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Over the past months the Fahmu have been my principle guides as I work towards becoming a member of the Ninzuwu Priesthood. They have shared more of their secrets with me, and only through great respect towards them, was I able to receive such gifts. I have mainly been working with the practices detailed in The Armor Of Amaterasu Ohkami, and making constant psychic contact with plants and trees of many varieties, typically more than I have been making contact with humans. In essence, it has been a conditioning, a break from the western mindset of being “above nature ” in this way. I have used the “Zhee” mudra to greet and learn from non-carnivorous plants as well as the carnivorous, namely Venus flytraps ( which were highly responsive to the Mudra) in order to gain a better understanding the plant world.
As practicing the Amatsu Norito is part of priesthood training, I have also recited it daily for months. The power of this prayer is evident and from my experiences, this prayer is pleasing to the Fahmu. There is a flower-pot I have in the kitchen in which I have tried to plant several quality plant seeds. It have done so twice following the specific instructions in the packages, and they did not yield any plants. Some time later I was cutting some lemons to put in my water and some seeds spilled out of it as I cut. I intuitively placed those seeds in the soil and began reciting the Amatsu Norito to the seeds every day. Only days later, the seeds sprung. I continued (and still continue) the practice daily, and now that several weeks have passed I have happy and healthy little plants growing into adulthood in my kitchen. It is in these ways that the Fahmu come to us and teach us their ways. It was the power of Love that helped those seeds grow in that soil, and a plant is a great example for the practitioner as they too use and balance the powers of the Sun to thrive. As I watch the seeds grow, and commune with them daily, I feel like I am learning more about my own personal growth in the Art of Ninzuwu and what it means. To any others working towards the Priesthood who feel inclined towards deeper work with the Fahmu, I believe the following 3 points would be worth your consideration, as the best mentors in our work will be non-human, the forces of nature themselves!
1) Make a conscious effort to communicate with plants and trees more than humans, whenever possible, for a given period of time, anywhere from a few days to 1 week would be ideal in my opinion (although I’ve done this for much longer). This may be a difficult task in the modern world due to the complexity of society and business, but consider a break from social networks and unnecessary social interaction.
2) Communicate with a variety of plants and trees, from the non-carnivorous, to the carnivorous ones you may find. Local markets in urban areas such as ” Whole Foods” are good places to look for low-cost plants. You can take home several for about $15-20.
3) Plant seeds and pray to them daily. I have used the Amatsu Norito, but any form of positive acknowledgment should suffice in my opinion. Love is the key. The Fahmu will be more accepting of you, as they have seen how much you respect their young.
Using these three points, I have received the following gifts from the Fahmu; Better understanding of modern technology (computerization), more ability to move my life-force up and own the 9 chakras used in the practice throughout the day for emotional balance, better understanding of the history of the world, and the ability to practice all other aspects of the Art of Ninzuwu with greater Shamanic understanding and fluidity.
Thank you for reading my notes, and please feel free to post any questions. Please keep in mind that I am not a certified mentor, nor official spokesperson of The Esoteric Black Dragon Society, however as an initiate doing honest work, I have been granted access to the Blog page to share in my experiences. 
In Light of the Goddess!

-Catherine Stelle

My Shrine Of Ninzuwu

2 thoughts on “Working Towards The Priesthood & Guidance From The Fahmu

  1. Thank you, Catherine Stelle. Your insights are quite clear and your suggestions helpful. I have been drawn to work under my tree in the backyard and certain trees do try to initiate telepathic conversations on my daily walks. I have also been drawn to flowering plants a lot more since beginning work with the Ivory Tablets. Nature seem to be reaching out to communicate.

    Stay blessed!

    1. catherinestelle says:

      You are most welcome, MamaWhodun. I am pleased to hear that this post resonates with you. It sounds like you are getting some wonderful results with the Ivory Tablets, and I acknowledge your efforts. From what I have gleaned on this path so far, it seems that Nature is always reaching out to us, but we have been programmed by the prevailing culture not to listen. When we practice, we are listening.

      All the best!

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