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One thing that is often overlooked by many historians is the important role of the occultist in the political world, specifically political revolutions. Every successful political revolution is backed by a team of occultists, whether they be Freemasons, Sufis, or even Taoists. The Libyan Revolution: Its Origins and Legacy: A Memoir and Assessment by Nicholas Hagger, states on page 138:

“….all revolutions have a heretical occult inspiration, which is given first an intellectual then a political expression, and is followed by a physical consolidation.”

Hagger’s observation is supported by Leon Surette, who also finds a deep connection between the occult and political revolution. In a book entitled, The Birth of Modernism, Surette writes:

“As with Nietzscheanism, the occult finds adherents across the whole political spectrum, from conservative authoritarians to revolutionary anarchists.”

There are many examples of how occult technology has been used in the political world and also in times of war. During World War II the occult activities of the British, German, and Japanese governments are all well-documented. The occult is real and its technology has been of benefit for both rulers and religious leaders alike.

Where the occultist exists, is where revolution begins. When looking at our present generation, you would think that the world would be changing for the better, especially since today’s youth are more open-minded to topics pertaining to the occult. Perhaps this generation could fulfill the prophetic-fictional speech given by Franklin D, Roosevelt that often comes to mind when we hear his name. Yet, we find that the opposite is true. Today’s youth are more complacent than those of generations prior. While their interest in the “occult” is inspired by the heap of sci-fi movies that are being piled on our entertainment plates, real occultism is being thrown in the wastepaper basket for televised ideas of how to become “more than human” with an accent similar to someone who resides in the Chelsea area of New York City.

It seems that pseudo-science and watered-down occultism is being fed to young people as a preventive measure and a way of diverting those who are searching for real esoteric knowledge. This has resulted in a generation who hungers for spiritual “junk food” from YouTube evangelists, rejecting real occult science for heresy. It is so bad that many in the occult world are led to believe that you can just make up things in your mind, bypass initiation, and obtain the same wisdom as the shamans of old by just reading books and lighting up a candle on the full moon. Maybe some of this falls under the excuse that “energy is wasted on the youth.” I remember when I was in my early-20’s and held a religious faith in the conspiracy theories of the 1990’s. A lot of them were true and served as the perfect method, unknowing to us, for building hostile emotions towards the government, which resulted in higher crime rates. Conspiracy theories, whether true or false, are an effective advertisement for investors in the privatization of the prison system.

In order to prevent the use of occult technology for fighting against genocidal schemes by this up-and-coming generation, covert organizations see to it that certain ideas, supported by pseudoscience and scientific racism, fill the media in a subtle way. The fight against genocide and oppression is not going to be that strong among young people who believe that human beings were created as a “slave race.” It is clearly a recipe for disaster because it is a way of conditioning people to believe that human slavery is the natural order of things instead of fighting against it like occultists of the past.

Unfortunately, the young people who fall victim and begin believing in such non-sense adopt the same attitude as the oppressors of their own ancestors. They advocate spiritually the same sort of attitude that is the cause of injustice in the physical world. Before one goes on believing in this or that, it is good to research scientific racism, African, Asian,and Indian history, which should include studies in indigenous spirituality, the history of shamanism and ancestor worship. Ufology, technological conspiracy theories, and transhumanistic prophesies are all schemes to draw the potential occult scientist away from his/her true source of transformative power, the world of nature. Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers by Ann Llewellyn Evans, states:

“Shinto’s scripture is Nature. The original Shinto shrines were sacred groves of trees….In shinto this awareness of Great Nature, Dai Shizen, is central to mankind’s understanding of his relationship to the rest of creation. Great Nature goes beyond nature as trees, rivers, and living beings; it encompasses all of creation, including living nature as well as matter such as rocks, mountains, and natural formations. “In Shinto there is no separation between the universe and divine creative spirit. The universe is divine creative spirit extending itself as matter and as life.”

One of the biggest gimmicks to infect the minds of the youth today is the Sumerian hoax. Sumeria was a very rich culture that contributed much to civilization. However, there has arisen, over the past few decades, numerous pseudo-scientific theories about Sumeria that are accepted by many as fact, but in all actuality are based on fabricated ideas by those who want to promote cultural supremacy. Listed below are a few facts to free one’s mind from the nonsense that has weaved its way into the occult world.


