alternative rock bands

No Directions by Lucid Illusions

Lucid Illusions is an alternative rock trio with an incredible sound. Comprised of members Jordan Lane (guitar, vocals) Mason Jones (bass), and Donovan Hanson (drums), the Texas-based group’s crisp approach to recording is an original effort that is reminiscent of the musical plight of the Beatles. Lucid Illusions’ new single titled No Directions is a sonic testimony of their creative genius.

No Directions is a song off of Lucid Illusions’ self-titled album. The track is a refreshing offering that unveils much of the band’s inventiveness. No Directions opens up with a guitar-laden groove that is totally irresistible to say the least. Jordan Lane’s vocal performance is charming and proves to the icing on the cake for this song that carries the theme of self-discovery. No Directions by Lucid Illusions captures the essence of rock music’s essential ingredients and vibe that made the genre go viral.

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