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One of the many tools we have to help us cultivate a clearer perspective about the changes in our environment is the Nyarzirian Calendar. This calendar helps us understand the mechanical influences occurring in our world and their unseen causes.The Nyarzirian calendar is structured around The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, which defines the term Ninzuwu as the “Magicians of the Yi Jing.” Many people fail to realize that the Yi Jing has been proven to reveal unseen causes affecting change in the visible world. The forces that rule the invisible world trickle down into our visible world. According to The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, the Nyarzirian Calendar is used by the “fiery ones,” beings of the class of Jinn, or Tengu:

“The fiery ones calculated the times that the veils opened and closed, during the creative and destructive cycles of the Earth. The Fahmu could see the history of man before he was created and the end of all flesh.”

The Nyarzirian Calendar is a map of Nyarzir itself. We are also taught formulas in how to enter the dimensions of the hexagrams and also employ is energies. This science is known in other circles also. Michael Bertiaux, in The Voudon Gnostic Workbook, writes:

“When a magician works with the Book of Changes, it is important to understand that the figures which are given to the oracle, the 64 of them, also serve to inform him of what doorways are theno open, at the moment of the oracle, leading into the inner planes. The way in which the figure or hexagram of the Book of Changes is formed reveals the particular type of doorway, through which dimension, tattwa, or inner-plane, the magician may move in order to meet with the beings, who can be approached in no other way. In other words, there are certain unique magickal beings with whom the magician can make contact in no other way save through the magickal algebra of the I-Ching. Thus, each exploration of the inner world should be a unique magickal experience in the participation in a magickal algebra and a proper or special diary should be kept of this work.”

The Nyarzirian Calendar is also used to illustrate the growth and development of the spiritual embryo. This is a known science in some inner circles. Kenneth Grant explains this in detail in the book, Cults of the Shadow. Here is one example:

“When this eye opens (i.e. when this chakra, or lotus, blooms) the world of appearances is said to disappear, revealing in its stead the substream of Reality upon which is reared the edifice of phenomenal illusion. As such, ajna is the Eye of the Light of Pure Consciousness, which in the Chinese magical tarot-the Yi Jing- is symbolized by the trigram Li.”

Interestingly, this same trigram, Li, which is mentioned by Grant appears in the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan as corresponding to Amaterasu Ohkami. The Nyarzirian Calendar is also a part of the Art of Ninzuwu initiatory rites. The Nyarzirian Calendar was received by Messiah’el Bey, from the Ame-no-Ukihashi-hime-no-Mikoto during dream revelation.

The Nyarzirian Calendar (The Calendar of Mu) is carefully composed, as each day is represented by a hexagram, a Kami, and certain letters of the Vasuh language. The calendar is based, primarily, on the Yi Jing. In the Art of Ninzuwu, each hexagram in the Yi Jing is represented by a Kami and Vasuh letters. The correspondences between the hexagrams and the kami are based the Ninzuwu principle that much of what appears in ancient Japanese mythology is a reference to the Yi Jing. This is explained thoroughly explained in the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan:

Nyarzir is a term that is also used in the Ninzuwu community to represent our inner divine spark within. This article gives a clear definition of the word Nyarzir. In this aspect, the Nyarzirian calendar reveals how the subconscious mind affects our reality.

One very important thing to remember about the Nyarzirian Calendar, often called the Calendar of Mu, is that it is unique in that it does not work in measurements of time, but the measurement of fates. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, states:

“Now the Nyarzir exist beyond the worlds of time, and never leave their abode. Therefore, a petition must be made to the Bride of Nyarzir.”

Different from most calendars, the Nyarzirian Calendar is very unique in that it is a measurement of fates.
Different from most calendars, the Nyarzirian Calendar is very unique in that it is a measurement of fates.

The Ninzuwu work with time better than we do, but still measure such by the proclamation of fates. Everything that exists in our world is a principle of Heaven and Earth.  Time affects these principles by fates, and so the Nyarzirian Calendar is a measurement of fates decreed from both Heaven and Earth.

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