1. Sumeria is not the World’s Oldest Civilization

It is interesting that one reason why Sumeria is considered the world’s oldest civilization, is because of the similarities between creation myths of ancient Mesopotamia and those of the Abrahamic religions. Actually, the driving force behind the research into ancient Mesopotamia culture and religion was done in an effort to validate the Bible. Domination by Deception by Peter Goodgame, states the following:

“When the cuneiform tablets of the ancient Sumerians were uncovered in the mid-1800s from archaeological excavations in Nineveh, Nippur, Babylon, and elsewhere, the discoveries sent shock waves around the world. Many Biblical scholars were greatly encouraged and believed that the Genesis accounts were finally vindicated. For them, it was obvious that the Sumerians had handed down, with a few distortions, memories of the same historical events that God had inspired Moses to record in Genesis. For other Biblical experts, however, the newly discovered Sumerian texts were interpreted in a different way. Skeptical Biblical critics took the view that because the Sumerian texts predated the book of Genesis by 500-1000 years, then it was obvious that the Sumerian texts must be the authentic accounts. Both accounts were viewed by the critics as merely myths, and certainly not based on historical events, but because the Sumerian myths were older and it was assumed that “antiquity equals authenticity” then they had to be the true myths. The book of Genesis was then viewed as merely a distorted compilation or recollection of the Mesopotamian originals.  This interpretation of the relationship between Sumerian “myth” and the book of Genesis remains the dominant view in the academic world today.”

Excavations at the Assyrian sites of Ninevah, Dur Shamukin, and Calah from 1842 to 1854, led to the eventual discovery of Sumeria. French archaeologists Paul Emile Botta and Victor Place; the British archaeologists Sir Austin Henry Layard and Sir Henry C. Rawlinson and the Irish clergyman Edward Hincks made a study of the inscriptions found at these sites and noted that some were in a non-Semitic language. In 1869 the French archaeologist, Julius Oppert suggested that the name Sumerian, from the royal title King of Sumer and Akkad, appearing in many inscriptions, be applied to the language. Soon after this non-Semitic language was discovered, massive interest in the fields of ancient Mesopotamian studies grew.  It would seem that the premise of such interest was fueled by the great work of noble men to advance the human legacy and find resolve in human history as whole. While this may have been the intent of some scholars drawn into the field of ancient Mesopotamian studies, we also find evidence of biased propaganda. Mark W. Chavalas in his book entitled, Mesopotamia and the Bible, made the following observation concerning the opinions that were widely held during the rediscovery of Sumeria, page 21 of the said work, which also quotes Assyriologist Friedrich Delitzsch, states:

“What is the reason for these efforts in remote, inhospitable, and dangerous lands?…Moreover, what is the source of the ever-increasing, self-sacrificing interest, on both sides of the Atlantic, allotted to the excavations in Babylonia and Assyria?…To these questions there is one answer, even if not the whole answer which points to what for the most part is the motive and the goal, namely, the Bible. (Delitzsch 1906: 1)”

Mark W. Chavalas, after quoting Delitzsch in the passage above, returns with this statement:

“On the other hand, the Assyriologist has often had to work under the shadow of biblicists, who have for the most part considered Assyriology an auxiliary to biblical studies. They often have had to connect their work for relevance to biblical studies.”

A lot of attention was directed towards ancient Mesopotamia in effort to authenticate Biblical mythology, the greatest of these is the comparison between the account of Noah’s flood and the Gilgamesh epics.  The primary purpose and intent of exploration by scholars of the past century had a lot to do with trying to authenticate the Biblical mythos.

Before we continue further into this discussion, it is important that the reader understands that while the idea of their being a “cradle of civilization,” or “the world’s first civilization” is a popular topic in psuedo-occultism today, this sort of thinking was originally characterized as national mysticism. Under a Wikipedia article entitled, Cradle of Civilization, we read:

“The concept ‘cradle of civilization’ is the subject of much debate. The figurative use of cradle to mean “the place or region in which anything is nurtured or sheltered in its earlier stage” is traced by the OED to Spenser (1590). Charles Rollin‘s Ancient History (1734) has “Egypt that served at first as the cradle of the holy nation.” The phrase “cradle of civilization” plays a certain role in national mysticism.”

