According to both, the Nihongi and the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, the latter is a text outlining the principle spirituality of the Jomon period, our universe began as “an egg,” from an infinitesimally small point and began to expand outwards. The Nihongi continues:

“Of old, Heaven and Earth were not yet separated, and the In and Yo not yet divided. They formed a chaotic mass like an egg which was obscurely defined limits and contained germs.

The purer and clearer part was thinly drawn out, and formed Heaven, while the heavier and grosser element settled down and became Earth.

The finer element easily became a united body, but the consolidation of the heavy and gross element was accomplished with difficulty.”

In the passages cited above, the Nihongi describes the formation of Heaven, which was space itself but goes on to mention that Earth, or matter, took a longer period in being formed. It is interesting that in the Nihongi we not only see the creation of matter, Earth, but of space itself, the purer and clearer part. This is also expressed in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“With one drop of water he created a dimension that rested between the worlds of death and immortality.”

What is interesting about all of this is that modern science has confirmed the accuracy of the creation epic found in Shinto physics. In an online article, entitled, Big Bang: How Did The Universe Begin? by Yuki D. Takahashi, we read:

“According to the big bang theory, the universe began by expanding from an infinitesimal volume with extremely high density and temperature. The universe was initially significantly smaller than even a pore on your skin. With the big bang, the fabric of space itself began expanding like the surface of an inflating balloon – matter simply rode along the stretching space like dust on the balloon’s surface. The big bang is not like an explosion of matter in otherwise empty space; rather, space itself began with the big bang and carried matter with it as it expanded.”

Here we see that the modern-day Big Bang theory, is not only in full accord with earlier Shinto thought, but validates its creation epic. Modern scientists believe that the universe began as an infinitesimal point, “an egg,” or as Takahashi wrote in his article “smaller than even a pore on your skin.” Another feature of the Big Bang Theory and Shinto thought that puts these similarities beyond the scope of coincidence is that space, or “Heaven,” was said to develop at this time as well. Takahashi states in the article:

“ itself began with the big bang and carried matter with it as it expanded.”

The Nihongi states:

“The purer and clearer part was thinly drawn out, and formed Heaven, while the heavier and grosser element settled down and became Earth. The finer element easily became a united body, but the consolidation of the heavy and gross element was accomplished with difficulty.”

This shows us that the ideas expressed in the Big Bang theory were known to ancient Shinto practitioners centuries earlier. While modern science still struggles with understanding the “cause” of the Big Bang, ancient alchemists of the Jomon period recounted in their history the origin of such.  The Ivory Tablets of the Crow discusses this in its symbolism, upon which we read:

“The fiery ones found much joy in the powers of arousal and spoke amongst themselves about creating a Space between the Spaces. They summoned a great scientist, who is skilled in a form of alchemy of the strange. His name is that of the Nzu-Zhee-Nzu (fire) Quf.”

In Ninzuwu-Shinto mythology, the creation of this universe was planned by the “fiery ones.” Hence they called upon a scientist named “Quf,” in order to complete the task. This entity “Quf” has many correspondences in Ninzuwu-Shinto cosmology. We can determine its place here by use of the Vasuh (Tengu) language.

Quf can be defined in the Tengu language as follows, Q (Zhee-Nzu) + U (Aum-Zhee) + F (Phe). This sum of the “Quf” equation is Hmu-Hmu.  Hmu, in the language of the Tengu, is a letter of sexual energy. Since the term is doubled, we see that there are two sources of this sexual energy merging as one. This means that in this case, Quf is equal to two distinct factions coming together and producing the “egg” found in the Nihongi, or the point of singularity, which creation all stemmed from. This too is in agreement with modern scientific thought.  A Brief Introduction to the Ekpyrotic Universe by Paul J. Steinhardt, states the following:

“The model is based on the idea that our hot big bang universe was created from the collision of two three-dimensional worlds moving along a hidden, extra dimension. The two three-dimensional worlds collide and “stick,” the kinetic energy in the collision is converted the quarks, electrons, photons, etc., that are confined to move along three dimensions. The resulting temperature is finite, so the hot big bang phase begins without a singularity. The universe is homogeneous because the collision and initiation of the big bang phase occurs nearly simultaneously everywhere. The energetically preferred geometry for the two worlds is flat, so their collision produces a flat big bang universe. According to Einstein’s equations, this means that the total energy density of the Universe is equal to the critical density. Massive magnetic monopoles, which are overabundantly produced in the standard big bang theory, are not produced at all in this scenario because the temperature after collision is far too small to produce any of these massive particles.”

