Make Mine Freedom was a Cold War-era propaganda cartoon that used humor to promote Capitalism and criticize Communism. Published in 1948, the animation promoted America as the best place to live during a time that millions were living in poverty. Today, this film can be considered to be a prophecy of America’s fall to the hands of the Russians, starring Billy BletcherJohn Hiestand,Frank Nelson

1 thought on “Make Mine Freedom (1948) – The Cartoon That Predicted Russian Infiltration of the United States Government

  1. I don’t know if I would call it prophetic of our fall to the Russians. The seeds for the decay of the United States were planted long ago and the “isms” were put up as the scapegoats because humans value greed over cooperation.
    At one time, Americans cooperated to build our nation’s economy and general well-being; at least it appeared that way, but if you look close enough you can see dissolution in the rise of the few industry barons who grew rich on the backs of the workforce. This trend has only grown exponentially despite depressions, recessions, banking crises, etc. People cannot seem to escape the imbalanced cycle of greed they are caught in. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making a living for one’s self, but in my opinion, one can only draw from the pool of available resources for so long without kicking back some to replenish it and seeing to the general welfare of the resources one is using to create one’s prosperity. When everyone works to the support of one another, everyone becomes successful to the degree that they are able. The state should not have to step in to control commerce; people should be able to see beyond their own noses and see that working toward the benefit of those around them benefits them as well. Unfortunately, modern humans seem incapable of seeing that.

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