What does national mysticism mean?

“National mysticism (German Nationalmystik) is a form of nationalism which raises the nation to the status of numen or divinity. Its best known instance is Germanic mysticism, which gave rise to occultism under the “Third Reich“. The idea of the nation as a divine entity was presented by Johann Gottlieb Fichte. National mysticism is closely related to Romantic nationalism, but goes beyond the expounding of romantic sentiment, to a mystical veneration of the nation as a transcendent truth. It often intersects with ethnic nationalism by pseudohistorical assertions about the origins of a given ethnicity.

National mysticism is encountered in many nationalisms other than Germanic or Nazi mysticism, and expresses itself in the use of occult, pseudoscientific, or pseudohistorical beliefs to back up nationalistic claims, often involving unrealistic notions of the antiquity of a nation (antiquity frenzy) or any national myth defended as “true” by pseudo-scholarly means. Notable instances of national mysticism include:”

Basically, the term “cradle of civilization” is always followed by an idea that falls under the category of national mysticism, which is nothing more than an exaggerated account of history to make one ethnic group feel superior over another. It is quite ironic that the idea that ancient Mesopotamia was world’s first civilization was heavily pursued by Biblical scholars makes a lot of sense, especially since these religions advocate that “God has a chosen people.” A more realistic yet, balanced view of the origins of civilization is captured by The Columbia Encyclopedia, in its article titled Civilization,” says that the earliest civilizations developed in the following parts of the world: “Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, the central Andes, and Mesoamerica.” Since the 1990s, scholarship has defined Norte Chico in the coastal area of present-day Peru as another independent site of civilization.”

In the writings of famous Sumerianologist Samual Noah Kramer, who identified the Sumerians as “a nonSemitic, non-Indo-European people who lived in southern Babylonia from 4000-3000 B.C.E,” we find that the Sumerians  believed that their “gods” came from a place in the East named Dilmun. The Sumerians by S. N. Kramer, we read:

“..she starts a chain of divine births in Dilmun, the paradise of the gods,… Another myth tells an intricate and as yet somewhat obscure tale involving the paradise-land Dilmun, perhaps to be identified in part with ancient India.”

Here we learn of “Dilmun” a civilization that the Sumerians considered equal, if not better than their own. The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan touches on the identity of Dilmun as being outside of Mesopotmaia also:

“Dilmun is described very much like an area existing in the vicinity of Japan, which seems to be a reference to the Empire of Mu, located around or in the Pacific Ocean. Michael Rice, in a book entitled, Egypt’s Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000-2000 BCE, states:

“In Sumerian texts which celebrate Dilmun various epithets are customarily attached to it, by which it is represented as a paradisial place where the gods dwelt and in which numerous act of creation took place. It is called the Land of Crossing, the Land where the Sun Rises (for the Land is situated in the Sea of the Rising Sun) and throughout its literature particular emphasis is placed on Dilmun’s purity..”

In ancient Sumerian texts, Dlmun is described as “the Land where the Sun Rises,” which is situated in the “Sea of the Rising Sun.” It was also described by the Sumerians, like the Mountain of Nizir among the Chaldeans, as a land where the gods dwelt and a place of creation. This doesn’t discount that there may have been a Dilmun of later ages near the region of ancient Mesopotamia…. It seems very probable that Dilmun was indeed located in the Pacific, “the Sea of the Rising Sun,” and Japan had close connection to such, or was Dilmun itself.”

If Sumeria was the first civilization on Earth, as Western scholarship would like us to believe and began only 5,000 years ago, how is it then that another civilization found in Japan was built at the same time that Sumerian civilization is said to begin?
If Sumeria was the first civilization on Earth, as Western scholarship would like us to believe and began only 5,000 years ago, how is it then that another civilization found in Japan was built at the same time that Sumerian civilization is said to begin?

