How are we to interpret the words "a gate has been broken," as it appears in the Simon Necronomicon?

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How are we to interpret the words "a gate has been broken," as it appears in the Simon Necronomicon?
How are we to interpret the words “a gate has been broken,” as it appears in the Simon Necronomicon?

The initiatory steps appearing in the Simon Necronomicon, popularly known as “gate-walking,” is a life-changing and rewarding experience. I’ve seen the effects of those, who have partaken in these rites and the shifts of they have experienced in working with the tome.  In order to insure a more beneficial outcome for everyone working with energies that cannot be banished by any western magical means, it is important that we review a few points that are often overlooked by users of the Simon Necronomicon.

Follow the Instructions of the Mad Arab. Gate-Walking is NOT the path of a Necronomicon Practitioner, but an initiation that emerges a novice into the working gnosis of the tome. It’s very simple! The seal of the gate that is carried on the person of an initiate is utilized, thereafter, in magical ritual or meditation to the said gate deity. One need NOT walk a gate to communicate with desired a gate deity, such as Din.Gir Ishtar, Din.Gir Nanna, and etc, after initiation has occurred. On the contrary, it would be disastrous to walk gates in an order than what is prescribed by the Mad Arab. This is discussed in the Second Testimony of the Mad Arab:

“The Abyss yawns wide before me! A gate has been broken! ……. Know that the Seven Spheres must be entered in their times and in their seasons, one at a time, and never the one before the other.”

After one has been initiated into the Necronomicon Current and has passed the seven gates, they can call upon any gate deity by taking the seal of the gate and invoking a gate deity in the same manner as one would one of the 50 Names of Marduk, perhaps using the same formula as that assigned to the calling of the 50 Names, which appears in the Necronomicon Spellbook. However, if one were to walk to attempt to Walk the gates again, then they must do so in the order given by the Mad Arab in earlier sections of the Necronomicon. To do otherwise, would mean that an Initiate would “break a gate” and then find themselves in Ganzir, and not even know it.

The best example that can explain what a “broken gate” is would be in the course of our own native star, the Sun. To keep things simple, we can say that a “gate” is an astrological sign. Our Sun visits twelve signs each year, not one before the other. Now imagine what effects would occur if the Sun entered the twelve constellations randomly, like going into the Sign of Leo directly after Aquarius. Would it not cause disharmony in our world? Well, the same things would take place for an Initiate who chooses to walk the Gate of Ninib directly after walking the Gate of Ishtar and etc. (Please read The Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walking Rituals – An Ancient Masonic Rite?)

Of course, the effects of “breaking a gate” may not appear in one’s life suddenly, but it can influence one’s life course over a large span of years. Always remember that the consequences we face in life is the sum of our rituals emotionally, mentally, and physically. Happy Hunting!

7 thoughts on “Discovering the Meaning of “A Gate Has Been Broken” According To The Simon Necronomicon

  1. Magick La Croix says:

    Excellent as usual

  2. Michael Lingard says:

    I did the moon gate. Years ago. Is it safe to repeat the gate? I had a signal I’d die if I proceeded to Nebo. I assume it’s because of the lack of a watcher or fire God.

    But this path is for me. It even led me to other necronomicon titles.

    So should I proceed or is it broken..
    I’m somewhat confused.
    AND I did not obtain a number.

  3. Michael Lingard says:

    Can the moon gate be walked twice in a row?

    1. Yes the Gate of Nanna can be walked in seuence if one feels that they were not in accord with the method given.

  4. Michael Lingard says:

    What are the requirements in your perspective? The basic minimal elements needed.
    Like is fasting or circle walking really necessary?
    I have heat on me because I got so far the first time but did not lead to Nebo. It lead to something else. But I wish to recall the gate cleaner. And someday reach the next one.

    1. Those are things that you should review with the person mentoring you. Also check out Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon

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