Rock music fans, can we “agree to agree” that Thirteen‘s new album Nightingale is one of the best albums of the year? Exactly! This is the first time that I met a group whose music precedes their confidence. This group is not playing around. If you are into some serious music, and I do mean music, checkout the band Thirteen. This is definitely a tremendous surprise for the good of the music industry!

The Nightingale album opens up with the title track of the same name. After about ten seconds of listening to this track any music fan can sense that the Thirteen band are indeed veterans of their craft. Fans of Black Sabbath and Guns n’ Roses will definitely be thrilled by the breath of Thirteen’s approach.

Thank god for Dan Mahanger, leader of the Thirteen band, for really making his vision a reality! This world needs  music like this for times like this! The Nightingale album shows off some of the group’s best work with tracks like “El Diablo” and “Satin Doll.” Normally, I would rate an album on a scale of five stars. In this case, however, I am going forward to certify iy as a CLASSIC!

Warlock Asylum

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