For a one man show karceno's broadcast strategies surpasses even some radio teams.

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For a one man show karceno's broadcast strategies surpasses even some radio teams.
For a one man show, Karceno’s broadcast strategies surpasses even some radio teams.

Karceno (Kevin Davis) is to Hip Hop culture what Phil Rizzuto, as a sports broadcaster, was to the New York Yankees! If you’re a Hip Hop purist and love to hear about its history, legacy, and origins, then subscribing to Karceno’s YouTube channel, Karceno4Life, is a gift in itself.

Karceno hails from Chicago and has a personal relationship with the music industry. Still in all, Karceno is a sincere brother that knows the streets and the professional side of the “game,” popularly known as entertainment. His YouTube channel, Karceno4Life,  is not flossed out with all sorts of special effects or spectacular goonage hanging out in the video. Instead, Karceno works with a fitting raw approach, no gimmicks and no overly produced video content.

Usually, the “no frills” approach might be a questionable start for the common YouTube producer. However, in Karceno’s case, this method fits like a glove, mainly because the viewer is made to feel like they are in the same room with the host. This adds a lot of nostalgia to the overall presentation of his YouTube channel.

The content posted on Karceno4Life includes studio stories, beefs between America’s favorite rappers,  music reviews, and insights into the direction taken by popular artists. I would even go as far as saying that Karceno4Life has become an essential part of Hip Hop culture. Yes in these changing times YouTube videos are a part of Hip Hop culture. It is for this reason that Karceno’s YouTube channel has set a precedent among others. I am honored to announce that Kareceno4Life is 2017’s YouTube Channel of the Year!

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