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Detroit rapper, Tommy Global, is the truth, as 2017's Rapper of the Year
Detroit rapper, Tommy Global, is the truth, as 2017’s Rapper of the Year

The foundation of Rap music had been shaken for quite some time. But over the past few years we have seen an emergence of some talented lyricists that can really hold their own. Tommy Global is a rapper from Detroit who has blessed the world with a no gimmick approach to the art of street etiquette in verses and prose.

Although Tommy Global’s legacy remains much of a mystery, his efforts and hard work is paying off, as the young godfather is gaining quite a following in all due respect of people who know whats real. What I find really cool about Tommy Global’s style is that within his witty delivery is a message that all can embrace. We are honored and delighted to announce Tommy Global as 2017’s Rapper of the Year!

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