2017 Poet of the Year

2017 Poet of the Year: Rigoberto González

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2017 Poet of the Year: Rigoberto González

             2017 Poet of the Year: Rigoberto González

Born in Bakersfield, California and raised in Michoacán, Mexico, Rigoberto González has worked diligently in establishing himself as one of the great poets of our time. He is the recipient of several awards , including the American Book Award and the Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award. González has authored four books of poetry and has been involved in numerous projects as both a writer and book critic.

In spite of his many accomplishments, Gonzalez is known amongst his peers as a voice of encouragement, even mentoring many other artists in pursuit of their own careers (Casa by Rigoberto Gonzalez). Often identifying himself as  a “gay Chicano, ” Gonzalez is able to a colorful world  through his poetry, reminding his readers that they too saw a turbulent world through the innocent eyes of childhood. It is an honor to present 2017’s Poet of the Year Award to Rigoberto Gonzalez! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Langston Hughes!

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