacrifice. It is a popular belief in many primal religions that the day of death is also one’s birthday in the spirit world, and to help that person grow in the world beyond sacrifice was offered to strengthen the spirit. In the book, Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity, by Lewis Bayles Paton, we read the following on page 261:

“Sacrifice is a rite that has meaning only in the cult of the dead. The blood, in which the life of the animal resides, is poured out in order that the shades may drink of it and renew their vigour. Offerings of food and drink are not needed by celestial deities, but are needed by spirits of the dead, and have been offered to them from the earliest times…,and were afterward extended to other divinities..,”

Ancestor worship, also known as the Cult of the Dead, is a scientific process in the eyes of the practitioner of the Art of Ninzuwu. However, from a religious aspect, the adherent may not be aware of where the origin of sacrifice began and will do such, by means of physical offerings or in the form of prayer, and devote themselves to an ancestral spirit of another nation, becoming a slave of that ancestral spirit. In ancient times, it was devised that in order for a nation to grow and gain some sort of power in the world, they needed to conquer other people and have these people worship their ancestral gods. This would give the ancestral spirit more energy to alter reality for the benefit of the descendants of the ancestor, which is why it became important for a nation to replace the deities of a conquered people with that of its own. Further support of this is found in The Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 2, 2007, has to say on this topic, page 212 states:

“..gods of fire, wind and water, gods of the sea, and above all gods of the sky, show no signs of having been ghost gods at any period in their history. They may, it is true, be associated with ghost gods, but in Australia it cannot even be asserted that the gods are spirits at all…,they are simply magnified magicians, super-men who have never died, we have no ground, therefore, for regarding the cult of the dead as the origin of religion in this area..”

The practitioner of the Art of Ninzuwu seeks to avoid such by not putting faith in religion, but pursues an operative form of spiritual technology as a means of self-renewal. Spirituality, in the true sense of the term, has nothing to do with what one imagines themselves to be, or any other psychological costume, but simply the way one leads their life and how they conduct themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. These are the tools that will lead to contact with the divine world or any other experience we may so desire. Our emotions, thoughts, and actions are our religion. The ignorant religious adherent are unaware of such and will hold a superficial image of themselves in their minds based on the love of a fictional mythology and promote such as their religion. Why do people take such a course?

People have been reared to fulfill a false concept known as “being right.” It is because of such that they immediately try to identify with the “right perspective” in anything that enters their mind. The fact that “being right” is used as a control mechanism among the nations is to the point. This idea of “being right” is also the cause for war and other human crimes. Morally, the idea of “being right” is an illusion as what is “right” in one part of the world may be unacceptable in another. So on a universal level and in human society what is right or wrong has a lot to do with one’s position in relation to an agenda, be it personal or that of the community or government. Based on such, we can say that the idea of a “true religion” came into being as a way to encourage people to abandon the worship of their own ancestors, a scientific process, and have faith in those of the ruling class. Think about it. The famous Krishnamurti once said that ‘the truth is a pathless land.’ It is along these lines that we find what is written in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow so true:

“Know that the names of these gods

Are a formula

A binding between the king and his earthly subject

Worship not the feelings of kings

Seek only initiation

For initiation is the only law that is just unto man


They appear as kind

They are worshipped in beauty

But their intent is evil

The Sons of Aho have betrayed our ways


In the beginning there was peace

And in the beginning peace will always dwell

So it was that the Ninzuwu rested in the beginning


It was during this rest

That the Sons of Aho deceived creation

The Sons of Aho performed the Art of Trickery

And required sacrifice from man.


The Son of Aho are the emotions of the dead

After the spirit has left the body


Man was lost.

The Sons of Aho created a lie.

They posed as the creators of man

But the world is the creator

Made by the creator

And so, man is lost.”