The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg

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The Father of Revolutionary Journalism- Bill Weinberg
The Father of Revolutionary Journalism Bill Weinberg

Back in September of 2016, we got a chance to look at the CounterVortex website in an article entitled, Warlock Asylum’s Review of the CounterVortex Website: Can Bill Weinberg Keep Up With the Millennials? Bill Weinberg is probably the hardest working journalist in New York City and has facilitated an oasis in the desert of political corruption with the creation of CounterVortex.

CounterVortex provides its readers with news from a worldview, something that is essential to gain an understanding and clearer perspective of what is really going on in the Trump Era and beyond. What greater gift can a journalist give to its people than the truth of these trying times.

Bill Weinberg was the primary producer of a weekly late-night radio show on WBAI in New York, called The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, of whom I had the pleasure of working with. Although Weinberg and i have clashed on a variety of subjects, as a sincere martial artist, I deeply respect the use of his pen as a sword. We are more than happy to honor the East Village Samurai of political journalism as 2017’s Activist of the Year.


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