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The Resurrection of H. P. Lovecraft is a 2015 animated sci-fi film directed, written, and produced by Warlock Asylum (Messiah’el Bey). The production is Bey’s first full-length motion picture. Based on a true story, much of the film’s theme is derived from the Brooklyn Geisha, a book written by Bey, which covers the life of Amaya Taoka.

Our story begins with Ebony Ali, and other spirits of the electronic world, have given mankind technology as a vehicle to enter the physical realm and control humanity under the direction of a resurrected H. P. Lovecraft. Detective Asia Dey learns of the notrocities of Ebony Ali and seeks to put an end of her control over the human world.

The film will appear on YouTube for a limited time before going on sale at Amazon. Please post your feedback here or on YouTube:

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  1. fantastic good show good script amazing story line brilliant message the author like that concept

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