2017 Martial Artist of the Year: Jack "The Godfather" Williams

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2017 Martial Artist of the Year: Jack "The Godfather" Williams
         2017 Martial Artist of the Year: Jack “The Godfather” Williams

The life of a martial artist is a challenging path as much as it is rewarding.  Yet, these Dim Mak Gurus of the metaphysical sword can often figure out a thing or two that would leave most prophets scratching their heads. Sensei Jack “The Godfather” Williams is a prime example of an individual, who has been trained in several different martial forms, but takes delight in the cultivation of spiritual values hidden in the language of kata.

I had the honor of conducting an interview with Sensei Williams back in 2015 (See Fist of the North Star: Interview With Jack LR Williams). Over the past decade Sensei Williams earned the title, “The Godfather of Martial Arts,” due to his mentoring nature, and ability to keep a ship full of self-defense experts on the same boat without one shuriken of mutiny being thrown! Sensei Williams has been a guest of many martial schools and enjoys healthy relationships with martial arts instructors worldwide. If you have ever been to a dojo where there are too many “ninjas” in the room, then you’ll understand how essential “The Godfather” is to the modern world of martial arts. He gets it enough to know the different sides of everyone’s story while giving them a fair chance to prove their sincerity. Sensei Williams qualifies for a hall of Fame status on this quality alone. Humbly enough, the nickname “Godfather” without a Stetson hat will suffice.

Sensei Williams is primarily a samurai of the home.  As a devoted father and husband, he has learned the true meaning of the taijitu. It is in the deepest respect that we honor Sensei Jack “The Godfather” Williams as 2017’s Martial Artist of the Year.


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  1. Jack Williams says:

    Many thanks for this honor, Sir. It’s a pleasure to know you and the Ninzuwu Community, and I count you as a friend and brother martialist and seeker. I look forward to a lifetime of deep 2am chats!

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