2017 Song of the Year

2017 Song of the Year: “Dear Diary” by JunglePussy

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Rapper, JunglePussy has taken the world by storm. Dear Diary by JunglePussy is 2017's Song of the Year!

East New York rapper, JunglePussy has taken the world by storm. “Dear Diary” by JunglePussy is 2017’s Song of the Year!

It’s always refreshing to the cream of realness rise to the top, a space of a colorful dream. Shayna McHayle, better known by her stage name JunglePussy, has enriched the world with a refurbished   taste for soul! However, I do have to warn new listeners of the JunglePussy sound that you’ll probably want take down what you were doing when hearing her music for the first time. It’s a life changing moment.

Stepping into the dream of JunglePussy is the promise met of another dimension. Dripping with an array of voluptuous tracks, its hard to breathe because no one is losing. Her game is tight and the memorable moment for most of us has been her song Dear Diary. Junglepussy we love the taste of your music and is an honor to announce “Dear Diary” as 2017’s Song of the Year!

Warlock Asylum

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