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Rafael Barrio shares his knowledge about the Art of Ninzuwu.
Rafael Barrio shares his knowledge about the Art of Ninzuwu.

Our next guest is very well-known persona in and around Ninzuwu culture. He mentors a wide range of people, who seek to learn more about our sacred tradition. I am often impressed with many of his insights, which was more than useful during my initiation. During the past few weeks, I got as chance to speak with Rafael Barrio. I am sure that many of our readers would benefit from his wise words.

Warlock Asylum: You are certainly a source of inspiration and wisdom for many of us who have had the blessed opportunity to know you as a person. However, for our readers who have yet to meet your acquaintance, how would you introduce yourself?

Rafael Barrio: It would depend on who is asking. To introduce myself to someone, I pay attention to that person. I don´t seek presentation of myself; I seek recognition of myself.

Although regarding the Self there is no “mine”, yours, ours or theirs. All these things are reflections, or mirrors. If we recognize ourselves as mirrors we can also see the infinite depth of our reflections in everything and everyone. I enjoy seeing the infinity everywhere and the endlessness in everything. Particularly in music, in people; learning to listen more clearly, and to align my thoughts with the elements and only the elements that are in front of us. These factors strengthen my creativity and I thrive on existing in a creativity state of being.

Warlock Asylum: What factors inspired you to get involved in magic and mysticism at an early age?

Rafael Barrio: The experiences of understanding and inner freedom.

Warlock Asylum: I can image that since the occult is not a popular topic of conversation in Argentina, your practices certainly presented some ordeals for you. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome to be who you are today? How is the occult perceived in Argentina?

Rafael Barrio: The occult in Argentina is a bunch of people in an Order seeking to gain some sensation of spiritual distinction. The challenge was how to think as an occultist and not just talk like one. I force myself into thinking as an occultist and applied this source of wisdom in psychology studies, business, in love affairs, in strong friendship and companionship among my people, which are truly act as mirrors for me.

Warlock Asylum: Your knowledge in the occult is accompanied by a lot of compassion. You are a very giving person and have worked hard for the greater good. Sadly, such ambition is rarely seen in some circles of occult science. Why is your approach to the great work as a magician so different than many others?

Rafael Barrio: Again we need to talk about mirrors. I don´t see distinction between people, but in the objects they serve. I like the whole idea of service, not for being a good person (in the moral sense), just because it involves everyone. We all serve, like it or not. I recognize that and work hard to do the only thing I can, which is choosing what to serve. Occultism has taught me that we see what we serve and nothing more. The important thing for me is what is that you are serving. Perhaps you serve that idea your grandmother implanted in you during your early years, and has found a place in your brain as a strong impression. Later, all your perceptions grow from that seed. Perhaps, the idea is great, altruist, powerful, good in every way. We tend to stick faithfully to those ideas as a premise towards life itself. All our perception works towards serving this idea ingrained in us. In return, this same idea give us the illusion of identity and the belief of distinction. We immediately identify with such thoughts of ourselves. We like so much to be full of something, which is not good for perception, or for listening, or for comprehension, or for sensibility. The lack of these very same things make us mere robots.

Warlock Asylum: When people think of a founding member of the Art of Ninzuwu, the name Warlock Asylum comes to mind, but you are also a founder of the Art. How did you make the transition from practicing things like the Simon Necronomicon to the Art of Ninzuwu?

Rafael Barrio: What a lot magicians who explore the concept of Vampirism don´t see is the notion that makes possible this approach in magic. I am talking about Inclusiveness. I didn´t make any transition. I am really the prey of a much stronger force located in the Self. Necronomicon came to include/absorb all previous learnings, synthesize them in a bigger picture. After this came the Ancients Ones and it is the same as the Necronomicón. After this came The Dreams of the Crow and it is the same with the Urilia text. I really did nothing different than any other occultist. I permit myself to fall deep and witness all these changes in perception, all this colorful sensitivity that is in the inner self, seeing it throw those mirrors among us.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the insights you have gained about life and magic since you began your studies in the Art of Ninzuwu?

Rafael Barrio: Simplicity, Synthesis, more listening.

Warlock Asylum: Ninzuwu is often associated with Shinto and Asian Mysticism. However, your lineage only practices the work that is found in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow and The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan. Why is that?

Rafael Barrio: Simplicity, Synthesis, more listening. I cannot go wide and deep at the same time.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to those who are interested in becoming a part of Ninzuwu culture and taking such a path in their lives?

Rafael Barrio: I really don´t know, sorry. The power of occurrence that has brought the Art of Ninzuwu in my life is such that I lost much of my ability to apply judgment without seeing what is on the table. On the other hand, the Art of Ninzuwu is over me. The moment I have an answer to that question will be the moment that something bigger came to absorb The Art of Ninzuwu.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the challenges that you had to overcome to make the most out of the Art of Ninzuwu?

Rafael Barrio: Surrender.

Warlock Asylum: You are a man of many talents, one being writing. You recently published a book and gave it away for free. Can you tell us a little bit about this project?

Rafael Barrio: For me writing is a form of meditation. If I do not let go of what I write, if the attachment does not allow me, it will simply obstruct my meditations, and that is often more painful than the act of detachment. It serves as a reason, a force that allows me to cultivate detachment in a more enjoyable way. I have a lot publish for free. It is easy for readers to find. I don´t expect nothing for my writings, my meditations, and that is the whole “Art” of magic. By writing and researching, I work on the other half, “Science”, by studying and improving consistency.

Warlock Asylum:  How many practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu live in Argentina? Also can you tell us about the Ninzuwu zodiac that is exclusively practiced by members living in South America?

Rafael Barrio: Today, we are 30. Each tradition has their own invocations of zodiac signs, I thought it would be interesting to see the same in the Art of Ninzuwu. I am doing a slow research of it for the moment. I could see it as a good way to align ourselves with the moon cycles through the zodiac ring. We can learn a lot of astrology by aligning (sintonizar) with the lunar journey through each zodiac sign. It allows us to make contact with a basic vibration and gain perspective on the degree of influence that provides the transit of the moon.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Rafael Barrio in the near future? Any final thoughts?

Rafael Barrio: To be honest, I really don´t know Brother. I suppose keep witnessing. Thank you for this interview my Brother Messiah.

*On behalf of the Art of Ninzuwu blog page, we would like to thank Rafael Barrio for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some of his wisdom with us. We wish him all the best in his work.


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