Based out of Texas, the spirited Renaissance woman, model, rapper, and songwriter Brandi Siggers aka Yella Yella brings a colorful array of erotic prose and blunt lyricism to the hip-hip world in a tasteful manner. Yella Yella leads a growing generation of female rappers, singers, and performers who take pride in feminine self-expression within a hood framework.

Born with Gemini swag, Yella Yella is a native Texan that grew up in a loving household alongside three brothers and two sisters. Music was something that Yella Yella gravitated to at an early age. She often recalls making drum patterns on her school desk and exchanging rhymes with other grade school children. Since her youth, Yella Yella has cultivated her verbal craft and persona into an emerging brand. Among her many live performances, Yella Yella has opened up for the Houston-based rapper Lil Flip and had the opportunity to perform in Miami during the Superbowl Weekend.

Yella Yella’s greatest outlet is in her music. Tracks like Eyes Roll Back feat. Beat King and Power Up unveil Yella Yella’s signature bar-casting escapades. Yet, she cites her greatest source of inspiration comes from God. Yella Yella makes the rap world a beautiful place to be. Salute!

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