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The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony  is a success!
The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony is a success!

I am overjoyed to announce that The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony was a success. For some of our readers who may have missed the announcement, on October 21, 2014, we posted details of the ceremony and the dates un the article entitled, Please Join The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony: October 22nd– 25th 2014. As indicated in the announcement’s title, the healing ceremony was to begin during sunrise on Wednesday, October 22nd, until Saturday the 25th of October. It is interesting to note that this announcement shared a link to another article entitled, Can The Amenonuhoko Method Be Used To Cure Ebola? This article goes on to state the following:

“On the 23rd of October 2014, a solar eclipse will occur as the Sun moves into Scorpio. During the same day Venus moves into Scorpio. it is also the time of the new moon. This could mean a further outbreak of the disease. We are therefore asking all persons who practice alternative healing methods, Reiki practitioners, mystics, shamans, even if you know prayer, we ask all to focus their attention on reducing and eliminating the Ebola virus during the 22nd to the 23rd of October, and then again on October 31st.”

The article also reveals the meaning of the Saturn in Scorpio aspect. We encourage all who haven’t read this article to do so, in order to enhance their understanding of the topic at hand. Since starting The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony, numerous articles have been published shortly after the 22nd and 23rd of October 2014, featuring reports of those who have healed from the disease. Here is a list of reports made since the healing ceremony began:

On October 22nd 2014, Voice of America publishes an article written by Carol Guensberg entitled, Ebola Survivors Continue Healing Through Support Group.

On October 23rd 2014, Godreports publishes an article by Mark Ellis entitled, Prayer Warrior in Liberia Healed of Ebola After Touch From God.

On October 23rd 2014, NBC News publishes an article entitled, Why Has Nurse Amber Vinson Recovered From Ebola So Quickly?

On October 25th 2014, Washington’s Blog publishes an article entitled, Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola?

On October 26th 2014, Earth Heal publishes an article written by Dr. Mercola entitled, Ozone Therapy: A Possible Answer To Ebola.

On October 26th 2014, The Boston Globe publishes an article, written by Felice J. Freyer, entitled Rhode Island Man Who Survived Ebola Grateful Recovery.

These reports, and many others, reveal an upsurge in a positive perspective towards the possibilities of healing infected with Ebola, as well as, being able to overcome the disease itself. In the Art of Ninzuwu, we often state that one’s emotional state creates their reality. Here we can see that The Global Ebola Healing Ceremony was effective in creating a spirit of optimism in approaching and battling the disease with confidence.

We still have much ahead of us. It is not just with the disease Ebola, but the human condition of how we interpret life. Florence Scovel Schinn once wrote:

“However, birth and death are man-made laws, for the “wages of sin is death”: the Adamic fall in consciousness through the belief in two powers. The real man, spiritual man, is birthless and deathless! He never was born and has never died- ‘as he was in the beginning, he is now, and ever shall be!”

So through the truth, man is set free from the law of Karma, sin and death, and manifests the man-made in “His image and likeness.” Man’s freedom comes through fulfilling his destiny, brining into manifestation the Divine Design of his life.”

In the book, Ame-no-Ukihashi: The Ancient Martial Art of the Ninzuwu, we read:

“Any principle that seeks to gain immortality through existence is a fool. Immortality cannot be gained on the level of existence, for existence is the cycle of life and death. Nothing that exists can escape this cycle.”

This means that what was created to change will change for it is subject to the cycle of change, but the spiritual man, as noted in Schinn’s work is not a part of this cycle. This is the immortal self, found in being. Let us keep this in mind as we approach our next Global Ebola Healing Ceremony occurring this Halloween!



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