According to The Yi Jin Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, Dilmun may have existed in the vicinity of Japan. It would be good to review our article Shinto: The Religion of the Ancient Sumerians. National Geographic News reported in September 2007 pyramid structures lying just below the waters of Japan at Yonaguni Jima.  The condition of this ancient city is said to have been caused by an earthquake over 2, 000 years ago. However, many researchers in the field claim that this “Sunken City” is anywhere from five to ten thousand years old. This presents quite a problem for Biblical scholars who can’t get past their religious beliefs and show the truth about their archaeological discoveries. Here’s the problem. If Sumeria was the first civilization on Earth, as Western scholarship would like us to believe and began only 5,000 years ago, how is it then that another civilization found in Japan was built at the same time that Sumerian civilization is said to begin?

There is more and more evidence of civilizations that existed before Sumeria, Gobekli Tepe is a fine example of this. The error here is thinking that there was a “world’s first civilization,” as these ideas are nothing more than national mysticism and fall one step shy of bigotry.

Civilization, as we know it, is a descendant of the hunter-gatherer culture. Civilization is not more advanced than the hunter-gatherer culture. It’s just another phase in development of the human race. If there was no hunter-gatherer culture, there would be no civilization. The huinter-gatherer culture was a nomadic society. This allowed people from all different parts of the world to meet and greet each other and trade different ideas about gathering the necessities of life. This communication and exchange between different shamans, the tribal leaders during this era, led to a deeper understanding of how to cultivate the earth in a way that was beneficial for human life. The result of this interchange of cultures led to civilization. It would be an error to think that civilization was the idea of one group of people.

It is always in the interchange of ideas between people from different regions of the world that human culture advances itself. This process is what led to the birth of civilization from out of the hunter-gatherer culture, and these civilizations were founded in different regions of the world. The same principles can be seen in the growth of modern technology. It would sound bigoted to say that one group of people founded the ideas that led to the invention of the radio, rocket, television, and computer, just to name a few. Instead we find that such knowledge came from an interchange of ideas between several groups of scientists and the scientific knowledge that was laid down by others in centuries prior. In like manner, civilization was founded by the interchange of ideas between the shamans and shamanesses who served as tribal leaders for nomadic societies around the world. We see this same form of behavior in various primates, specifically some species of monkey who will engage in an exchange of ideas concerning what is known as “nut-cracking technology.” Evidence of this was published in an online Discover Magazine article entitled, Chimps Share Nut-Cracking Culture.


2. Zecharia Sitchin Was Not A Scholar or Historian of Ancient Languages

What was the motivation behind thework ofZecharia Sitchin? "It's a unique opportunity for Science to prove Bible", Zecharia Sitchin said. Why would a true occult scientist follow the theories of Sitchin, when heshould be investigating why Sitchin's work history has been covered up?
What was the motivation behind the work of Zacharia Sitchin? “It’s a unique opportunity for Science to prove the Bible.” Zecharia Sitchin said,  Why would a true occult scientist follow the theories of Sitchin, when he should be investigating why Sitchin’s work history has been covered-up?

If you do an online search on the name Zecharia Sitchin, you would come with numerous websites and books describing this man as a historian, scholar, and in some cases scientist. Sounds nice, but the truth of the matter is covered in his, which is also posted in a Wikipedia article under his name:

“He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Israel, before moving to New York in 1952. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.”

Sitchin worked at a shipping warehouse and taught himself some Sumerian words and then went out and came up with quite a few theories that are not what those very same ancient people thought on the subjects he’s covered.

The real question here, is why are people so quick to believe in what Sitchin is saying, especially since he was educated by any academic institution, or initiated into Sumerian divination? Why not hold the same amount of criticism against Sitchin as those who oppose him? It seems that who follow Sitchin are more religious than what they would like to think. Zecharia Sitchin is the return of the Biblical Moses for some who claim to be “enlightened.” Jason Colavito, in an article entitled, Zecharia Sitchin’s World, writes:

“Ian Lawton talked to a Sumerian linguist (who requested anonymity to avoid the onslaught of hate-mail from ancient astronaut believers). The linguist confirms Sitchin’s “special” understanding of Sumerian is not that special: “[Sitchin] demonstrates a consistent lack of appreciation of even some of the most basic fundamentals of Sumerian and Akkadian grammar, even to the extent of regularly failing to distinguish between the two entirely different languages, and mixing words from each in interpreting the syllables of longer compound words.” This mixing of languages allows Sitchin to make amazing “discoveries.”

