Asamod Ka is a profound spiritualist with a unique, yet sincere edge. He teaches occult principles through the learning center that he established called the Macumba School. He has also authored quite a few books on subjects like Egyptian Magick, Santa Muerte, and Quimbanda to name a few. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss some of his life experience and work in the field of the supernatural and I believe that you will find his experience very encouraging.

Warlock Asylum: Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share some of your occult insights with our subscribers. Please introduce yourself. Who is Asamod Ka?

Asamod Ka: Thanks for the invitation. Asamod ka is a pseudonym. My writings with my real name focus on metaphysics and esotericism, but I also like black magick. However, society and my family, as well as my colleagues, do not generally accept these topics well. I chose to use a pseudonym for black magick books, and I use my real name for other books, coaching and projects.  Asamod is one of the daemon names I resonate with the most, although I believe that daemons are extra-physical entities different from the “demons” of the Goetia. Aeshma-daeva, a demon of lust from Persian mythology, Azmoden means “to tempt”, but sometimes it is thought of as “the shining angel”

I chose the name for the vibration and to symbolize that I intend to break/ destroy old paradigms. Then I used the word “ka” which in Egyptian means life force or ethereal body.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your youth. What type of environment did your grow up?

Asamod Ka: I grew up in a normal environment, I’m from Portugal.

Warlock Asylum: What inspired you to become an occult practitioner? What obstacles did you have to overcome to be the person that you are today?

Asamod Ka: I think I was born with an interest in the occult, I started reading books about enigmas and spirits, I also watched all the documentaries on TV about the paranormal. I also received inspiration from some family members, such as my grandfathers, who enjoyed esotericism. They told me about their experiences. And, since I lived in the countryside, close to the woods, contact with nature was beneficial to me. I could do rituals in the woods at night, feeling the energies of the surroundings, and without being noticed.

Warlock Asylum: I would like to congratulate you on all your progress within the occult. Thus far, you have organized a practical and yet effective school of magical knowledge called Macumba School. How did the school originate? What are some of the topics and themes that potential students can learn at the school?

Asamod Ka: Thanks. Macumba School is a recent project, I started first with books (so I have several) and started writing in 2009. I often meditate on a name, whether for books, websites, or projects, and seek inspiration from spiritual guides. Macumba means popular Afro-Brazilian “sorcery” and some Afro-magic, but also in Kimbundu “ma’kôba” means a percussion instrument or ceremonial dance, I felt it was a strong name that sticks in the mind. I have courses in vampiric, Egyptian, gypsy, Sumerian, Afro-Brazilian magic, because I feel that they are systems with stronger egregores and entities.

Warlock Asylum: In conjunction with the school, you have authored quite a few books. How has writing about the occult enhanced your magical life?

Asamod Ka: It wasn’t writing the books that made my life magical. It was quite the opposite. During my adolescence, I started experimenting with new things, different magickal systems. I wrote down many of my thoughts and ideas in notebooks (book of shadows) and only in 2009 did I start to transform this material into ebooks in Word, originally in my Portuguese language. After that, I translated it into English, Spanish, and French.

I like to write original stuff, instead of following the crowd. I’m against the Judeo-Christian Goetia, which distorted the names of ancient pagan deities and turned them into grossly ugly demons. I defend that Lucifer is not a prince of hell, but an extradimensional entity of light, and many readers criticize me because I go against what is mainstream. But my target audience is minorities. I want to write for the few who are open-minded. I don’t want to please the masses; I’d rather have quality readers over quantity.

Warlock Asylum: Quimbanda Grimoire: Sigils, Spells and Rituals with Eshus is the title of one of your most recent works and some may even say it is quite controversial and an equally innovative work. How did this book come about and how true is it to the path of the traditional Quimbanda experience?

Asamod Ka: I felt that I should share knowledge about Afro-Brazilian magick with other peoples, and I translated my texts. I feel that this magical system with African influences and syncretism with Brazilian spiritism has a lot of power. The initial steps in this system are lengthy, for example, a babalawô must practice his mediumship for over seven years. I have some ethics and I don’t like sacrifices of large and sentient animals, so to speak (4-legged animals), I don’t do any of that or put it in the books, I just put some spells in which a rooster or black hen was killed.

There are different systems of Quimbanda, due to syncretism, there is a Luciferian Quimbanda or Xambá, in which they worship Eshus syncretized with the names of Goetia demons. This quimbanda I don’t follow, it’s already messed up.

Warlock Asylum: Some of your other books cover topics about Santa Muerte, Santeria, even Egyptian Magick, among others. Given the wealth of your knowledge, is there any system that calls out to you more than the others?

Asamod Ka: A curious question, you ask intelligent ones. A lot of people may think that practicing different systems of magick is confusing and messed up. But I don’t think that way. As Chaos magick says, any magical system works, they are energies, egregores, and entities. We can tune in with deities of a magical system. The following month, we can connect with other entities from another system if we have mediumship, any deity will accept to work with us. If we have faith in these deities, respect them, and leave offerings for them, they will respect us as well. Energetic and spiritual reciprocity. I feel a lot of affinity with Egyptian deities, in fact they have been worshiped for six thousand years. They have been energized for six thousand years.

Warlock Asylum: What is one of the valuable occult lessons that you’ve learned since embarking on your path that you would like to share with our readers?

Asamod Ka: There are a lot of lessons in life that it’s hard to sum up. And each reader will have their own lessons. I can give you a lot of tips. I’m 44 years old and I’ve been practicing the occult since I was 16. Never accept the truth of others; find your own truth. What is written in an occult grimoire is not the ultimate truth, it is just the authors’ personal view. There are many different opinions from different books.                                                         

Seek your truth, what you feel inside you resonates as truth. In short, anything that is “Black Magick” is not 100% bad. Black magick is only used by many mages when they’re in defense mode and when they’re provoked (like a weapon, it can be used for protection).

If there are negative entities and negative forces it is because the universe and the architect of the universe (God) allow it, otherwise those forces would not even exist. One motive is for karma adjustments, they are agents of karma. Balance exists as long as there are two forces, such as matter and anti-matter, light and darkness, attraction and dispersion, creation and destruction, life and death, particle and anti-particle. And there are positive and negative entities, angels and demons are just two types of entities. You have two sides, a light side and a shadow side. Sometimes you embrace one, sometimes you embrace the other.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to a person newly interested in the occult?

Asamod Ka: Some of the things that were previously stated are important for newcomers. But basically, don’t believe 100% of everything.  Some books have fables, and others have half-truths. You have to read a lot of books and learn a lot to tell the wheat from the chaff. Separate the illusions. Pick the path that works best for you. I like Wicca, Santeria, Hoodoo, Quimbanda, etc., but I avoid doing certain things. Do not look into the occult to gain power or get rich, many things that appear in Hollywood movies are fantasy. You won’t levitate, turn invisible, control people’s minds, or become a vampire. But you can, for example, gain more inner strength, develop your mediumship, get insights and information from the spiritual world, get protection from spiritual guides, and many other advantages.

Warlock Asylm: What can we expect to hear from Asamod Ka in the upcoming year? Any final thoughts?

Asamod Ka: Yes, I have just published a recent book titled “Ex Umbra- Necromancy Grimoire.”  Then I want to publish one with spells from cultures from different countries. I will stop at a certain point. I don’t want to fill the market with dozens of books (quantity). I prefer few books, but with good quality. So, the next step is to translate eBooks into other languages such as: French, German, Italian, etc.

Warlock Asylum: On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, We would like to wish Asamod Ka all the best in his earthly and spiritual pursuits. Readers and subscribers can get the latest updates on Asamod Ka by visiting the following link:


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