This is our second lesson in Ame-no-Ukihashi, the martial art of the Ninzuwu. If you have not done so already, we strongly advise that you review the first lesson on Ame-no-Ukihashi, The First Hiragana Form and the Heaven Trigram-Qian, before reading this second lesson.

The second martial form in the Ame-no-Ukihashi system is the hiragana “i” pronounced ee:

The second martial form in Ame-no-Ukihashi, the hiragana i.
The second martial form in Ame-no-Ukihashi, the hiragana i.

Ame-no-Ukihashi: The Ancient Martial Art of the Ninzuwu attributes the following passage in the Nihon Shoki to this martial form:

“When Heaven and Earth began, a thing was produced in the midst of the Void, which resembled a reed-shoot. This became changed into a God, who was called Ama-no-toko-tachi-no-Mikoto.”

The “void” that is referred to in the passage above is the product of the communion between Heaven and Earth. The first martial form and its hiragana, described the initial motion of Heaven and Earth. The first hiragana and its martial form corresponds to the following passage in the Nihon Shoki:

“The purer and clearer part was thinly drawn out, and formed Heaven, while the heavier and grosser element settled down and became Earth….The finer element easily became a united body, but the consolidation of the heavy and gross element was accomplished with difficulty….Heaven was therefore formed first, and Earth was established subsequently. Therefore Divine Beings were produced between them.”

Subsequently, the second hiragana reveals a divine being that was produced between Heaven and Earth, who is called Ama-no-toko-tachi-no-Mikoto. Based on this information we have considered thus far, Earth is the grosser form of Heaven, but operates in a way similar to Heaven.  Whatever is manifest in the natural cycle of Earth is a principle received from Heaven and is shaped bt the four elements into a vessel once received by Earth, the material realm. This is why it can be said that Heaven is in Earth and Earth in Heaven, because what one receives the other gives and vice-versa. This is perfectly illustrated in the Earth trigram Kun:


Looking at the trigram it seems to represent two Heaven trigrams standing side by side. We are reminded of the passage in the Nihon Shoki that speaks about divine beings that were produced between Heaven and Earth. Another interesting point about this is that while the ancient Shinto records describe the first of these divine beings as male, Heaven itself is feminine in nature, as well as Earth. This principle is replicated in human reproduction. After conception, the human embryo develops as a female. Only after 6-8 weeks does the Y chromosome kick in and the fetus begins developing male characteristics. This is reflected in the second hiragana, which is no more than the Earth trigram itself. If you notice the first stroke is on the female side, or left side, that being Heaven. Earth is also feminine. However, the first deities between Heaven and Earth were male. This was understood in ancient esoteric science and led to the development of the Mother-Son cults.


The second martial form in the Ame-no-Ukihashi system. Hiragana i.
The second martial form in the Ame-no-Ukihashi system. Hiragana i.

The divine beings mentioned in the ancient Shinto records that were a product of the intercourse of Heaven and Earth, were initially principles by which the universe could be nurtured and developed. Ama-no-toko-tachi-no-Mikoto represents the first cause and the sexual principle, the desire to reproduce that exists in all things was the first “deity” to develop and so the universe continues to expand since its beginning. We can also find information regarding such in The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, where we read:

“In the manner of Nudzuchi, the first horizontal line is the meditation of Hmu. The second horizontal line is the rite of the Ayaqox. The third line is the rite of Nudzuchi, also known as Kun and Di. Know that there are eight cities that the light of Nudzuchi is able to reach. The names of these cities I write in this space, along with the Priests and Priestesses that rule over this realm.”


In Shinto cosmology, the universe’s beginning is like that of  fertilized egg and its development into a human embryo. Interestingly, the Earth trigram in Ninzuwu Metaphysics is said the correspond to Hmu, the heart chakra. The heart is the first organ that develops in the fetus. In The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we read concerning the Vasuh letter Hmu and its corresponding chakra:

“Increases sexual energy and the eyesight. It is the fourth letter in the Vasuh language. Some have used this letter to travel to other worlds.”

Sexual energy functions differently in each created principle, some forms more abstract than others. In some ways it works as a great initiator. Hmu on another level corresponds to the Ayaqox. In the Ivory Tablets of the Crow describes the Ayaqox in the following manner:

“Ayaqox the Great Woman was known as a Seductress in the world before man….But the Ayaqox also has a tail for she is the Person of Lust, and few can understand her. She left this world and remains in the Realm of Eternal Lust. Her dwelling place is full of clouds and flashes of lightening. It is said that even the ground She walks on will appear as the clouds of heaven…The Ayaqox is able to discern the desires of others, their motives, even though they may be hidden. But, she is also the teacher of the price of lust and knows the karma that must be paid.”

The Ayaqox is a force that is lust in itself and is able to cultivate the lust in itself in order to transform it into love. What cannot transform lust into love is eventually disregarded as the lust fuels out the principle which embodies such uncultivated lust, dies. This is why the Ayagox is also said to appear as a praying mantis.

The beauty of the cultivation of this sexual energy is seen in the world of nature or Nudzuchi, the epitome of the Earth trigram. Ama-no-toko-tachi-no-Mikoto, the heavenly being, would in effect represent a personification of the hidden sexual force that rules the Book of Changes itself. In The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we are told:

“The reciting of Lustful Words must occur for Seven Days upon which no desirous contact can be made. After the Seven Days have passed, Ayaqox will visit thee in a dream and give unto you The Stone Bowl of Eternity.”

The Stone Bowl of Eternity is the wisdom of the Yi Jing itself. This is given to the Initiate as he/she learns how to communicate with the abstract energy of the sexual force. The polarities of the sexual force were inherited by Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. This information is covered thoroughly in the article entitled, Before The Big Bang: Modern Science Has Only Confirmed What Shinto Priests Knew Centuries Ago.

The second martial form in Ame-no-Ukihashi system is attributed to the hiragana i, which corresponds to the trigram Kun. The Earth trigram, like the second hiragana, represent the yin force in the alchemy of the Far East. How this force relates to our second martial form is described in Ame-no-Ukihashi: The Ancient Martial Art of the Ninzuwu:

“There is also the Way of the Secret Ghost, where certain practices can be used to cultivate the Self. These practices are not inspired by fear, but are found in the appropriate use of the “yin energy.”   The yin energy is that of the living shade when cultivated and seen for the sexual force that it is, the beginning of life itself. The benefits of these things are experienced in the eternal moment, a region beyond the senseless paradigm of life and death.”

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