Steinhardt discusses the collision of two three-dimensional worlds, as being the source of the Big Bang, whereas in Shinto, and the much older Ninzuwu form, this “cause” was intentional and involved a “sexual” energy of some cosmic level.  Later, in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we also discover the purpose of such:

“The fiery ones built great cities inside the stars that shine in the Land of Shadows.”

In the same manner that human beings have advanced to the point where technology seems to make the impossible seem possible, the creation of our universe brings with it a continuation of certain intelligences, in lack of a better word, whose existence is found outside the world of time as we know it. In other words, when life in higher dimensions reproduces itself, that which is being reproduced, develops in the third dimension. The “Quf,” which equates in the language of the Ninzuwu as Hmu-Hmu verifies this.

Hmu-Hmu equals Lewhu, which means “starry initiation.” The Ivory Tablets of the Crow reveal to us that the purpose of all life is its initiation. It states:

“For initiation is the only law that is just unto man.”

This was purposely created by the fourth-dimensional race of man in efforts of extending the existence of the fourth and higher dimensions itself. This may seem obscure to some of our readers, so let’s expand on this topic further.

Earlier, we mentioned that our use of technology has made life more convenient, even the miraculous seems possible. Just imagine what human beings could do if they had total use of their brain and today’s technology as a starting point in 20,000 years. Now imagine what the fourth and higher dimensional races of men could do, they technology they presently possess. The reason why mankind has not come to these truths is expressed for us in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Thus, the journey begins with a circle…With a circle the journey never ends…This is the question of man…For he will never understand the answer.”

The passage cited above has many meanings, but one in particular that I find fascinating is that the world in time can only understand its cause of existence by entering the world outside of time. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow mentions the following:

“Know that every civilization comes into this world in the manner of the Unborn. Each city exists in a place not known to time and then descends upon the realm of man as a kingdom, through some act of war, or a great migration. Do not worship these things like men do, for it is a forbidden art which keeps the soul bound to useless things.”

The higher dimensions of man, make up what is known as the world of the future. Reincarnation, in the true sense of the term, means that one goes back. The term “re” means to go back. When we reincarnate, we are traveling from the future into the past. The three-dimensional world exists in time, but more importantly, in comparison to the fourth dimensional world and higher realms, the third dimension actually exists in the past. Life in this universe has “reincarnated” or descended from the world of the future (the 4th dimensional plane) into the past in order to advance this world and perpetuate continued existence.

The realms beyond the third dimension are not accessible to the man of the three-dimensional world, using only his five senses. This does not mean that these planes of existence are fantasy, but they can be accessed by those who have developed additional senses of perception beyond those of the three-dimensional plane. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not detectable by the five senses, but they are real indeed. Plants cannot see us the way we see them, yet they can discern our thoughts.

The fourth dimension, accessible by extra-sensory perception, has as its foundation the divine quality of love. Matter of the fourth dimension is love. However, it should also be noted that this quality of divine love, existing in the fourth and higher dimensions, originates in a place that is not relative to the five senses. When humans think of love, it is in association with certain imagery that doesn’t exist on these higher planes of being and is therefore not the quality of divine love as defined by man. It is due to such that, the celestial bodies cast upon the world of humanity, and individually, certain challenges, that serves as initiations for us to develop a small glimpse of this multi-universal quality. With the expansion of our universe comes more lessons in extra-stellar initiations for the three-dimensional man with the being the same as his future.

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  1. Great article, I,m probably way off the mark here, but where do we as humans fit into this ?

    Also, as I can not see another place to ask …….. what are your views on Guardian and Archangels ?

    I apologize if these questions are not relative to the article, and thank you for this great website any way.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thanks for your comments Ben K! The concept of an angel is not limited to Christian thought, though it is addressed by use of different terms in varying cultures. In Ninzuwu-Shinto, we use the term Ninzuwu or shugorei to signify an intermediary, or guardian. In case of the latter, our ancestors work as guardians, which is another way of gaining merit in the Divine World. Your question, however, can lend itself to many answers, when just about every culture have their own understanding of a “spirit” of this nature.

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