Carroll is not impressed with Sitchin’s scholarship, sarcastically adding, “Sitchin stands alone, on nobody’s shoulders, as a scholar nonpareil… He alone knows how to correctly translate ancient terms allowing him to discover such things as that the ancients made rockets.”

Carroll says Sitchin’s dubious translations are used to deceive: “Like [Erich] von Däniken and [Immanuel] Velikovsky, Sitchin weaves a compelling and entertaining story out of facts, misrepresentations, fictions, speculations, misquotes and mistranslations.”

Since Sitchin is one of the leading sources of the Sumerian Hoax, let us look a little deeper into his work to see if it is a reality or myth.


3. The Sumerian 12th Planet Is A Myth

According to the studies of Zecharia Sitchin, there is a 12th planet in our solar system (known to scientists as the possible ‘Planet X’). This planet is called Nibiru, and is situated somewhere beyond Pluto. This planet, unlike the other planets in our solar system, has an elliptical orbit and moves clockwise rather than counterclockwise. It was a collision of Nibiru with another planet in our solar system which created Earth. His association of Nibiru with a coming planet and not Jupiter, when in fact Akkadian scribes, in their translations from Sumerian to Akkadian, associate Nibiru with Jupiter, However, it is good to see others in the scholastic field also make these have found Sitchin’s work fraudulent.

The ancient Mesopotamians had a culture. They had scribes who created their own linguistic dictionaries and these documents. The following information appears on Michael Heiser’s website, concerning Nibiru:

“The following chart represents a complete listing of the word “nibiru” in astronomical texts and/or astronomical contexts.  If one wants to know what Nibiru as an astronomical body is – according to the Mesopotamians –  one is dependent on these texts, unless, like Zecharia Sitchin, one makes up meanings to prop up a theory.  One either lets the texts tell you what Nibiru is, or one willfully ignores the scribes in favor of Sitchin.  I have, in these cases, given (a) the Mesopotamian text where the word occurs; (b) a Sumero-Akkadian transliteration; (c) a brief translation; (d) the page references to English translations of the Mesopotamian text in which the word occurs, so the reader can check the context and study further.  (Note as well that in Section Three I discuss each occurrence in more detail and in context).  In the following chart, several features of Sumerian-Akkadian transliteration[9] bear explaining – and they are important:
  • superscripted “d” = the cuneiform sign for “god” (Dingir), and so “neberu” may refer to a god (recall that Sumerians and Mesopotamians associated heavenly bodies with deities)
  • superscripted “MUL” = the cuneiform sign for “star” (and so “neberu” is a star – the texts tell us this point blank)
  • subscripted numbers = the numerical reference number for Sumerian signs that can stand for more than one syllable.  This is a scholarly convention for keeping such overlapping signs distinct so the texts can be read accurately.
At the risk of some redundancy, you will notice quickly that Nibiru is preceded by both “d” and “MUL”, and so is referred to as a deity and a star.  As Sitchin himself notes on various occasions (and this is common knowledge to ancient near eastern scholars), ancient people often identified the stars or planets as gods, as though the stars were deified beings.  This is one reason why even in the Old Testament the sons of God are referred to as stars (cf. Job 38:7-8).  In the texts that follow, Nibiru was regarded as a planet (specifically, Jupiter, but once as Mercury), a god (specifically, Marduk), and a star (distinguished from Jupiter).

If you’re confused, you aren’t alone.  This tri-fold (fourfold if you count Mercury) designation for Nibiru is why scholars of cuneiform astronomy have not been able to determine with certainty what exactly Nibiru is.  We’ll go into the problem more in later sections.  One thing is certain from the texts, though:  Nibiru is NEVER identified as a planet beyond Pluto.”


