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The Stephanie Delmanto Comeback: Warlock Asylum’s Review of the “To The Roots Nutrition” Website

Proud yoga instructor and caped nutritionist, Stephanie Delmanto, strikes back with her new website.

Proud yoga instructor and caped nutritionist, Stephanie Delmanto, strikes back with her new website.

It’s hard keeping tabs on a superhero. If you don’t know by now, nature is always sending its top achievement award to Earth’s most-treasured celebrity, the mother. Stephanie Delmanto takes no shorts in maintaining her endurance in honoring life’s principals in extending life to others. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Stephanie knew this review of he latest project was coming by use of her clairvoyant powers, or Venus entering Libra this past Monday night. It was in this same month last year that I had the honor of interviewing Miss Delmanto on the State of Womanhood. Now the caped seductress of nutrition is back and ready to serve a global community with her new website, To The Roots Nutrition.

Miss Delmanto has finally bridged a formula that reflects her lifestyle of intelligence without overemphasis on personality. This approach has allowed Miss Delmanto to facilitate a concentrated variety of services that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

One thing that visitors will enjoy about this website is its simple approach to health and nutrition. As a New Jersey native, Miss Delmanto has taken the old biased joke; I’m from Jersey are you from Jersey?” and has transformed it into “Let’s talk nutrition and learn yoga!”

Miss Delmanto is now fully enabled to share her wealth and knowledge on an international level. This is another compliment of website technology that often goes unnoticed. Years ago, a person would have to travel, if possible, thousands of miles in order to receive “direct transmission” from a teacher in order to participate in a spiritual tradition. This process is greatly simplified, at least in terms of travel by means of online classes and certifications. On the scale of 1 to 5, I’m giving Miss Delmanto Five Stars. Please visit her site To The Roots Nutrition, and give us your opinion by filling out the form below:

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