2017 Shaman of the Year

2017 Shaman of the Year: Dr. Prabhu Karuna

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Dr. Prabhu is a skilled teacher in mystical healing and warriorship skills.

Dr. Prabhu is a skilled teacher in mystical healing and warriorship skills.

Back in December of 2015, I had the honor of interviewing a true modern-day shaman.  Anyone who has ever met Dr. Prabhu Karuna can testify to the sincerity of his work and high-motivational character.  Dr. Prabhu was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and made healing, esoteric studies, and the discovery of a gnosis, often called enlightenment, his life’s theme.

Dr. Prabhu Karuna is also known for his skill in the field of martial arts.  It was during his warrior training that he cultivated and developed the ancient practice associated with the Himalayan Vedic Pancha Bhuta Occult System and the Vajya Fist (Please see Interview With Dr. Prabhu Karuna). In 2016, Dr. Prabhu extended his student base to those living outside of Asia.  Historically, this would mark the first time that a person living in the western world could learn elements of Pancha Bhuta, a form of spiritual technology that was known only by the indigenous people of India. Today, we are delighted to announce Dr. Prabhu Karuna as 2017’s Shaman of the Year!


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