4. Ancient Alien Theory is Racist

"Undoubtedly the structure of the human body derived from a species of ape. So the first men ought to have been black, of negroid ace, like their ape relatives." - Erich von Daniken (popular Ancient Alien theorist)
“Undoubtedly the structure of the human body derived from a species of ape. So the first men ought to have been black, of negroid race, like their ape relatives.” – Erich von Daniken

While it may be common talk among the mis-educated youth, the idea of attributing the origin of certain ancient structures to a race of aliens was considered racist because it was belittling the achievements of certain indigenous cultures, which in this case, were either African, Asian, or Indian. C. H. Dalton, in the book, A Practical Guide to Racism, writes:

“Despite being African, the Egyptians were at the forefront of cultural and technological innovation, and built the three great pyramids at Giza, using only tens of thousands of slave laborers.  Historians like Erich von Daniken and the producers of Stargate have theorized that the Egyptians were assisted by a group of ancient alien visitors, but it is more likely that they just got the Jews to do it for them.”

Dalton mentions Erich von Daniken in connection with the Ancient Alien theory. Some readers may be familiar with the name Erich von Daniken, as he is the author of the book, Chariots of the Gods? He is also one of the leading proponents of the Ancient Astronaut Theory. His name, Erich von Daniken, is closely associated with Zecharia Sitchin. Erich von Daniken is an occasional presenter on the History Channel and H2 show Ancient Aliens, where he talks about aspects of his theories as they pertain to each episode. This shows us how popular and how much of a promoter in the Ancient Alien Theory Erich von Daniken has been. However, what is not so popular, or readily known, is some of the statements Erich von Daniken made about black people in a book that he wrote entitled, The Sign of the Gods? It was released in 1979. Here are some of Erich von Daniken’s statements in this work:

“Undoubtedly the structure of the human body derived from a species of ape. So the first men ought to have been black, of negroid race, like their ape relatives.”

“Nearly all negroes are musical: they have rhythm in their blood.”

”Today it is assumed that primitive men had dark skins.”

“Was the black race a failure and did the extraterrestrials change the genetic code by gene surgery and then programme a white or a yellow race?”

These are all statements made by Erich von Daniken in the book Sign of the Gods? Today he is involved with presentations on the History Channel and other programs featuring the Ancient Alien Theory.

One thing that debunks the Ancient Alien theory, and specifically Zecharia Sitchin’s theory that the gods of the Sumerians were aliens, is how the Sumerians themselves viewed their own deities. Shane Mountjoy, in a book entitled, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, states:

“Like the people of many ancient civilizations, the Sumerians also believed that humankind existed in order to serve the gods.This service was accomplished through offering sacrifices and prayers.”

There are numerous references available that illustrate that the practice of sacrifice was an integral part of how the ancient Sumerians revered their gods. If we are to believe that these “gods” were in fact aliens, then we should count the gods of Africa, the Orishas, also as aliens.

Since the dawn of time occultists and shamans have known about life that exists beyond the preview of the five senses. Part of shamanistic technology had a lot to do developing senses beyond those normally possessed by mankind, which opens up the shaman for communion with gods and spirits. These energies weren’t necessarily viewed as “aliens” though they may have appeared as advanced. This is largely due to the fact that they displayed emotions similar to humans. It is understood that human emotions stem from cosmic laws symbolized by the seven planets. Therefore, it was also understood that anything that exists outside of our solar system wouldn’t express the same emotions that humans do. In the case of the ancient Sumerians, their gods often displayed the same set of emotions as man, and accepted sacrifices from him. In the book, Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity by Lewis Bayles Pation, states the following:

“Sacrifice is a rite that has meaning only in the cult of the dead. The blood, in which the life of the animal resides, is poured out in order that the shades may drink of it and renew their vigour. Offerings of food and drink are not needed by celestial deities, but are needed by spirits of the dead, and have been offered to them from the earliest times…and were afterward extended to other divinities..”

