I use to say that Heaven is a state of being, although many others already realized that. Our universe is composed of many variables of frequencies pulled together giving forms to our inner expressions.

In many cultures the teachings of the Tree of Life is found.  They vary in their names but the basic principles are the same.

It all starts with the Sound.  The Sound is Key to mold light into form.  It is with sound that we manage to pull all this together.  Sound is vibration.  Vibration is like a shuffle that puts all the grains of sand in place and when we change the shuffle the pattern of the sand changes in shape.  When we change tunes so we change the shape of form.

Our emotions are sound in a very high octave.  So high we can’t hear them but we sure can feel it as it reverberates through our organs in a way that the unseen is more palpable than what we can touch.

Our bodies are composed of energy portals.  They are conductors of our emotion sounds and will manifest into our experience according to their quality level.  These energy portals are just that, gateways and the sounds we make are the keys to access them.

In the Body we have the Tree of Life.  We have the Chakra system corresponding to each world that is also in the outside of us, in the planet.  The planet Earth also has its own Tree of Life that is seen as bubbly spheres one inside the other going into the ground and to the atmosphere.  Each one of these spheres is directly connected to one of our gates.  The spheres are worlds, they are worlds within words just like our own but in a difference light frequency.  So they operate the same way we operate ours but they are not accessible to us in this world as we are in a specific frequency independent and unique from the others.  This we call 3D or physical but the others are also as real and feel the same when you are in them.

The Chakra system is the gates to these worlds, our emotions and feelings are the keys.  When we vibrate in a particular center we access that world immediately.  It can be understood as our spirit inhabits that specific world and so our reality in this physical world becomes directly influenced by the energetic culture of that world.

To be in hell is to be vibrating low emotions as that key opens the door for your Base Chakra gateway, also known as Malkuth in the Kabbalah.  That is why esoteric systems teaches that you attract what you think and feel.  There is no such thing as being stuck to hell only ignorance of what you can do with your own Tree of Life could seem to cause that.  There is a constant application of Will for us to be in the state of being we wish to be.  For we are surrounded by external stimuli that contributes to our change in perception.

To be in Heaven is to be vibrating high in emotions as that key opens the door for your Crown Chakra gateway, also known as Kether in the Kabbalah.  Now you see here that it’s called the crown because it’s your Royalty, it is embedded in you.  Through it you achieve the Kindgom/Queendom of Heaven.  The only key is the sound, the only sound you need is the emotion that will access that gate and that emotion/feeling is Love.  When you apply love to your centers and intend it to be up on your crown you fill that door with the energy needed to jump you up to the higher sphere where you are in a State of Divinity.

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow teaches the key sounds to open specific gateways, these are your treasure to keep and make perfect use of.  You can access them by intoning the sounds with your mouth which assists your emotions to tune in and sing in the tone intended.

But beware of your thoughts for these are the precursors of your emotions and they are the hands holding the keys.  Remember to think highly if you wish to be high.  Remember to remind yourself of the rightful things in the world for these are the only truth worth having.  Knowledge is given on a platter but you can only digest it when your internal system is adapted to receive it.

The act of cursing is the act of opening a gate to hell and trowing yourself in hoping to drag someone else with you.  The act of Blessing is the act of loving whom or what you are blessing and inviting it in your Heaven.

Be aware of yourself, know thyself.

The Beautiful Shamuzi sends Blessings and asks all of you to remain purifying your hearts and intentions so that you can be the Shining Ones you were intended to be.  To be a child is to remain pure in your ways and in harmony with the streams of Life.  For life, my dears, is all we are and all we have.

May you have a Graceful Life experience. Ankhara~

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