Sumerian Magic an authentic Enochian Path

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One of the most interesting personages appearing in the Oracle of Enheduanna is En-men-dur-ana. In the Book of Shamhat, we find the following:

“The face of man sought to replenish the earth, but the vessel of En-men-dur-ana was forgotten when the gods returned to their thrones in heaven and beneath the earth. “

Later, in the Book of Shamhat, we read the following prophecy about Enheduanna:

“And you must give her the name En-hedu-ana. She will praise Holy Inanna. Holy Inanna she will praise. She will restore the way of En-men-dur-ana.”

Based on the information cited from the Book of Shamhat, En-men-dur-ana appears to be a very important figure in the ancient mystical practices of Mesopotamia. En-men-dur-ana is also known as Enmeduranki.  The Oracle of Enheduanna’s first ritual involves a prayer to Enmeduranki. Wikipedia tells us the following:

“En-men-dur-ana was extremely significant to the Sumerians, as he was the ancestor from whom all priests of the sun God had to be able to trace descent.”

It also appears that Enmeduranki was gifted in the magical arts and was known in later times as Enoch. We can see some strong parallels in the Book of Enoch and the life of King Enmeduranki. Wikipedia also mentions this about Enmeduranki:

“A myth written in a Semitic language tells of Emmeduranki, subsequently being taken to heaven by the gods Shamash and Adad, and taught the secrets of heaven and of earth. In particular, Enmedurank was taught arts of divination, such as how to inspect oil on water and how to discern messages in the liver of animals and several other divine secrets.”

The Melammu Project was kind enough to post a translation of a cuneiform text entitled Enmeduranki the Diviner. The translation reads as follows:

“Enmeduranki 1.16-39:
The Tablet of the Gods, the liver, a mystery of heaven and netherworld, how to observe oil on water, a secret of Anu, Enlil and Ea, “that with commentary”, Enūma Anu Enlil, and how to make multiplications: – the learned savant, who guards the secrets of the great gods, will bind by oath before Šamaš and Adad, by tablet and stylus the son whom he loves and will teach him. When a diviner, an expert in oil, of abiding descent, offshoot of Enmeduranki, king of Sippar, who sets up the holy bowl, holds the cedar, benediction priest of the king, long-haired priest of Šamaš, a creature of Ninhursag, begotten by a reverend of pure descent, he himself, being without defect in body and limbs, may approach the presence of Šamaš and Adad where (liver) inspection and oracle (take place). The diviner of impure descent, not without defect in body and limbs, with squinting eyes, chipped teeth, a cut-off finger, a ruptured (?) testicle, suffering from leprosy, a hisgalû, a šubakilu, a eunuch, who does not observe the rites of Šamaš and Adad may not approach the place of Ea, Šamaš, Asalluhi and Bēlet-ṣēri, the surveyor of heaven and netherworld, the beloved of her brothers, for an oracle by divination. They will not reveal to him the secret tamītu, will not put in his hands the cedar, beloved of the great gods.”

If Enmeduranki was later depicted in myth and lore as Enoch. It would mean that the Oracle of Enheduanna’s magic would qualify as a true Enochian form. It would also indicate proof of Enoch’s existence ouside of Biblical lore and that the deities of the Sumerian pantheon were later modified, and personified into one god, to fit into Chrisitan principle. It would also indicate that true Enochian magic, was in fact, the magical practices of the priests of Sumer, since Enmeduranki is Enoch.

While the author doesn’t agree with the entirety of this essay, Dan Sewell Ward makes some very interesting points in the an online article entitled Annals Of Earth:

“A second such tale is encountered in the Sumerian King List, which records the priestly reign of Enmeduranki in Sippar (one of the cities of the Anunnaki, under the command of Utu/Shamash).

“Enmeduranki [was] a prince in Sippar, beloved of Anu, Enlil and Enki.  Shamash in the Bright Temple appointed him.  Shamash and Adad [took him] to the assembly [of the gods]… They showed him how to observe oil on water, a secret of Anu, Enlil and Enki. They gave him the Divine Tablet, the kibdu secret of Heaven and Earth… They taught him how to make calculations with numbers.”

As in the case of Enoch, Enmeduranki was groomed by the gods to be the first priest with any real understanding of the esoteric mysteries, as well as create an hereditary priesthood and pass on the secret knowledge to them.  This knowledge included the engraved secrets of Heaven and Earth (i.e. Earth sciences, astronomy and cosmogony), and the ability to make calculations (i.e. mathematics).  In The Book of Enoch, knowledge imparted to Enoch included mining, metallurgy and the secrets of the Lower World, geography and the way the Earth is watered, astronomy and the laws governing celestial motions, how to calculate the calendar, and knowledge of plants, flowers, and foods. 

The Sumerian texts went on to explicitly state that the knowledge was to be passed from father to son, just as the gods had commanded.  “The learned savant, who guards the secrets of the gods, will bind his favored son with an oath before Shamash and Adad…  And will instruct him in the secrets of the gods.”  Enmeduranki also mimicked Enoch in that they both ascended, i.e. “God took him”.  In effect, they did not die, but made the transition the easy way.  This also explains why Enoch did not live the customary 900+ years of his family tree, but left the planet after a mere 365.  (We leave it to your imagination the possible mathematical significance of the number of Enoch’s years.)

The case of Enoch and Enmeduranki brings up another point.  The Sumerian King List gives the names, cities, and length of reigns) of nine priest-kings who reigned before the time of the Deluge.  If one compares the biblical version with the Sumerian, we obtain an interesting correlation.

   Biblical                      Sumerian King List
Adam Alulim (NIN.KI)   8 Sars (28,800 years)
Seth Alagar (NIN.KI) 10 Sars (36,000 years)
Enos Enmenluanna (BAD.TIBIRA) 12 Sars (43,200 years)
Cainan Enmengalanna (BAD.TIBIRA)   8 Sars (28,800 years)
Mahalaleel Dumuzi the Spepherd (BAD.TIBIRA) 10 Sars (36,000 years)
Jared Ensipazianna (ERIDU)   8 Sars (28,800 years)
Enoch Enmeduranki (SIPPAR)   6 Sars (21,600 years)
Methuselah ? Divine Ruler (LARSA) 12 Sars (43,200 years)
Lamech Ubartutu (SHURUPPAK)   5 Sars (18,000 years)
Noah Ziusudra (SHURUPPAK)  
In comparing these “king lists”, we note immediately the Enoch/Enmeduranki connection.  In addition, virtually all scholars recognize the equivalence of Noah and Ziusudra — both are described in detail along with an associated flood.  The same applies to Ubartutu (known as the father of Ziusudra) and Lamech, who beget Noah.”

Here we see from the similarities, all of which are verifiable, that Enmeduranki is the true founder of Enochian magick. Being that Enmeduranki was depicted by Biblio-mythologists as Enoch, the magic he practiced was the magic of Sumer and true Enochian magic is the magic of Sumer. Think about it! Now that we know that the true history of the magician Enoch is no more than Enmeduranki, who was in fact a Sumerian magician, it would then mean that the magical system developed by John Dee and Edward Kelley is just as authentic as the Simon Necronomicon next to Sumer.

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