The Sumerian Hoax is an idea that was put forth by wandering spirits.What is often attribute to aliens is not an advanced behavior, but one that is lateral. Out of all the accounts given about aliens, none of these creatures have displayed intelligence that is higher than plants or trees. Please review our article, The World’s Oldest Occultist, Plant or Human?   Sitchin also claimed that these “aliens” came to Earth because of its natural resources like gold. In the meantime, real scientists are discovering that these same resources are more abundant in space. BBC News recently published an article entitled, Gold Rush in Space?, that confirms this. So why come to Earth? The Ancient Alien Theory is based on the idea that aliens and not consciousness is the source of life. Life on Earth is the stage of entrance into the Tree of Life. Those who exist outside of our realm, are either wandering spirits, astral entities, whether malevolent or positive, ancestor spirits, and energies of the Divine World, which hosts some of our ancestors. There are also sentient beings found in every aspect of nature, as well as those energies existing in the stars. However, it is an intelligible consciousness that is the source of creation in this world, and the world as we know it, is a manifestation of this consciousness. It’s very simple. These truths are perfectly expressed in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“The Sons of Aho have betrayed our ways….With their magical arts..But what more are magical books…Than the jurisdiction and procedures…Set down by kings.

Souls who come to know the different…Sides of themselves..Gave a name to each attribute…And these names became known….As gods among those who lack the knowledge.

These kings live forever..Due to the ignorant worship..Of their natures..Thrown about thrones…These are the emotions of kings..That no longer remain in the body…But they dwell as emotions in all men.

Know that the names of these gods…Are a formula..A binding between the king and his earthly subject..Worship not the feelings of kings..Seek only initiation…For initiation is the only law that is just unto man

They appear as kind….They are worshipped in beauty…But their intent is evil..The Sons of Aho have betrayed our ways.

In the beginning there was peace…And in the beginning peace will always dwell…So it was that the Ninzuwu rested in the beginning.

It was during this rest…That the Sons of Aho deceived creation..The Sons of Aho performed the Art of Trickery…And required sacrifice from man.

The Sons of Aho are the emotions of the dead…After the spirit has left the body…Man was lost….The Sons of Aho created a lie…They posed as the creators of man..But the world is the creator..Made by the creatorMan is lost.

The Sons of Aho are the emotions of the dead…After the spirit has left the body…Thus, the journey begins with a circle…With a circle the journey never ends..This is the question of man…For he will never understand the answer.”

Don’t be a victim of the designs of wandering spirits and schemes invented by those who oppress the masses. What these negative forces will do is create a scheme where a person will feel that they are elite, different from the normal human being. It’s just another method to isolate an individual from society and then feed him/her a dark message. They will then use the person as a “gate” to enter the world and prey upon the person and their family. When you look at the lives of these individuals it is filled with poverty, sickness, and depression. May people who adhere to such ideologies, as those discussed in this article, live in fear, in paranoia and are too afraid to share their experiences with others. That’s a red flag!

The work of these pseudo-scientists and pseudo-occultists is criminal. If you are so intoxicated with the spiritual junk food that these organizations and proponents of fake sciences are spitting out and cannot see that looking your child in the eye and telling them that they evolved from apes is a form of child abuse, then your mind is infected by their schemes. People are drawn to such things because it makes them feel different, like a higher species, who saw the movie about “E.T. phoning home” and allowed their subconscious minds to push these ideas out by becoming part of the pseudo-scientific occult community.

The Esoteric Black Dragon Society cares about the future of our youth! Know that an element of everything you see in the universe exists within you, which means that you are a potential universe. You are much greater than an alien, or the people who believe that aliens are more evolved than humans, but can’t explained why the aliens are obsessed with humans.

Spend time with nature and with your family, friends, and loved ones. Acquire things of value that the ufologists have forgotten about, like virtue. That’s how you evolve by acquiring virtue. Ignore the fascination that many have with see poltergeist and supernatural things happen. It’s just bait that fish follow before they realize that they are being eaten, literally! The true occultist knows that supernatural abilities and powers are not the signs of an evolved being, but the ability to understand and employ love, purity, and virtue is form of magic much stronger than the negative forces that rule this world, who the ignorant align with.

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  1. interesting….the bible does mention, cryptically, other “nations” at the time of adam….there is a lot of symbolism…there is thought to be a time gap between Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 and verse 2…….where the creation was made perfect, then destroyed, then recreated.

    modern youth, and many of their parents explore the supernatural, or other worldly, out of a need for entertainment, or out of a warped need for power they feel is missing in their lives. wrong motives end them up in trouble.

