My Experience With The Shamuzi
My Experience With The Shamuzi

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This is my second article in series which is dedicated to practical experiences with teachings from Ivory Tablets of the Crow. This article is about my experience with calling of mighty Shamuzi.

Calling of Shamuzi

(I called Shamuzi through ritual which is in Ivory Tablets of the Crow)

After Calling of Shamuzi I was very tired. I felt that I was sitting in a large glowing and burning ball – As I sat in the sun and I was the center of that sun and my entire energy field was filled with this quality.

I felt that I had something over my head (new quality) and that “something” began to descend into my body, center after center it descent down into my body. I was more tired than before, so I went to bed. Through my intuition, I felt that I should lie down into position/asana of “cross” and so I made it with my hands and the front of the body turned up. I sensed that this position speed descent energy into the heart center and then to the whole body. For a moment I had a vision like when Jesus was on the cross (it is only comparison), but with the difference that here was just some kind of sun radiation which created form of very specific “sun-cross” and I was one with that “sun-cross”. Then I fell asleep.

Dream and astral experience

I was at my home but my dream looks little bit different than normal. I had a beautiful blonde teacher who came to teach me. We sat opposite each other on chairs and suddenly love began to develop between us and open our heart centers as well as the quality of our second centers, but it was very subtle, yet powerful.

Dream has changed, I felt that I am with her lying on the bed close to each other and I felt that it accepts and reciprocates my love. It was like she was the best lover and mother at the same time, feeling all my hidden thoughts, feelings and concerns and she was able to touch them the finest, most exclusive and perfect way.

Dream changed again, I felt that I lay still on the bed, but suddenly she came to me from behind my bed, lay in the bed behind my back and lovingly hugged me and said my name several times (It was very beautiful as if the heart spoke to me and I felt immeasurable beauty and love) and also greatly increased awareness of my dream and the dream was more real and material. When I was wakening up I heard two words in the Vashu language from here but I don’t remember them. They disappeared from my mind same time.Towards the end I had a feeling of pure love without limitations.

Manifestation in daily life

After my ritual with Shamuzi I have special wish about my health. This request resulted in a very interesting experience with healing technology on very high level. But it will be material for my next article.


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  1. aruirkalla says:

    Wow…. Amazing experience! I could vividly see all the scenes infront of my eyes 🙂

  2. Necronomicus says:

    This article is excerpt from my magical journal. I wrote it after my experience. I am glad that you saw it.

    Thank you for your comment. 😉

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