    So was the previous culture, then, before the sumerians, the one from Dlmun? or was Aho the first one on the planet?

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Man grew together like the rain that falls from heaven there is not a single raindrop that falls by itself.

      1. I forgot to put in first comment… nibiru a real dwarf star as people say? Your post discusses different interpretations of it. your post seems to present the different possibilities without forming a conclusion

        I have a friend who claims he has seen nibiru through the hubble telescope, and says it is a red star with “wings” – a huge asteroid field…and it is coming this way…which is why the government is planning for disaster right now.

      2. Warlock Asylum says:

        No offense but i think your friend inn under the influence of wandering spirits. The Sumerians had their own lexicons where they wrote the definition of certain words. Asian languages differ than the West, as one word could have the same pronunciation as the next, but different meaning based on the letter, or context in how it is used. For the most part Nibiru was a reference to Jupiter. It was never used to describe another planet by the ancient Mesopotamians.

      3. Ok. He does seem to have a big imagination. And there is a lot of talk about it on the internet now…even the government thinks there is something out there….based on what they are told anyhow.

      4. Warlock Asylum says:

        @Marianne….there are certain organization that create this idea of the government this or that. It is done on purpose, so that the people begin trusting the source that appears to be anti-government but is actually working for them

    1. Warlock Asylum says:


  2. I really enjoyed this article! I can look back on my life and see such an incredible push from certain individuals towards cults, always using Erich von Daniken and Zacharia Sitchin’s work as a sort of complimentary “one two combo”. These very people did fall victim to an elitist spiritual mentality as you mentioned. A world view that was quickly backed up by the “indigo children” concept of the “Keylontic science” cult. Once you have that separation of humanity no longer being together, it is easy to fall victim to that sort of extremism and belief in the “chosen few”, which you are always apart of.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      That is very true. One thing that amazes me in all of this is that Sitchin is listed as a Mesopotamian academic, when nothing is further from the truth. Thanks for sharing your wisdom in a comment

  3. I found this a compelling read and many things you mention i have unfortunately learned the hard way . It took me many years to finally realize many of my former teachers were working for these dark cults .

    The cult of Ufology which i was initially part of is a den of vipers , and they cast a spell on their followers to give their power over to external sources . Its devilish . I gained experience ! When i began my entry into the world of the occult, i found it to be the same . I was aghast at this stage. It was very difficult to find a good teacher that would not misled , so i learned to become my own . I learned of my own power , and the true power of mankind .

    I will obviously be going through more of your articles .

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thanks for taking the time to share some of your wisdom with us. I am happy to hear also that you have found a way within self. 🙂

  4. alulim eridug 8sars says:

    The sumerians could calculate in sars one sar is 3600 years.

    After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years.

    En-men-dur-ana (also Emmeduranki) of Sippar was an ancient Sumerianking, whose name appears in the Sumerian King List as the seventh pre-dynastic king of Sumer (before ca. 2900 BC). He was said to have reigned for 43,200 years.

    His name means “chief of the powers of Dur-an-ki”, while “Dur-an-ki” in turn means “the meeting-place of heaven and earth” (literally “bond of above and below”

    The real meaning of as above so below the emmeduranki enoch thoth hermes theory.

    Is it so hard to believe that a more advanced royal race stands above the human race why do you think that presidents and royals still go to work because they work for somebody above them everything you see and feel are concepts or MES invented by EA.

  5. Interesting article. I enjoyed reading it. Can I reference it in one of my own blogs? I’m terrible at referencing and also lazy and it seems that the conclusions in this post about Aliens, Sitchin and a few more things tie in to why I prefer not to exchange my broom for a UFO and all I got to argue that is that a voice in my head told me so (using a parable of goats)

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Sure thanks for sharing your thoughts. its like you read this alien idea about ancient Sumerian culture and then when you have to ask yourself, after reading actual academic material, if the Sumerian gods were aliens, then why were they making sacrifices of bread, and animals to them. Many blessings

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